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Are You Watching the Grammy Awards?


Grammies are officially underway, people! It never ceases to amaze me how many people with absolutely no musical connections show up to walk the red carpet. For example, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell. Chuck – you punch people for a living. What the fuck are you doing at the Grammies? 

Here are some of the arrivals. I’m sure Beet or Wendie will do an outfit round up in the AM when all the pictures are out. I see some “Worst Dressed” potential already!

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  • I like Taylor Swift’s dress!!

    P.S. You need to put up the story about who backed out of the Grammy’s at the last second. Like Chris Brown & Rihanna and the BIG story behind that.

    • – Also her performance was awful. Miley sounded amazing though. Too bad whenever they sang at the same time taylor was super off key and drowned her out

  • is it just me or does jason mraz look kinda black?!
    and why in the world is justin guarini still relevant?!
    and also, lisa rinni’s body color does not match her face : [

    • when I saw lisa rinni’s picture, I seriously had no idea who it was for the longest time. It looks nothing like her!

  • I think they both look awesome… I wish there were a full view of Miley’s dress… from here it looks cool.

  • Guiliana Rancic is wearing Rami’s dress! One of the ones from his final collection on project runway.

    • Riight, he didn’t deserve Rap record of the year. Lupe, Nas, or Jay should have gotten it. All he raps about is the same crap, stuff I’ve heard all before. If you ever get the Cool you’ll understand. Lil’ Wayne is banking off of stupid shiz.

  • their performance together was pretty hard to watch. Miley was constantly trying to upstage in my opinion.. and holy hell does she have one awful nasal voice!!!!

    • I have to agree..
      I thought Miley ruined Taylor’s song.
      Taylor’s voice is beautiful and the song is hers..
      why Miley had to sing a duet is beyond me.
      She over sang with the corny “country” twang.
      I sit just me, or was Taylor giving her the side-eye every now and again..and probably regretting this.
      Miley’s 15 minutes of fame are over.

    • I think miley was trying to tone her voice down, the problem is taylor has a super weak voice and can’t hit the same notes. And miley is a belter so she sings loudly all the time. They have different song styles which dont mesh together. Miley is more of the pop diva and taylor is more of the acoustic croon.