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I Am So Glad I Am Way Over Paul Walker


When I first saw him in Varsity Blues, I was all like, “That is the hottest dude ever. I’m in love.” And I was so sure he was going to be this huge star, but then his career just kind of fizzled, and then he made Eight Below, which was like the career equivalent of jumping the shark. And he totally didn’t live up to his hotness potential, either. I call it Ryder Strong Syndrome.

I’m really glad I fell out of love with him awhile back, because otherwise the news that he’s engaged to a 19-year-old college student would have hit me really hard. Even better: he’s been dating her since she was 16. And he’s 35!

Woah, so he was sleeping with a 16-year-old when he was 32?

That is very ewww-tastic. Especially for someone like Paul Walker, who could score pretty much any pussy he wanted. Adult pussy. I don’t get it.

Anyway, Paul popped the question to Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell over the holidays.

What do you guys think? Is a 30-something getting married to a teenager ever going to work? I just think of the person I was at 19, and it’s so remarkably different from the person I am today, and the things I want now are light years away from the things I wanted at 19. Maybe Paul’s sure he knows what he wants, but this girl can’t possibly be!

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  • Hero complex. Soooo many guys have suffer from that disorder. They have to be the “big man” that their woman looks up to. Gross.

  • She must be pretty mature if she was already a student at the University of Santa Barbara at the age of 16. I’m sure he fell in love with her brains…

    • where do you see that she was 16 and at school? I only read that she was 16 when they began dating and that she is currently a student there.

  • Yeah, I am perfectly fine with age differences, but only if they are legal. Ew. Plus he has a daughter who is about half the age of his fiance. Double Ew.

    • I can’t believe that is dating a 19 year old girl. I can’t say woman because she is still a little girl. How can Paul start dating a 16 old in the first place? What with a young daughter who looks up to him. And what about this young girls parents..where were they in all of this?

  • Speaking of people that gross me out…part of the interview with the Octuplet Mom was released. She said that she had been trying IVF for 7 years before having her first kid which is now 7. Since she is 33 years old, does that mean she started IVF at 19, 14 years ago?? WTF is up with that?

    Sorry it is off topic, I was just thrown off by that…

    • I believe she only began attempting trying to get pregnant at 19, not necessarily via IVF. It just took her 7 yrs, probably once she finally turned to it (aka – could find someone to fund it), before she was successful.
      She’s still gross, no doubt. And I hate hate hate how much money she will make off of this.

      • That’s true. She does say that she went through 7 years of “trying” along with insemination and medication. I agree, she is still gross though. I don’t want her to make money, but I also don’t want the kids to suffer for her greediness.

  • Part of me thinks this is a publicity stunt to gear up for the new Fast and the Furious movie, you know so she can tell her high school friends to check out her beau’s new movie.

    And the other part of me thinks that Paul Walker is just really messed up. Age is always a factor, but past a certain point, the lines sort of blur together, like 30-40. But if we round up and her age is 20 and his age is 40, that’s just totally gross.

    Either they have nothing in common and Walker is just that insecure, or they actually do have stuff in common which means Walker is has big of a douche as he is in all of this movie roles.

  • He gave me the biggest creeps in the fast and the furious. He just looks like a creep and apparently really is.

  • meh. nothing wrong with an age difference, when i was 13 I was ALL about guys in their 30’s and would tell them I was 18 so they would go for me.

    Have you guys ever SEEN a teenage boy?

    • you should talk to your therapist about that. and that’s messed up to do to men. how do you think they would feel if they found out that they had slept with a freaking 13 year old? that’s disgusting. I think lying about age in that way should be illegal as well.

    • You slept with 30 year olds at 13 :O I hope you weren’t one of the ones complaining about Dakota Fannings “slutty” ensemble.

      • I never said i SLEPT with anyone at 13 – read people! I would try to get them to give me attention because I liked them!

        Point I am trying to make is that I understand the appeal of older guys to younger girls.

        I never had sex with ANYONE until I was legal age, lol.

        I apologise for causeing any high blood pressure etc!

  • yeah, he was hot-tastic till the whole “can’t act my way out of a shoebox” thing came up…hate it when that shit happens.

  • im 18 and i dont think its weird to date a guy in his 30’s..i mean i’ve never done that but paul walker is so yummy i would date him too, i dont care how old he is

  • I think he’s always been a college girl chaser. I mean the guy was at Whistler College invasion a few years back, pulling plenty of tail, I’m sure.

  • My guess is that they are developmentally the same age…it happens!
    Oh and he looks delicious.

  • That is too big of an age difference. It will never last. And why the hell is a 16 year old dating someone in their 30s? That is disgusting and pretty much illegal. What a tool. He can’t get someone legal?

    Oh and guess what kids. If you get married when you are 19, you will be divorced before you are old enough to rent a car. Trust. Do you know how much you change during your early 20s? Gawd. What the hell is wrong with her parents? And with him, chasing teenage tail?


    I’m with you beet. I had a crush back on him back in the day, and am SOOOOO glad I got over it. I am all about age differences, but the youngest person really needs to hit a certain age first (read: not fucking 16… or anything with “teen” in it) ESPECIALLY when we are talking about freaking marriage

    • edit: “you will MOST LIKELY get divorced…” I just don’t like responding to a bunch of people telling me that they got married when they were 19 and blah blah blah fantastic blah

  • He has a small dick.. perfect for a 16 yr old .. she accepted his puny manhood now they are getting married
    Sick man

    My take on it

  • I’m sure Paul knows what he wants, but how could this girl possibly know what SHE wants? Like you said Beet, I’m a completely different person now (I’m less than a month away from turning 27) than I was when I was 19. I hate to say it, but they’ll probably be divorced within a year.

  • Whatever. Not like it would have worked anyway, regardless of age. I’m so over celebrities getting married.

    And Eight Below was a horrid movie.

  • Dude that’s just totally gross. Seriously DUDE!!!! she WAS FUC*IN 10 WHEN YOU HAD YOUR 1ST KID! Doesn’t that send you a red flag that maybe something’s not right with your psyche? I mean, I get it, I had the biggest crush on like a 34 year old when I was 19 (didn’t sleep w/ him or even date) and I have been in relationships before with guys slightly older and have defended the whole “age is just a number” argument, but in this circumstance, it’s just not ok when the gap is that big and when you have a kid who was born when ur gf was 10 and when you started dating her before she was even legal!! I’m not gonna judge their relationship, maybe they will last or whatever (SLIM chance), but at least take it really really really really slow and let her grow, definitely don’t effin pop the question..make sure you let her grow up into the person she wants to be without too much of your influence. This isn’t, like, Saudi Arabia dude.

  • lmao at this quote from the article… he “can’t wait to add more kids to his life!” No doubt about that.

  • some 16 yr old s look like women, but they are not and this is ridiculous
    a child is a child
    he looks great though

  • okay there is a age gap but look at the fugly girl he is dating? He is mighty fine and his girl is nothing compared to him

  • except for the sex what else can a 19 yr old girl can give to this MAN!! the can’t even go to a bar to get a drink or to a club unless is an all ages night lol!! I guess good luck to them.

    • OMG stop the presses HOLD EVERYTHING, they can’t go to a BAR together. IT’s the end of the world. Lord forbid they are unable to go to a BAR together.

      Because the foundation of a relationship should be your ability to go have a drink with each other. How very wise.

      How about maybe they go on REAL dates?

      • People can go plenty of places to have a date in which there is no alcohol involved.
        What do you think couples in which there is a recovering alcoholic involved do for a date??

        She’s 19 years old. Old enough to make her OWN decisions, and she looks like a pretty smart girl to me. Not fake and plastic.

        My great granfather married a woman 40 years his junior. And they had an extremely happy marriage. Not every marriage is doomed.

      • yeah. that’s gross too. I bet your great granddaddy’s wife was f*cked in the head too. That’s disgusting. So he was what, 60 and she was 20? ick

        and when was this, 150 years ago?

  • Abbi, yes people can go on dates without alcohol, I don’t think that was the point thatLisa was trying to make, she was talking more about the enormous age difference.

    And you have a very sick great grandfather. It really is disgusting.

  • My husband and I are 11 years apart. I met him when I was 18 and he was 29 (of course he thought I was older and I thought he was younger). I guess it depends on who the people are. When we realized how old each other was, it kinda freaked us out a little.

    There I was thinking, “damn this dude is old as shit” and he was thinking “oh great immediate drama”. But we couldn’t be more perfect for one another and it all just came together. My point is, I really want to make fun of this guy but can’t since it would be really hypocritical of me. But at 16 if I wanted to date a 32 year old I think my parents would have given me shaken baby syndrome.

  • If this is true i hope they know what they are doing, that is a pervert!!
    no one under 21 should go out with any 10 or 15 years older that is discusting! imagin a monther going out with a 16 year old! Paul is a father going out with a 16 that makes him ugly and a pervet! :(