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Golden Girls For Life!


As a child I loved Golden Girls. It didn’t matter in the least that they were all senior citizens and I was approximately seven years of age. Their unwavering friendship and golden deliciousness crept right into my tiny child-size heart. Now I can relive a portion of that because TV Guide is reporting that Betty White will  return to TV this Spring playing “a crazy witch lady that’s always lived in town and who everybody has always been scared of.”  in an episode of  ‘My Name is Earl’!

 Betty White looks frail, but she’s spry as a kitten. I almost died when she roasted William Shatner.

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  • If there is one thing I love in life, it is the Golden Girls.

    Seriously, best show EVER. I’m still obsessed.

  • Betty White is an awesome woman. She was on the Craig Ferguson show before the election – just funnier than hell.

  • I’ve never even seen Golden Girls, but I LOVE Betty White. Every bit part and guest appearance of hers I’ve seen has been hysterical.

  • I have ALWAYS loved GG. My Grandpa and I used to watch it together when I was little. Rose and Sophia were our favorites by far. I love My Name is Earl too so I can’t wait to see this!

  • What color are her teeth? Come on Betty! Cloris Leachman on DWTS made being a crazy old lady popular. Crazy Old Bitch is the New Black!

  • I am fairly certain that the highlight of my life was when Betty White said “cockring” during the Shatner roast. She is a filthy! Loves it!

  • I absolutely LOVE the ladies – and Betty White was always one of my faves. She’s hilarious, she’ll do great on her new show.

    I actually recently took a ‘Which GG are you?’ internet quiz and was categorized as a Blanche. Ack!

    So this might creep a lot of you out but… has everyone seen the Pistol Youth video? It’s a Golden Girls montage:

  • Hahaha oh god, I remember her on the Shatner roast. That was the best roast I’ve seen, and she was the reason.
    “Shatner pants”…haha.

    I forgot about that until you mentioned it. =)

  • The golden Girls were the best show on tv at the time and are still one of my favs, they should do a Golden Girl movie

    • they should not do a Golden Girls movie , because Golden Girls is not Golden Girls if it is not with : Estelle ( R.I.P ) , Bea ( R.I.P ) , Rue and Betty. Nobody can play the Characters like they did. <3

  • The golden Girls were one of the best tv shows at the time and are still one ov my favs, they should do a Golden Girls movie> =) !!!!!!! Love them and wish them the best!<3