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My Dog is Going to Be So Pissed When He Sees This


Spaghetti Cat is hitting the big time!

Keds, the brand that Mischa Barton supposedly represents, has created an actual Spaghetti Cat themed shoe. The “bold piece of leisure footwear” features the bottomless green orbs of  the famous carb loading feline the oh-so-original words “Spaghetti Cat” embossed beneath in some sort of Windows 98 script. Yes – they’re completely and utterly serious about this. The best part? They’re only available online through Zazzle U.K for the unbelievably affordable price of $150 a pop. Yes, that’s right – your favorite pasta masticating feline is not only branching out into footwear – he’s crossed the pond bitches!



Via Eonline

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