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The Golden Globes: The Rest of the Dresses


HOLY FUCKING SHIT there were a lot of people at this stupid show.

I have the WORST headache after looking through all these pictures. I think there is something wrong with my contact prescription, because looking at my computer screen for extended periods of time makes me feel nauseous and unsettled lately.

So anyway I’m not going to say much except for that I give the dresses at this awards show an A+. I thought people did really well, and it was all very glamourous and feminine, which I just love. There were some notable fails: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Susan Saranden, Renee Zellweger and Taraji Henson come to mind, but overall this was a big success, and I really did love looking at the dresses even if my head is fucking killing me right now.

As requested, I have labeled the file names with the person’s name so that you guys know who it is in all the pictures.

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  • My pick for the best of the night was definitely Laura Linney. She’s a classy broad, and the dress matched perfectly. Loved her so much.
    Kyra Sedgwick came in a close second. I really loved the color and the matching red belt was so FIERCE! I need to go watch The Closer immediately.

  • Its so nice to see Christina Applegate looking healthy after her cancer and double masectomy – hardly anyone can pull off yellow but she did – love the contrasting jewellry too!

  • Amanda Seyfried is like walking seduction, as far as I am concerned – she is so sexy and evil-nice oh I dont know the words….
    anyway, she looks terrible and I wish she would return my curtain.

  • I love Christina Applegate’s dress… it’s gorgeous.

    And is that a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on Megan Fox’s forearm?

    • why yes it is. she also has a delightful one about laughing at guilded butterflies someday on her back. man good thing she’s so hot

  • weekend writer, i understand that you have a headache, but you can’t just say that you give all the dresses an A+. you have to be interesting, controversial, make a joke at someones expense.

    i can’t really tell you how to do your job, but i’m bored and i want to comment on something. giving everyone a pass just isn’t working.

  • I think Brook Burke’s dress was the best, though not her face/hair. Glad Laura Linney got her hair together, she looked horrible at the last awards show I watched. Laura Dern’s hair was a hot mess, wtf was Renee Zellweger thinking with that fug dress? Loved Eva Mendes’ necklace with the dress, lmao @ Demi Moore for telling potato head Rumer not to slouch!

  • Is it just me, or is Renee Zellweger starting to morph into Sharon Stone?? eww. Lay off the botox, lady!!

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal looks awesome. Check out the way that dress pattern brings out her eyes. Alone, I’d say the dress gets two thumbs down, but it does work very well on her. She’d look good in a giant garbage bag though, she’s that classy.

  • Beet, thanks so much for listening to us and labeling the photos. I know it might be more work on your end, but you are in effect EDUCATING us so we can be more savvy on your blog and I know you like your readers to be well educated about celebrities. :-)

  • Top Three were definitely Laura Linney (who looked HOT), Isla Fisher and Olivia Wilde…talk about a gorgeous dress.

    Also, I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress…but I just love Maggie Gyllenhaal period. Her hair is finally working for her.