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Kate Moss – Oscar Winner?


At the age of 35 Kate Moss as conquered the realm of modeling, and now reportedly has her eye on acting. News of the World reports:

The mum-of-one turned 35 last month and has told friends it’s time to movie on. And now her rock star boyfriend Jamie Hince, 39, has put her in touch with an agent in New York.

A source close to her said: “She’s always had dreams of acting. Kate’s nervous but feels, with the right backing, she can make the transition from supermodel to Hollywood star.”

I don’t mean to dash Kate’s dreams here, but she has one facial expression. She’s a real-life Zoolander. She’s a one trick blank-eyed waif-like pony. Look at this picture! You see what happens when she attempts to smile! The only time I’ve heard her speak at any length is in those Rimmel commercials and if I’m not mistaken her voice is a bleak monotone. Pass.

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  • This girl cannot act.
    She’s a model.
    And that’s it.
    Plus, I doubt she can form a complete sentence.

  • i for one, am very stoked. if kate does come out with a film i will def spend the money at the cinema to see her on the big screen.
    go moss!

  • Yeah I don’t think her single facial expression will get her very far in the acting world…watch her do something sneaky where she gets a role playing a model or some other such dumb copout.

  • As an English person, I’d like to stress that the News of the World is one of the most ridiculous newspapers in the UK. I doubt very much that this story is true!!

  • If she wanted to try acting, she should have retired 10 years ago like any normal model to try it, instead of waiting until no-one cared about her.

  • we don’t have white stripes of the crest or any other kind in GB. The laws here on health and safety are different, what’s deemed safe in one country is deemed unsafe and illegal in another, much like hemp in california for some crazy reason. Tooth whitening products don’t work as well in GB becuase the strength of the product used is far far lower. Pity really, as we’d love ’em.

  • I’d go watch a film that Kate Moss is in. I saw her years ago in Blackadder and she wasn’t exazctly great or anything, but I assume it was due to being nervous, as she hadn’t done any acting before. I reckon with a good director, she can probably be quite decent. She’s had enough life experience and enough of a personality, it seems to pull the cat out of the bag. And I do think she’s a great model. Her and Karen Elson are the only models I can stand. The rest of them look like brainless faceless twigs. Kate is unique, she really is. I think go for it and also go for the whole music thing to. She’s always been a rockstar without the music. I don’t see why she souldn’t make some. She’s just about cool enough to do it.