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I’m Sensing a Pattern Here..


Anne Hathaway has Suga Mama disease. She seems to have some sort of internal homing device that draws her to the wrong sort of man. You know, the one that “never has money/always forgets his wallet and needs you to pay but that’s okay because he loves you so much.”

First, there was master con-man douche Raffaello Follieri, whose rent she reported paid among other things, and now this new guy, Adam Shulman.  Star Magazine reports:

“Adam is not a swindler like Raffaello, but the truth is the truth: Adam is far from Mr. Moneybags, so Anne has to buy everything,” an insider tells Star. “She leads an extravagant lifestyle — she has to fly all over the globe and show up at black-tie events. The only way for Adam to fit into her life is if she foots the bill.”

Still, adds the source, “He feels bad that Anne has to pay, so he does little things for her, like buy her books, give her love notes and cook her meals — little things to make her feel special.”

 I won’t go so far as to say this Adam character is a bad egg. However, someone as beautiful and talented as Anne should be able to find someone on her level – both intellectually and financially. She’s too young and too pretty to be settling into this boytoy dynamic so soon.

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    • I know. WTF? You never see people telling men that, oh no, that chick you’re dating is too poor. She has millions and millions of dollars. She already dated some flashy fancy guy and we all saw how that turned out.

  • see, i’m thinking she does this because she likes regular guys. but maybe she’s also bad at reading people and also picks the swindlers.
    i wish her the best, though, with any hobo joe she’ll date just because i genuinely think she’s bomb.

  • Maybe he’s a great guy who just doesn’t happen to have a lot of money – you can’t expect everyone to be “on her level” financially when “her level” is that of a movie star. She’d be limiting herself to a tiny segment of the population if she were only willing to date the super-rich. And, assuming this is guy is genuine, it’s great that he’s not intimidated by a woman’s success and lifestyle.

    (At the same time, if she’s only going for guys she has to support financially, maybe she does have a need to be needed or something.)

  • Well, maybe she’s turned off from guys that “appear” to have all kinds of money. Look at the ex – he was wheeling and dealing, doing real estate deals on behalf of the Pope, etc. etc. Maybe she is happy with a normal guy who doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. Sorry for the rant, but I still think Ex is a shite heel.

  • I’d rather a working class guy who worships the ground I walk on than some of the very rich arrogant pricks I know. She’s going for the opposite of what burned her and who can blame her?

    • Exactly. Normal, average guys who are just happy to see you are sooo much better than the ones who behave like they’re entitled. Maybe that’s what Anne’s looking for?

    • Not as ‘dumb annoying’ as the msn entertainment headliner (in NZ) about Suri Cruise apparently eating too much candy and muffins (and their proof? five photographs of the girl eating.)

  • I think she should date who makes her happy, and there are going to be very few guys as rich as she is. I’m sure male movie stars fly their girlfriends around all the time, and we don’t chastise them for it, right?

  • Just because he doesn’t have her money doesn’t mean he’s broke and doesn’t work. He probably works and she has to foot the bill to events that are out of his league. But if they are going to say I dunno Applebees he foots the bill instead.

  • He probably can even afford more than applebees, afterall, i doubt she met someone that can only afford that. Let’s be real here, she’s not dating one of her fans. She’s dating either an actor, model, singer, or something. Just one not as successful as her. So he can foot the bill at probably most restaurants she would eat. He just can’t take all the vacations and travel the world like she needs to on his dime.

  • This post is indicative of why I now check in on Beet less and less. Not only does this new guy not fall into any apparent pattern with the con-artist, but the whole premise of the post is completely ignorant.

    Rich should stay with rich, poor with poor, hot with hot, fat with fat, black with black, Spic with Spic. OR… be with whom you LOVE, is GOOD FOR YOU, and MAKES YOU HAPPY.

    The problem with Follieri wasn’t that he didn’t have money, it’s that he pretended he did and scammed other out of it. It sounds like this new guy is busting his ass to be all he can be in the relationship even if he cant foot the bill for a $4000/night hotel suite. Sounds like a good guy to me.

    I guess it’s my fault for expecting some clear and rational thought from the celebrity gossip commentary I’m reading. The really bizarre thing is that if that first comment was from the Beet WRITER “wendie”, then that is the first time I have ever agreed with her.

  • Yeah, Beet’s site is becoming more and more like Perez everyday. I stopped going to his site and I’ll probably eventually stop coming here, too. I mean, how worthwhile is a site that dedicates a post daily to Lindsay Lohan?
    Anyway, what a fucked up post.
    Because he doesn’t have the kind of money she has he somehow doesn’t match up to her intellectually? Are you fucking kidding me?
    Maybe he’s just a regular nice guy that hasn’t had the acting success she’s enjoyed so he does things for her that don’t cost money. I know it’s a hard concept to grasp but not every woman is a cunt, like the way you describe she should be.

  • If she’s happy, who gives a shit how much HE makes? I’m sure paying 1.5 to 2 times as much to take him with her, isn’t breaking Anne. As long as he has a job (or WANTS to have one) and isn’t sponging off of her like KFed, who cares?

  • She flips the bill on private jets. So what? Let the woman date who she wants to date.

    I guess I can dump women who don’t make as much money as me, amirite?

    “Lets go out to dinner. Bring your W-2.”

    • Also, it’s totally cool to be a stay-at-home mom, but as soon as a woman makes more money than a man, it’s, “Oh my god he’s the new KFed!”

  • I agree with you catcatattack.

    Anne needs to find a nice older man to help stablize her youthful vigor at the mall. Bank accounts are just bank accounts, they have nothing to do with the feelings of the heart.

    Annie I’m available just don’t call me “granddad”.