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Andy Dick Got the Memo


And now he is going to scrape what’s left of his life together!


Andy told Entertainment Tonight that he has “learned his lesson”.

“When I drink I turn into a moron. I think I’m being funny and clever, but I look back on the video tape and I border on retardation.”

*nods* Yes, retardation. Exactly, Andy. That’s what we all saw too.

Andy Dick was arrested last July and pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and marijuana possession this past October. Since then he has been fitted with an ankle bracelet and will appear on this coming season of VH1’s Sober House. Hopefully he can get his shit together and stay clean.

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  • I really hope that his sobriety sticks, because I think Andy has the talent and potential to have a good career. That is, when he’s not drunk/high and acting like a, well, dick.

    (I almost typed, “Hang in there, Andy,” but then realized what I was saying.)

    /dick jokes

  • the key phrase in this article is, “and will appear on this season of VH1’s Sober House”.

    even the druggies are now capitalizing on the reality TV juggernaut.

  • I LOATH Andy Dick. To the core of my being I hate him. It’s worse than my fiery passion of hate for Hillary Duff. He’s scum of the earth. I only wish Jon Lovitz had a chance to kill him….Or me. >:D

  • I saw him last night on the sober house. He’s a doll when he’s sober. really sweet and cute. All the times he offended me I think he was f’ed up. He’s a comedian I realize but the times he was really out of line I realized about a year ago that he was an addict and probably messed up all those times. But he was a doll on that show last night.

  • “and will appear on this coming season of VH1’s Sober House. ”

    he’s already on Sober House. like, right now. I just watched an episode with him last week.

    And I agree with R. He was a total doll. I have actually always liked Andy Dick, or at least felt bad for him. He has a horrible disease. I hope treatment sticks for him this time!

  • Everybody is like hatin’ on the marijuana lately. I don’t think celebrities even consider it a drug honestly. Haha

    • he was also charged with assault. didn’t he grab some teenagers boobs or something? or pull her shirt down? it was something fucked up