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Blake Wants a Divorce!!!


Oooh, it’s gonna get ugly.

Blake Civil-Fielder has instructed his attorney to begin divorce proceedings after Amy Winehouse went public with her relationship with a new man.

The couple do not have a pre-nup, and, considering that Amy’s adultery is well-documented, it’s possible that Blake will walk away with half of Amy’s money. Well, whatever amount of it she hasn’t put up her nose already.

This is going to be fun.

Hey, you guys, remember when I wrote about how Blake was all like “I’m breaking up with Amy to save her life! She’s better without me! I want nothing but for her to be happy!” and I was all like “This guy is soooo full of shit and neither of these two people is capable of actual love right now” and you guys ripped me a new asshole in the comments and you were all like “Oh why are you so cold-hearted to believe he can’t just love her?”

Yeah, guys.

I’m not cold-hearted. I’ve just seen this shit way too many times. Blake will love the millions of dollars he takes from her in a messy, bitter divorce battle far more than he ever loved Amy. And none of it will ever compare to how much he loves drugs.

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  • I’m with you Beet- he’s going to get half of everything & THEN he will overdose and die.

    and how shocking no one ever saw it coming!


  • Because simply because Blake wants to divorce Amy – for cheating on him – this proves that he didn’t love her or mean what he said in that interview? Riiiight Beet. Sure this proves whatever you stated at that time..
    Honestly, I never took a stand myself- and I know the funny thing about celebrities is to point fingers at them – but in truth neither you or your readers can judge.
    Because you’re not Blake, nor Amy.
    As said, I know we’re supposed to point fingers at them, make them laughing stock – whatever, so I don’t even know why I felt the need to point this out. Can we make fun of people without pretending to know what’s in their hearts and coke-filled brains perhaps?

  • Brynja, I think when it comes to Blake and Amy we can all judge because they publically show how fucked up their lives are.

    I think Blake loved Amy, but slowly the love of drugs took over. Let him get half her money, it’ll be another junkie moron off the earth in hopefully less than a year.
    Blake has nothing to offer the world, where as Amy has an amazing talent. God I hope she gets clean and stays that way.

  • Beet was correct about this Blake idiot the entire time. He’s out for the money so he can be a full-time drug addict. I bet he’s sorry for losing his wife / moneytrain.

    After re-reading the comments from before, it never ceases to amaze me how dopey people are when trying to attribute noble motives to drug addicts. Its always about the money / drugs with addicts.

    • Sure, it’ll always be about the drugs. That doesn’t mean the dude didn’t love her though. Last time I checked doing drugs didn’t make you incapable of loving someone. Sure, the drugs might be their greatest love, but loving drugs doesn’t neccesarily exclude that he did love her as well.
      I’m not saying he did – I’m just saying we can’t possibly judge.
      You walk a mile in his shoes and tell me.

      Sadly I have first hand expirience with addicts in my family and after having seen my mothers brother battle for years, nearly killing himself at several time in the end, after 13 years he choose the love of his family over his love of alcohol. He’s been sober for 8 years now.

      All I’m saying is that we don’t know – as in a regular divorce the parties involved most often loved each other at some point.

  • Wasn’t Blake cheating on Amy while he was in prison, some other chick was coming for visits, and naughty things happened?

  • Yes, Purple Blake cheated on Amy first and apparently most people don’t know this…but I believe it is what caused her to seek out another man, and I can’t blame her for ditching that gold digging drug addict who was never good for her to begin with. I’m a huge Amy Winehouse fan and I wish the best for her; I think leaving his ass is a good first step.

  • He said he cheated on her, got her on drugs, into bad sexual situations and told her get lost.. she refused to let him return for cheating, wouldn’t pay for his rehab; he broke the law again, left her to fend for herself …so nawh nawh, he outed himself as the trouble maker, a deviant, cruel and ready absconder from the law. I doubt he deserves a pound or pence of her cash.

  • I really hope she gets better and puts her life together again. Maybe a few bridges for the teeth, some multivitamins for the skin and a hair brush will do wonders.

  • I said back then that I didn’t buy his story. Waay too self serving. If Amy’s lawyers are smart they’ll give Blake monthly support, not a lump sum. She won’t have to pay that for long….he will be DOA in no time.

  • He’s the one who got her on hard drugs and those nasty ass tattoos. He did ruin something beautiful. Sniveling little fuck.

  • Okay, let me get this straight. HE got HER hooked on drugs but HE wants the divorce because SHE’S fucking some dude???


    What the hell!?