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“God bless your real breasts.”

Oprah Winfrey, to Kate Winslet, as the two discussed Kate’s breasts’ performance in The Reader. “In all the scenes, your breasts do what real breasts do,” Oprah said.

Hooray for real titties!

I asked a male friend of mine recently whether he preferred real breasts over fake. “I don’t really care,” he said, “as long as they’re big.”


Men are such special creatures.

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  • Well, I for one, have small titties… On a side note, I can say there are multitudes of titties out there, all based in size in descending order by the scale below:


    And on that scale, I probably only have titties.

    But yes, yay for real titties.
    However, if I had the cash, I probably would get implants, which completely defeats the reason of this post.


    • Hey Sarah – using your scale, I have jugs and wish I had titties instead! The grass is always greener, right?

  • I made the mistake once of saying to others, in front of my husband, that he didn’t like fake tits. He said nothing, just stared. So I said isn’t that true? To which he again didn’t reply. Oops! I guess boobs whether fake or not are a-ok with him. There is something with boobs and men that we women just don’t understand. I haven’t really met a lot of men who dislike boobs of any kind; if they are in front of you they are good. I guess that should make us all feel good about our breasts!

  • I love Kate Winslet so much.
    Fake boobs just don’t feel right. My friend got implants and when I tried to hug her, they didn’t…squish in like real boobs do (I can’t really find a better word to describe it).

  • That guy stole my line!!!!!!
    If a woman is insecure about them why not!?!?
    (plus it’s not like it is 1990)

    The Reader was really good!

  • I prefer nice and good looking boobs to big boobs any day! Just for them to be big doesn’t make them better… and yes, I agree… the best boobs you’ve ever watched are those who are in front of you at that moment….

  • My boyfriend has told me the size isn’t what’s important, but rather the shape. Like big boobs do not appeal to him if they are floppy or sag really low, etc. Makes sense.

  • My husband says he prefers real but who knows…..

    I get how men feel about breasts. It’s how women feel about shoes.

  • For the reasons Oprah mentioned (the way they move) real are always better. The prosthetics may have a sartorial purpose (like men stuffing a sock in their pants to present a more attractive profile)…but I have to believe that in situations of intimate contact palpating a plastic bag of fluid will never be as personal as touching human tissue ….for either the feeler or the feelee. That seems to be a development heading in the wrong direction (towards objectification and depersonalization of sexual contact). Oh well. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to turn back now. Luckily our fairest Beet has nothing to worry about here.

  • Oprah is obsessed with “real breasts” in film. When she was filming Beloved and had the entire cast on her show, she repeatedly mentioned how in the nude scene she did, her breasts were laying flat on her chest in an unflattering way because “that’s what real breasts do.”

    Me thinketh she protests too much.

  • I would prefer to deal with real breasts over fake ANY DAY OF THE WEEK…

    Unless you have a MONETARY NEED, (ie stripper) why would you get bigger boobs???

    Your Mr. Right can walk right by you if he isn’t in love with big boobs.

    Breast reconstruction is another time when fakes are okay.

    But I am a guy, so I don’t want to tell the ladies what to do…

  • “I don’t really care,” he said, “as long as they’re big.”

    I laughed so hard at that. Shit, that was funny.

  • Oh how sad.
    I’m half-lesbian, and I like them no matter what.
    Of course I prefer medium-sized, real shit; with a good shape, but it doesn’t matter as long as they’re there.
    I don’t mind of women get implants, but I wish they didn’t.

      • Haha, yes, I’m bi.
        I say half-lesbian because bisexual sounds less girl-loving and more vague,.

    • lol I get it, Im a halflesbian too. being bisexual sounds like it involves far too much committment and effort!

      better to sit, look pretty and not have to have big guidelines drawn about who you end up having sex with that night. why cut out half the world for gender when i cut out so many for hirstuteness, dimension, stupidity and being overdressed (men) or underdressed (women).

  • I LOVE love love Kate Winslett, she is gorgeous! as for breasts, I don’t care on large or small, so long as they have a nice shape :)

  • Fake breasts are nasty. I’d much rather have a literally flat chested woman than one with fakies – unless they’re the most amazingly done fakers in history.

    Seriously, take a look at some pornstars and playboy models with the “erect” knockers…nasty and completely unattractive.

    Girls, don’t listen to the idiots…natural is waaaay more beautiful than fake.

  • I prefer natural and do not care if they are small, medium, or large. Fake tits are awful looking, they feel wrong, and they are a bitch to sleep on.

    BUT…I am the only one out of all my friends who holds this opinion!!

  • As Chris says above, fake breasts are nasty. They look gross. It’s just shows me the woman has issues. It’s not the size that matters but the attitude behind them and how they get shown off. If you love your woman the way she is and get off on her, these little things don’t matter. For everyone else it’s just a sport.