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Jessica Simpson Had A Bad Day

Remember when Jessica Simpson could sing? Me neither. Last night she opened for Rascal Flatts in Grand Rapids, Michigan and kind of fell apart. She forgot the words to her own song, “Come on Over”. As she began her last number, she told the audience that she felt like walking off the stage. And when she finally did walk off stage, she was wiping tears from her eyes.  So sad.

Boyfriend Tony Romo missed his flight to meet her which probably threw her totally off course. Or, she lost the key to the minibar in her room. Alright, alright…you didn’t think I was going to get through this without one food joke, did you? I’m done now. It kind of sounds like Jessica’s career might be too.

Video clip is of Jessica, last night, singing “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.  Revel in the talent.

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    • I agree- I like your dry humor. But poor Jessica, I feel a little bad for her. But she’ll lose that weight for sure.

  • ummm. I like your writing style wendie — but this was essentially just a rewrite of the story in the link that you posted.

  • I kind of feel bad watching people fall apart before my very eyes… I think I might have outgrown gossip sites.

  • Jess is a needy spoiled brat. Her dad made her that way so I do sorta feel sorry for her but she really needs to grow up. The baby doll act is boring and pathetic.

    • ok, i think she’s very pretty in a barbie doll way, little bhubby but that is alos not helped by the fact she is so shirt and has had to starve herself previously for videos and pa’s etc. SHe is also a screaming example of why you as a parent should be realistic with your offspring and not make themthink they are best thing since sliced bread, as when reality hits they can’t cope. Europeans are mcuh more realistic than americans [generally speaking] so they don’t have this “the world owes my love as my daddys said so” nonsence.

      She could be a soap actress, or get herself to college? How old is she 23? 33?

  • Thats what happened!! She was probably singing “This boots are made for walking” and she remembered the days when she could actually fit on those Daisy Duke shorts and got depressed. Remember how hot she looked in that video?

    • she shouldn’t rely on being adored by others for a career though, it is transient after all…

  • God I am SO TIRED of hearing about this sloppy hussy’s fat ass and her shitty performances. SHE IS ALWAYS doing that shit on stage because the bitch is a shitty entertainer.

    HELLO the bitch ahs been playing STATE FUCKING FAIRS man!
    Her career should have been over three years ago but some stupid ass whores in Hollywood didnt get the memo that your ass cant stay relevent forever.

    What we are seeingnow his her dad pushing this moron up in our faces because he still needs to make a buck managing his dumb ass freak show daughters.

    This is a business people. She is a failing company of sorts and shes looking to cash in on fat gate to get sympathy money for a mother fucken baile out so FUCK being sorry for this reatrded cow!

    MOOO bitch MOOOOOOve the fuck out of my face!

    • I wish beet had a god damn edit button!
      I try toplay here while im doing seven other damn things.

  • Poor bitch, she can’t quite come to terms with the fact that her career has been over for years, really sad :( .

  • shes cracking under the pressure. i will never understand what she did that turned everyone against her so much.

  • I guess it’s just that she’s super annoying and that dumb-girl act she had going since the Newlyweds days turned her into some big joke. But I can’t remember anything else that she has said or done that could make her look like a bad person, so I’m confused. She still annoys the hell out of me, though.

  • She’s doing this singing tour for mom and daddy despite her anxiety handicap and a lot of hate and envy gossip against her.

    Stage fright or performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience, whether actually or potentially (for example, when performing before a camera). In the context of public speaking, this fear is termed glossophobia, one of the most common of phobias. Such anxiety may precede or accompany participation in any activity involving public self-presentation.

    Performance anxiety may often be observed among such public performers as athletes and musicians. Here it is manifested as a fear of “underperforming” (whether in the estimation of the viewing public or that of later critical reaction).

    Quite often stage fright arises in a mere anticipation of a performance, often a long time ahead. It has numerous manifestations: fluttering or pounding heart, tremor in the hands and legs, diarrhea, facial nerve tics, dry mouth. Stage fright may be observed in people of all experience and background, from beginners to professionals. Some musicians use beta blockers to avoid stage fright during auditions, and performances. In other cases, performers use alcoholic beverages to ease their stage fright. There have been many cases in which this habit has led to alcoholism.

    The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once observed that stage fright was the number one most common fear, number two being death, and that if death was less frightening than public speaking, then at a funeral you should feel more pity for the person giving the eulogy than the person in the casket.

    • What was the point of you writing that book? Next time keep all that exciting info to yourself, we are all proficient in google.

      Anyway I love Jess. She’s a sweetheart and she does have talent. I saw an a capella duet with her and Nick and they sounded great.

  • She’s done this kind of thing before, hasn’t she? Forgetting words and stuff. So this isn’t some new thing of cracking under the pressure, it’s some old problem that hasn’t gone away. I feel sad for her, and I really hope she finds happiness with Tony Romo and stops bowing under the pressure from her overbearing father.

  • god, its such a fucking mystery why she is so upset. I wonder what it feels like to have all of America making fun of you for being “fat.” This is one future case of anorexia that I actually think you can blame on the media.

    this seems like all the ugly loser girls in high school being so excited when the head cheerleader got pregnant or something. reeks of jealousy.

    Jessica may have gained like 15 lbs, but let’s see… she is famous… she has millions of dollars… she is dating a famous athlete…. she will always be prettier than you….. uhm yeah. jealous bitches.