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Julia Roberts to Star in Film Version of “Eat, Pray, Love”???

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Hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. It looks like they’re getting close to making a film version of the totally amazing book Eat, Pray, Love … with Julia Roberts in the lead role.

Columbia Pictures is in negotiations to pick up the movie rights, released by Paramount Pictures, to the best-selling memoir “Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia.”

Columbia is also in the process of making deals with the actors and filmmakers already connected to the screen project. They include Julia Roberts, who would star; “Nip/Tuck” creator Ryan Murphy, who would write and direct; and Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner, who would produce via their Plan B production company.

It’s not that I don’t like Julia, but I just totally did not picture her for this role. I picture someone younger and softer. More vulnerable, I guess. But could this role be the reason Julia was recently spotted sight-seeing in India?

I dunno, I guess the book just meant a lot to me, and I really don’t want to see it as a movie. It’ll lose so much in the translation.

I’m actually going to see the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, speak here in Seattle in a couple weeks. If they do Q&A I am definitely going to be asking her for her thoughts about this.

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  • You know, it IS that I don’t like Julia Roberts. I don’t want her Toothy McDonkeyBraying all over what was a really great book.

    • I. Must. Remember. This. Description: “Toothy McDonkeyBraying………” So perfect, Jesus. (Thank you, AC, for making my day:)

    • Hi This is Julia Roberts, I know people are starving, and some people are losing they’re jobs, and losing they’re homes and money is tight but please don’t worry because I’m o.k really aw don’t you feel better now? ME!~ ME ME ME

  • BEET PLEEEAAASSSEEE let us know how the interview thing goes. I really want to hear (if it is question and answer) her thoughts!

    thanks <3

  • Julia Roberts is an asshole.
    I’ve met her a handful of times and yes, she loooooooooooooves her self long time. Loves her own reflection but pretends she isnt looking.

    typical celebriwhore bull shit attittude.

  • I have no problem w/Julia. Actually I love how she wigs out at the fucking paparazzi (sp?) for hounding her kids.

  • no, no, no. Nothing against Julia Roberts but Naomi Watts should play Elizabeth, that’s who I pictured when I read the book.

  • I agree, I don’t see Julia Roberts in this role. I see Gwyneth Paltrow or Cate Blanchett – someone who more resembles Elizabeth Gilbert and can be softer.

  • Julia Roberts is an over rated,over paid skanky man stealing bitch who’s mouth looks like a baboons ass on her face.She’s always rude and sarcastic .And she can’t name kids worth a shit ,HAzel?PHinneaus?What the hell!Plus she looks fat inher bathing suit.Anyone else they would of ssaid so but her,its like she does no wrong!

  • I went to high school with her and she was a bitch even then.A bitch then,a bitch now!Some things never change.