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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Needs To Get His Mojo Back




After “Bend It Like Beckham” I thought Jonathan was super hot. He had eyes that could melt ice. Now…he’s kinda freaking me out a little. His facial hair of late is odd, unflattering, and reminiscent of what I imagine a real life ‘Dirty Sanchez’ would look like. He used to be able to work it, but now not so much. Ever since he started playing power hungry, delusional Henry VII on ‘The Tudors” he’s been a little “off”. His facial expressions swing from supreme paranoia, to blank indifference, into some sort of stoned hyper lucid stare and back again. 


Shots of what Jonathan used to look like:


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    • Hahah
      I do think he looks like a vampire as well…well a hot vampire
      Maybe did i spend too much time with True Blood as well though xD

  • his facial hair makes him look like jafar from disney’s aladdin. just sayin. and eyes that could melt ice? maybe because they’re so creepy…his eyes are like off-centered or something. did you ever see that movie match point? his eyes always creeped me out, but they really scare me now after that movie.

  • I agree. The “I’m going to rip all your clothes off and fuck you rotten then cuddle afterwards” look has gone from his eyes.. sad.

  • It’s the hair and the worm on his upper lip. If he gets rid of the worm and grows out his hair, he’ll be fine again.

    I have no idea what’s going on with his eyes though. They’re like… stoner lenses or something.

  • It’s a weird picture, but he will always be beautiful. I don’t usually like guys who are prettier than me but he was sculpted by the gods.

  • While I agree that he looks a little creepy the sad truth is that I’d still do him with the lights down :)

  • As I keep posting I worked on a film with him. He is very gay (no joke) and one of the transport guys got fired trying to buy drugs for Jonathan .

      • Believe what you want Snowblood.

        I am not gonna say the name of the movie because if you cross reference with IMDB you probably could over time figure out my real name, lol.

        As for the drug thing, I never heard specifics of what was being purchased. I assumed it was coke or mary jane since it was also supposed to be for his fellow cast mates.

        Jonathon was hitting on a young male crew member a lot during the filming.

    • Donkey Punch,

      Keep giving us these tidbits of inside information. You’ve posted too many of them for them not to be true.

    • I believe Donkey Punch. He’s too effing gorgeous not to be gay, and he’s got that hundred-miles away drug stare.

      • OK, OK I admit, I kinda believed Monsieur Le Punch from the beginning, too, I just fucking HATed the whole “he’s gay” thing just because DPunch happened to notice the guy appearing to be chatting up some other dude on set. That might NOT have been a pick-up, you know, DP and oh – if it was, maybe Rhys-Meyer is bisexual, or, OR maybe he plays the old casting couch/I’ll-let-you-do-me-in-the-ass-if-you-hook-me-up-with-Mr Soandso Superpowerful Producer/Director guy game, maybe he’s one of those kinds of actors, know what I mean?

        It’s a dirty game out here, as Donkey Punch in his position no doubt knows all to well. I mean, Hollywood is saturated with actors who will do ANYthing, quite literally, to gain an edge over the competition and become a big star success and shit.

        I’m gonna just guesstimate off the top of my head that at least , oh, 75% of all the huge screen stars who’re commanding multi-MULti-million dollar salaries per picture today got to the top of that pile by spending their first few years in town doing some real, hardcore, completely depraved selling out kinda shit. Everyone, just about, is “bi “in L.A. when it suits the means toward that desperately coveted end.

        I just called you a liar, DP, ’cause I wanted to see what you’d say to my challenging accusation, plus also I just happened to be impulsively irked at that particular moment and wanted to “defend” Jonathan Cokey-Eyes’ sexual rep status, or whatever. ‘Cause sometimes I quite literally have NOThing better to do then while away my time obsessing over celebrity gossip sites! Seriously…

        Oh – and yeah, hey – Monsieur le Punch du Bourricot, just so you know, I also love hearing your random insider-reports on these celebs whom you get to see while they’re just working on set from day to day. Very cool, makes me miss being involved in all that, myself. (I used to do stand-in and extras work, just for fun, and it WAS fun! No money and they treat you like livestock for the most part if you’re not SAG, but it’s a lot, lot of fun!)

        OK that was – er, was I rambling? O_o my bad…

      • I don’t pretend to have much “insider news” since most of the stuff I work on is low to medium budget stuff. The bigger the budget the less fun it is to work on (too much attitude).

        As for Jonathon he could have just been joking around. It made this male crew person really uncomfortable so Jonathon could have just been messing with him by hitting on him. I never actually saw him kissing or poking a guy in the butt (ie real proof).

  • no no no no!!!!! he was so gorgeous!!!!! i had such a crush on him!!!! how did he change to THAT?!?!?!?!?

  • I think that’s just a bad picture, he was at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago and looked beautiful as always. He has that look for the Tudors, when filming is done he goes back to looking like heaven.

  • He was a-fucking-mazing in his most recent feature film The Children of Huang Shi, which was just released late last year, only a few months ago. It only just got to DVD. He was brilliant in that movie, and very, very sexy, too. I think he’s just got those kinds of unfortunate unhideable eyes, unfortunate that is for someone who’d like to be able to do whatever recreational dope they feel like while they’re not at work or whatever. Yeah, he’s got a bad case of permacoke eyes.

    But he is very, very fucking hot. But the gross-tache has GOT to go. I blame Brad Pitt for this ideous new upper-lip trend with the guys these days. Just say NO to the face-pubes, fellas! NO one, no one except perhaps Tom Selleck, looks even remotely sexy in upper-lip pubic kinkfur. Just – no. Shave that creepy shit off, please.

  • Donkey Punch I know exactly what movie you are talking about. I think you should be careful when stating things you don’t know to be true of people, famous or not. He was quite a tease in his earlier years, to everyone, but he’s clearly had relationships with women that were real.

  • Oh he’s gay alright. Maybe he likes a bit of girl action too but definitely he likes the boys. He was adopted by a sugar daddy when he was in his early teens. He left the family home to live with this wealthy Anglo Irish type in his manor house who in turn helped him get started in acting.
    A friend of mine met him on a flight between Dublin and London (not the one where he was arrested for being so pissed) and said he was so gorgeous but vacant.