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The Aniston Audio Library


 In the upcoming issue of Marie Claire magazine during a group interview with her He’s Just Not That Into You co-stars Jennifer Aniston admits to keeping an odd memento from each of her major relationships.

“I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband . . . It’s like saving love letters.” 

I’m really glad that she’s a self-sufficient woman who is totally over her ex and doesn’t need a man to complete her because if I were a dude and heard this I’d run in the other direction. Actual love letters are one thing. Small trinkets or stuffed animals are totally acceptable. But to admit that you keep old phone messages in an obsolete media format is a wee bit disturbing, no? 

I wonder if Mayer is going to go through all her shit searching for his tape. He’ll pretend not to care, but you know he’s a vulnerable, gawky nerd boy on the inside and it would tear him apart to know he didn’t make the Aniston Archives.

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  • “I’m really glad that she’s a self-sufficient woman who is totally over her ex and doesn’t need a man to complete her…”

    I’m pretty sure she’s the complete opposite of how you describe her. She’s not totally over any exes if she keeps shit like that around. Not to mention how often she talks about Brad in interviews. And she obviously needs a man to complete her based on how she goes from relationship to relationship.
    You’re judgment is off, and she needs to see a shrink. Daily.
    Personally, I hope someone comes across these tapes some day soon and puts the audio out there for the dirt-hungry public. Because I’d love to hear that shit!

  • i don’t care what shit people talk; i love her.
    i wanna be her friend.
    she’s funny and cool and beautiful – and say what you want, but we’re all fucked up.

  • i don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping the what they’re not on paper?! they ARE the equivalent to letters.. just mementos of happier times.

  • This one’s a good post, thanks Soleil – god this Anniston woman is so, so annoying. She’s nuts to be admitting that shit to the media, too. Sure doesn’t do her image any favours. And there’s all KINDs of wrong with saving old messages of past lovers and husbands like that, that really is a touch obsessive and – well, nuts.

  • i save messages from my boyfriend, and if we broke up i would probably still save him because he’s never written me letters since he lives five minutes away.

  • I used to sacrifically burn all my mementoes when my boyfriends left… um, when I broke up with them. While poking sharp pins into their photographs. But that’s just me.

    • I’m with you happy girl. When I don’t need them anymore (men), I’m done with them. Grrrreat minds think alike, and it’s actually very cathartic to sear them out of your memory. Did she learn nothing from “FRIENDS”?

  • ehh i don’t really think it’s that weird either. as long as she doesn’t listen to them religiously or anything, i like to keep small things (messages, letters, postcards, whatever) to remind me of important times in my life.

  • Sounds like she’s making a blackmail threat. She strikes me as a very passive aggressive type of person.

    • Great call! You’re right, now that you mention it she so totally DOES seem like a classic passive-aggressive type.

  • Ok I was reading an earlier entry then clicked through to a category. I wind up on an Evilbeet page that is basically an index of “XXX” [sic] rated blog entries/galleries. Has everyone seen these? They use the beet logo and are specifically for, er, various body parts. So I’m all shocked and feeling prude about it, but of course I have to check some of the galleries out just to ensure that I maintain a competitive vulva. And the titles of the photo galleries read like a porn site! The comments are x-rated beyond anything folks tend to say in the daily posts. All this time I enjoyed the seemingly nerdy side of this gossip site. I feel all weird now. Did all of you know about this? I love me some smack talk but these galleries/comments are another side of the site, really. It’s like those scummy sites that advertise cheesy titles to garner high Google search results. Specific example on the, well, let’s call it The Dark Side of Evil Beet Gossip: “XXX Naked Britney Pussy Pics” and things like that.



      • I did, but it never got approved. The held comment is gone now, too.


        Dang, and I had to dig a few pages deep to remember how the heck I landed there in the first place.

        Maybe Google it? Sorry.


    • Yeah dude, this site used to be WAAAAY um… liberal. Beet used to post all kindsa filthy stuff. It was just like maybe two years ago ??? that she went corporate and bowed to the wishes of the man and stopped putting nipples, beavers and straight up sex on the main page. I just realized that there is no longer even a link available to the “nip slip galleries” or whatever it was called. I’m pretty sure that it was on the side near all the other links.

      What’s up, Beet? Why you holdin out on us pervs????

      • Ah, ok. Thanks for the history. I only started reading this site regularly about, oh, a few months back. Good to know I’m not losing my mind. Those galleries, esp the comments to them and the titles, were a bit of a surprise.

        I’m going to shut up about this now. ;-)

  • I’m glad she said this. It makes me happy to think about Angie and Brad laughing at her (Kidding. At least a bit).

    I don’t think its that weird that she keeps stuff like that… I think its SUPER weird that she said it.

    I love that she said “my husband” and not “my ex-husband” too.

    Jesus, Aniston. Get yourself together.

    • I know, right? Her publicist must be literally ripping his hair out in total frustration about his client, I mean there’s not too much can be done when the client herself makes fucking statements like this directly to the media. And yeah that “my husband” shit bowled me over, too.

    • I’m pretty sure the weekend writer gets paid to do 8 posts a day. I think this was brought up previously.

  • We all have our hangups I guess. I don’t think she would realize how desperate and needy this “habit” comes across. I personally don’t believe in keeping memorabilia from past boyfriends. Onwards and upwards, right?! Jen Jen Jen… time for a life change.

  • yeah, I definitely have one voicemail still saved from my ex. I sometimes think of it as pathetic, (if he were to find out), but for sentimental reasons, I think that I have yet to delete it. We’re still in touch, so it’s not like I wanted to cut him out of my life completely, either.

    whew, TMI!

  • I think people should be nice and respectful to their exes. I feel so bad for depriving my exes of my presence and earnings for the rest of their lifetimes that I have mentioned them all in my will, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend who is less kind than me and doesn’t realise that an ex is for life, not just for Christmas.

    • an ex is so not for life, do these ex’s include the 30 year-olds that you were apparently screwing when you were 13? Because you shouldn’t leave them money. They are child molesters;. fyi

      • Dude!

        1. did you not read my reply to that? I never screwed ANYONE at 13. I wanted to get their attention – read my post! you totally misread what I said!

        2. I was being whimsical. There is an ad for the RSPCA thats tagline was ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. It was an in-joke with any other Australian readers who may get it..

        What the hell is your deal? I have never attacked you personally, and often I very much agree with what you said – but since you misread my post and thought that I was ‘screwing 30 year olds’ at thirteen you have become very nasty and judgemental.

        calm down. Or lynch me and get it over with.

  • Either way, just my humble opinion; I think Jennifer Aniston’s nuts. In like, a Fatal Attraction kind of way. My husband and I have had various conversations about it, especially when she opens her mouth and says things like this. I don’t know. I don’t hate the girl. I think she’s funny and talented and what not, but she really needs to quit taking pointers from fame-whore Mayer, because her new-found fetish for self-proclamations are kind of uncomfortable. Just my opinion.