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A Normal Family!


Here’s Ben and Jen picking up little Violet from school together.

Aside from the fact that they’re being photographed by paparazzi, you’d never know these two were famous. They’re just a couple taking a break from the baby at home to pick up the kiddo at school, and maybe catch fifteen minutes of alone time in the process.

Love them!

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  • BEN IS PISSED! i feel so bad for these two! i wish they could just have one day with no paparazzi :( but then how would the beet survive! so just kidding, keep taking pictures. Violet is so fucking cute. too bad she;ll have a camera in her face the rest of her life.

  • They are seriously a cute family!

    On an unrelated note: Today was laundry day so I was wearing my super neato ‘Big Rob’ t-shirt I won, compliments of the Beet :) I had the sliding door open, as it was a beautiful day, and one of my neighbors stopped to peek in to say hello. I was really embarrassed to be seen in a shirt that said ‘Suuuuuuup’ lol!

  • If I could pick a celeb to hang out with it’s Jennifer Garner. I know most people think she’s dull but I think she’s just really grounded.

  • Ha Ha! Like I said…white running shoes, “mom jeans” and some tacky $15 sweatshirt…unreal! Where is this chick from that she thinks dressing like that is acceptable anywhere but a college dorm room!!!

    How does he conjer up the gumption to even bang this chick!!!

    She is too young and has too many georgous freebies to be going around town dressed like my 63 year old aunt from Kansas! Barf!

    • the correct word is conjure,
      and jennifer garner is one of the few celebs
      who don’t primp and dress up just to go grocery shopping.
      she doesn’t have to look gorgeous everywhere she goes,
      but her relaxed look makes her look even more gorgeous.

    • She’s running errands, not going to a movie premiere.
      She can dress however she wants, she still looks beautiful.

  • I love that she doesn’t get all dressed up to run errands, even if she knows she will most likely be photographed. It takes time to get all primped up, and its nice to know she would rather spend that time with her kids.

  • There’s something to be said for being and looking relaxed, but can someone please explain to me why the Afflecks became hobos?

  • Imagine that, a celebrity who doesn’t have to be dolled up in six pounds of makeup and Jimmy Choos just to pick up the kiddies. Normalcy is so refreshing.

  • i love them.. but if she wants to keep him she should at least make a little effort to look good sometimes. she dresses like shes 60.

  • There is something about Jennifer Garner that I do not like. I get the feeling that she trapped Ben.
    They just don’t seem like the happy couple people think they are.