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 As Beet explained yesterday – I am the new weekend editor. First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who had the decency to apply all the rules they learned in kindergarten to their comments on her welcome post. Most of you were very nice, although some of you may perhaps need therapy, and I mean that in the kindest, gentlest way possible. Really.

I am not a “blogger”  per se. I actually have little to no blogging experience. I submitted an application with samples etc and I was thrilled to have been chosen. Evil Beet is a blog that I visit regularly but I never dreamed that I’d be working alongside Beet and Wendie ( who are, as you already know, thoroughly awesome). So if you guys have any questions or comments I’m sure you’d never in a gazillion years hesitate to let me know. I’m not even going to ask that you bear with me while I learn the process because I’m from Jersey and uh…that’s just not how we do shit.



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  • love your name. your writing voice sounds fun. ‘per say’ is misspelled. the correct spelling is ‘per se’. welcome!

    • Thank You – I always wondered about that, and almost everyone spells it wrong…probably b/c it doesn’t show up on spell check.

  • So you’re getting paid to write on the weekends and thus far a quarter of the weekend has passed and there have been no posts relating to celebrity gossip.

    Juuust saying. Welcome and hope you don’t disappoint.

  • Soleil, welcome! These peeps are a brutal bunch, for the most part. Don’t let them get you down – when they smell blood they become rabid. Grow a thick skin and get a “fuck ’em” attitude, that will serve you best :)

    Hang in!!

  • Your First Post = finger wagging. arrogance. spelling errors. declarations of no experience doing the type of job for which you’ve been hired.

    what a warm and wonderful first impression.


  • Just let her write and stop critiquing.

    LivTiv, get a life. Do something with yourself besides refreshing your browser waiting for new evil beet posts. I like this Web site too, but I don’t base my life around it.

  • I’m from Jersey too so it’s okay. People are just plain mean. Probably bitter they didn’t get the job.

    And you have a pretty name.

  • Oh and Lynn – go fuck yourself. Pick up a Chicago Manual of Style and start capitalizing your sentences.

  • man i just saw on the news that model who got amputated died. that’s fucked.

    and welcome Soleil…you better be thanking your parents after all these compliments you’ve gotten on your luuuuverrrly name!

  • I agree with Lynn. Totally boring … Couldnt come up with something better than plain old ‘Hi’??!! How about ‘Hey, you Evil Beeters!’ … for a start. I’m gonna wish Wendie was doing weekends again, sigh.

  • i like that you’re from jersey.
    you seem cool enough, and beet’s judgment on writing is usually impeccable.
    please fix the punctuation, though, or i might stop reading on weekends.

  • Welcome! I’m sure you’ll be as fab as Beet and Wendie!
    Also with 3 writers I get more of my gossip fix yay :p

  • Welcome pretty named Soleil! One kind person advised growing a think skin in order to put up with the uptight, rotten tongues some of these peeps have but I’m going throw in a stereo-type (which I’ll probably get bitch-slapped for doing) and say since you’re a Jersey Girl you can probably throw these bitches in place with a tiny swipe of your keyboard because that’s just how things are done in Jersey. Can’t wait to read your posts!

  • really? insults to the readers on the first paragraph on the first post?

    wow. trying to act tough, i suppose, but still. we pay your salary, darling. let’s not start off on the wrong foot.

    • we don’t pay for shit. are you paying some weird evil beet toll that I am not aware of? How odd.

      and it’s EVIL beet anyway. I don’t know why everyone always thinks it’s going to be nice PG humor. oh you people..

      • Actually we do pay her salary. As in, if everyone stops coming on the weekends, guess who will no longer get a pay check?

      • There you go again Lisa, with your completely uninformed moronic posts. step.away.from.the.keyboard.slowly.fooly.

      • There you go again Lisa, with your completely uninformed moronic posts. step.away.from.the.keyboard.slowly.fooly.

      • There you go again Lisa, with your completely uninformed moronic posts. step.away.from.the.keyboard.slowly.fooly.

      • No. I’m assuming she gets paid per post. Remember, how a lot of you whiney bitches were complaining about Wendie not posting enough, and Beet said that she posts 8/day because that is what she is paid for.

        Again, you are not directly paying anyone’s salary. You are somewhat indirectly financing Beet, but she is the one paying the other two. Page views are technically earning Beet money, but you are not literally sending her checks of $5 every time you go on this site.

        Seriously, Lynn, go fuck yourself. And learn how to post a comment just once. And what the what is “fooly?”

  • BTW, I think Lynn needs to put a little Bailey’s in her coffee, shoot, I’d even go for the Jack with that sour-puss – and, call 911 to have them pull the stick out her bum. Loosen the button’s on your jeans – you’re too uptight!

  • Wow, somepeople truly take life too seriously. Or they are just jealous they didn’t get the job. I find it amusing that those who point out misspellings did not even bother to capitalize their sentences.

  • beet should know better than to hire a low life from jersey. rude bitch! this weekend cant be over fast enough! bring back wendie and sasha!!!!

  • Jesus Christ. Have some fucking manners, people. It’s her first goddamned day.

    I think you’ll do just fine, Soleil! Nothing wrong with letting the readers know who’s in charge…heh.

  • Yeah I don’t like the insults in the first paragraph either but I’m not going to judge a book by the cover, good luck

  • I liked her post. It’s called sarcasm, folks. A little thing Beet uses frequently, and which a lot of people don’t catch. Must be missing their funny bones. You go Soleil!!

  • it’s really amusing that so many people (or is it 1 or 2 who are posting under the ame name) think there is some correlation between people expressing their opinion, and if it’s not some legging-humping welcome, being accused of sour grapes over not getting the evil beet writing job. As if it’s some wildly wonderful accomplishment to have gotten this job, and those who did not get it must be bitter with jealous. I’m not a writer, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but this mush is for sure, soliel isn’t gonna be winning any pulitzer pries from her writing on EB.

    Can’t believe I miss wendie.

      • so fucking typical of you. with your “us” statements you lemmer. stop trying to adopt a gang lisa, and fuck off you moron

      • No. There has just literally been like 20 people calling you crazy.

        Do you mean lemur? If not, I have no fucking idea what your “insult” is supposed to mean.

      • I think the word you’re looking for is “lemming.” Ahem …

        Lay off Soleil … anyone deserves a break their first day on the job; however, there’s no training for the poor girl other than this trial by fire.

        Keep smiling, Soleil : )

    • Lynn, you implied you didn’t like Wendie either.
      So why are you on here?
      Do you like to bash people on Internet?
      You must be one of those people who have no friends,
      usually because you see everyone else’s faults, as trivial as they may be.
      Too bad you never see your own, because you have many.

      I used correct spelling and grammar just for you. :)

    • Um Lynn..? Some issues…
      “Evil Beet”
      “bitter with jealousy”
      “this much”

      I find it quite amusing that you leave a whole comment getting at Soleil for apparently not being a good enough writer, but you made five spelling and grammar mistakes in that post alone. You didn’t even spell her name right. Ever heard the phrase ‘The pot calling the kettle black”?
      I’m just saying.

    • Lynn, you are becoming less and less popular with every post. Fair play for loving the Beet and providing her with website hits, but maybe you should think twice about leaving comments.

      Or better yet, don’t bother leaving any comments at all.

  • it’s really amusing that so many people (or is it 1 or 2 who are posting under the same name) think there is some correlation between people expressing their opinion, and if it’s not some legging-humping welcome, being accused of sour grapes over not getting the evil beet writing job. As if it’s some wildly wonderful accomplishment to have gotten this job, and those who did not get it must be bitter with jealous. I’m not a writer, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but this mush is for sure, soliel isn’t gonna be winning any Pulitzer prize from her writing on EB.

    Can’t believe I miss wendie.

    Can’t believe I miss wendie.

  • all you stupid lil bitches givin’ Soleil a hard time on her first day:

    put a fuckin’ sock in it .

    welcome girl! im from jersey too. Clifton, actually. it’s a small little town.
    keep up the posts<3.

  • *sigh* No one’s winning a Pulitzer for their writing on Beet…not even you, Lynn. LOL

    I’m FROM NJ, I live in AZ. So it’s a time zone all unto itself. We don’t have daylights savings.

    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    • Welcome Jersey!! Don’t listen to the haters you’re doing fine…I’m not always going to agree with everything you say (Beet and her love for HoHan, yuck!) but as long as you keep us laughing it’s all good.

    • Ah-HA! Arizona. That explains it! Cronyism!
      :) Just kidding. Welcome, and good luck. Based on my lovely neighbors across the Delaware (I’m in PA), I have no doubt you’ll hold your own.

  • Hey Jersey girl! Welcome from a former Bayonne girl. You’re gonna be just fine, because living in Jersey teaches you not to give a flying flip what other people say about you because people are talking crap all the time.
    I love you already! I really don’t care how much you post because I am fortunate enough to have a life outside of this site (even though it does brighten my already bright existence).

  • Soleil moon frye this is how it works. We insult you. You don’t insult us. You get paid to be insulted and to insult the Celebs. Not the readers.

    BTW show more of Beet’s spectacular breasts. Over.

  • Bah….Wendie’s first day was rough too. Don’t pay attention to the negativity. You’ll be just fine.

    • I was not a huge Wendie fan, initially. And early on, I left posts saying so. I have also left posts complimenting WEndie as (IMO) she has improved, and seemingly found her unique voice and style. I think she’s been doing well and I’ve enjoyed her….and I left posts saying that as well….not that she’s pining away for my praise, or anything

      However, In sharp contrast to soleil, Wendie didn’t introduce herself by taking a whiney, arrogant, premeptive shot over the bow at HER CUSTOMERS. In a put up or shut up way, wendie earned her place here (again, IMO). You might Do well to take a page out of her book soliel.

      In the end…all these hits and commnets are good for beet’s business….SO, YOU’RE WELCOME.

    • I actually think Wendie has really improved her writing and become more accepted by Beet readers, and a lot of that may have to do with the comments. Obviously not the “fuk u bring bak da beet!” comments, but the ones that actually had a specific complaint about the post or it’s content. All writers rely on feedback to some degree, even snarky gossip columnists who would never admit as much.

      I don’t understand why people get so defensive over someone they’ve never met.

      Welcome, Soleil. I hope you are funny! :-D

  • S – I think you’re crap. (Well, maybe not YOU, because that’s a little harsh, but your writing.) Your punctuation, spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired. You quote wayyy too much out of other gossip publications. I don’t see a lot of humor in your posts. I am, all in all, disappointed. This is supposed to be a ‘professional’ gossip blog, meaning that all of the writers get paid, and I don’t think you’re the right fit. Sorry.

      • Better be careful.

        You are expressing opinions not sanctioned by the gang of family & friends Soleil has brought with her, thus, prepare to be attacked.

        Hey. Maybe that is why Beet hired her? She’s not a blogger, or even a writer, PER SE, but hiring her will help the site get lots of hits?

  • Goodness, we ARE a pleasant bunch. Maybe it’s a testament to the collective intelligence of the readership that Evil Beet mentioned… Because we are downright elitist… VERY quick to shut out anyone NEW. lol. It’s kinda cute how everyone gets out their pitchfork all synchronized like. :o) Anyway. Good luck, Soleil. Have tons of fun. :o)

  • I think you all need to exercise more often. It worked wonders for Brooke Shields. She’s totally over being suicidal because of her large headed babies ripping out of her ass.

    Scientology fixed Brooke’s wagon, and it can fix yours too!

  • Soleil–I think you’re writing is terrific and articulate and I love this blog.
    Looking forward to reading your stuff on the weekend! Best of luck!

  • I abolutely love it when we get so fucking worked up about some silly crap, hahah. By the way, I don’t care what others thought, I still liked your post, Soleil.

  • Can I just say that I have read the few of your posts from today and I am already completely in love with you… :D

  • Nice work people. I hope that all you meanies have such lovely comments/compliments on your first days at a new job from your clients/customers/patients/passers-by!

    You successful writers who merrily nitpick on Soleil’s writing style, why don’t you post something that is informative or relevant? Then everyone can have a laugh! Everyone is a great armchair critic – but you guys are not getting paid, so who’s winning?

    Suprised you haven’t all started calling her fat and ugly – or didn’t you think of that?

    Water off a duck’s back Soleil. Everyone can be a bully when they are anonymous.

    • fat and ugly? we’re talking about her writing. and to use a cliche’, it’s apples and oranges. this is the first day of a job she fought for where the goal is to be mean and funny. people are commenting that she needs to step it up in this tough room. that needs to happen or we’re all being phony.

      and actually at least half of the posters do post things either informative, relevant, and sometimes even funny. that’s what they’re demanding from the new person running the site on weekends. like beet based the entire site upon, the thesis, it’s not personal, it’s just gossip. it would be a good lesson to remember for everyone including yourself

      • I appreciate your point. I was not, however, referring to people who make constructive intelligent criticism, my comment was directed at the ‘haters’ who name call and insult baselessly – hence to extrapolate my point I referred to ‘fat and ugly’ comments.

        I agree it is not personal, thats why I object to personal attacks.

  • Hello! I’ve read your posts so far and I’d just like to say I think your awesome.
    Also everytime I read your name I think of soleil moon frye and while I’m pretty confident your not punky bruster I also picture her in my head while I read your posts, so even if your 400 lbs of moley, heavy breathing, sweaty woman I imagine you as beautiful :)

  • OMG so funny that people are taking this so seriously! GET A LIFE! Its a fun gossip blog. NOT an angry douche blog.

    Im sure you will be great, Im sorry that people are so crusty! Try to ignore them. Or fight back I am loving the attitude!!! :D

  • Welcome! I thought your first post was funny (as well as honest–some of us do need therapy!!) I think you will fit in just fine. :)

  • welcome soleil !
    Considering you said you’ve never written a blog before, it would be very difficult to tell!! You’re doing a great job

  • hey jersey! woohoo!
    me too! woohoo! oh, wait- north or south? haha nevermind.
    best of luck-and please tell me you’ re just as obsessed with LA Lohan as the rest of us, or at the very least, you’ll humor me/us.
    mmmkay? thanks.

  • I know the warm welcome everyone has given you has definitely solidified your desire to continue writing for this blog. I’m really looking forward to watching you develop as a writer and find your own voice. Good luck, and may the power of the Beet be with you.

  • I hate your style, I didn’t get why everyone hated Wendie, but now I do. But whatever, welcome….. Just please try and sound slightly wittier.

  • fuck yeah you’re from jersey. i love you already. don’t disappoint. make sure you bring some badass evil jersey-ness to this site

  • OMG! What a bunch of whiners!! Soleil, don’t pay any attention to the haters. I am sure you will do great.

  • your posts are soooooo not funny. in the slightest.

    wendy & beet, are you really sure you don’t want to work the weekends too?

    maybe i’ll just skip the weekend updates. problem solved.