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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Miley Cyrus



I don’t want to hear anything from anyone in Miley’s camp ever again about how she’s just a sweet, innocent little girl.

The only good thing about those tits being practically up against her jawline is that hopefully it’ll make it harder for her to talk. Seriously, she looks like a hooker at the Renaissance Faire. Like she’s about to offer me a fucking chicken thigh and a blow job.

Virginity FAIL.

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    • i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess puffy cheeks + bigger boobs and shoulders + justin gaston = smiley’s on the pill. i mean, plus make up on the boobs. a lot of the cleavage tonight was make-up enhanced.

  • I originally though she looked classy tonight but then she started acting like her usual vapid self (throwing up the deuce and sticking out her tongue). Sometimes you just can’t class up a hoe, even if you take away her green bra.

  • they say chubby puffy chipmunk cheeks on a tiny lil’ body is a sign of bulimia… * cough * amanda bynes as well * cough cough! *

  • she’s gonna offer you a turkey leg… not a chicken thigh. I’m somewhat embarrassed that I know that. But seriously, a sixteen year old should never look like that. What the hell is wrong with her parents?!

  • If all that whore offered you was a blow job you must not be one of her favorites/regulars. I am also sure it is her that is frequently being given a Meleagris gallopavo appendage right down her turkey gullet.
    Gobble…gobble……Smiley Miley

  • Did anyone notice that when the Jonas Bros went up to present,
    they immediatly panned to Miley and her table?
    I thought it was hilarious, and I laughed.

    • Yes, I did!! Billy Ray was giving her a look like “shut the fuck up and no stupid faces you little bitch, the cameras are on us!!!”. IT WAS PRICELESS. I read this whole thread looking to see if anyone else was had commented on that. WELL DONE BRIANNA! :o)

  • 100% agree with you Beet! I’m seeing a little Vanessa H. “seductive” face in the first pic, too. She is so aching to grow up, it’s ridiculous.

  • “chicken thigh and a blow job” AWESOME!

    is it ok to mix gold and silver now like that? without a gold-and-silver piece?

    She is as high as a kite.

  • I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to defend Miley Cyrus but I do like her. Why I am not entirely sure but I like her. Anyway I do like her dress, and aside from the boobs pushed up like crazy I think she looked really good. Heck even with the boobs pushed up she still looks decent. I mean she is a very pretty girl. And to be honest she isn’t any worse than most the girls her age. I worked at a daycare and there were second graders talking about sex and saying things like “I wanna put my beef in your taco”. Its no different then when Britney Spears was sixteen and flaunting her sexuality. Its a similar thing. And I don’t blame her for wanting to grow up, your teen years aren’t fun. Plus she’s trapped in a Disney contract, I could see her wanting to break free of that in the not to distant future. Hopefully not quite as badly as Lohan did though.

    • “Its no different than when Britney Spears was sixteen and flaunting her sexuality” – homegirl, you just tapped that big boobied problem right on the head and I think it’s panties fell down exposing the truth. That comparison couldn’t be truer and unless she puts those funbags away and starts acting and dressing her age she’s going to enjoy a very Spears-like future too.

      Oh and those second graders at your daycare sound like future sex predators.

  • “Hooker at the Renaissance Faire”. Funny Beet! Remember the “serving wench Mellinda” in the movie Cable Guy? Much more attractive than Smiley Miley will ever be. “fetch me something from the barkeep” you medieval wench……………ha ha ha

  • Boobs aside… because I can’t complain about someone having big jugs when I myself had a good set at her age… something is the matter with her face. I can’t decide if it’s a bad makeup job or if she’s injecting weird things into her face or wtf is going on. But she looks funny.

    • her face is always messed up. i would say the mouth, look at that thing. it looks like the one part of the animal the native americans wouldn’t use it’s so ugly

  • Sad thing is – if she gets pregnant by her 20+ year old BF, she’ll be even more in the spotlight. She’s the gawd damn herpes of the mainstream media!!!
    I share the same disgust as Joel McHale.

  • I don’t understand!! why?!! why there is anybody who cares about this little hooker?! she is just a mean little hooker with no art or beauty in her voice, her dress or her music

  • i love joel mchale.

    but yeah i’m as horny as the next guy, but man she’s 15. there are some sick people involved with her.

    good line on the whore at the Renaissance Faire.

  • I like her dress, but I do not think it is approppriate for a sixteen-years-old. She looks lovely but there is something I don’t like from her!!

  • Everything about her makes me go ICK. She is ICK. Everything about her is ICK. I should create a petition to censor her ICKness whenever we possibly can. ICK, ICK, ICK!

    Dress: ICK With A Touch Of Porn.
    Makeup: Whatever
    Peace Sign: So Ridiculously Over Done
    Necklace Discreetly Going Into Cleavage: Most Likely An Accident, Damn Clever If It’s Not.

    I am SO done with her. I have never liked her and will never see why others do.

  • Beautiful girl, but definitely NOT an appropriate dress or look for a teenage girl. She is my daughter’s age, and yet looks older than I do! I don’t know why her parents aren’t doing right by her and giving her the guidance she needs

  • Beautiful girl, but definitely NOT an appropriate dress or look for a teenage girl. She is my daughter’s age, and yet looks older than I do! I don’t know why her parents aren’t doing right by her and giving her the guidance she needs

  • Beautiful girl, but definitely NOT an appropriate dress or look for a teenage girl. She is my daughter’s age, and yet looks older than I do! I don’t know why her parents aren’t doing right by her and giving her the guidance she needs

  • Just remember It ain’t over till it’s over. She still has a long life ahead of her (hopefuuly.) She may, indeed , be destined for the same fate as so many other teeny celebrity goddesses who had their fifteen minutes of fame and wealth and who ended up as has-beens in their thirties wishing for “Playboy” to call them for a nude layout to re-start their careers or just pay the rent.

  • How on Earth has Disney managed to keep their public image clear while simultaneously churning out skank after skank?
    They scoop them up as kids with that wholesome image garbage and then spit them out as 16yr old whores. AMAZING!

    That fascinates me.

    • she was in bolt, co-starred with john travolta.

      everyone, can we ease up on this girl a little bit, please? just because she has sex in private doesn’t mean she’s a whore. in terms of how she dresses at awards shows, i mean, just go to any sweet sixteen party or junior prom, and you’ll see girls dressed similarly. yeah, she wants to grow up quickly, but who didn’t when they were 16? doesn’t anyone on this site remember what it was like to be young and fun?

      and at least her parents are strict about her allowance and bedtimes and things. everyone gives billy ray flack for “approving of justin gaston” but honestly, a 16 year old will do what she wants. at least they have an atmosphere of trust and comparative discipline.

      • I have to agree. When I met her last year she seemed really friendly and super sweet but at the same tim very annoyed and a troubled teen like many Beet people. I mean when I was her age my mom and dad disapproved everything I did. I think she more than likely feels the same way.
        P.S special shout out to my cat Kitty Perry u rock!

  • Pretty dress, don’t like the gold on the end.
    Bit too much boobage, but hey.

    I don’t really have a problem with it.
    She doesn’t look that bad.
    Would we rather slutty pictures?

  • awww, look who’s doing the sultry, squinty eye and pouty lips look while simultaneously flashing the childlike peace-sign
    look like she can have the best of both worlds

  • You people really disgust me talking crap about her. She is a beautiful and talented girl and this dress is beautiful as well. I think she has a long and wonderful career ahead of her. She looks stunning and is so down to earth and has a heart of gold.

  • I don’t know, I think she looks beautiful. Regarding the cleavage, I’m 16 and that is really nothing compared to myself and the girls at my school. Good for her that she has something to flaunt.

  • I have to agree with Kate. Shame on all of you! No wonder the world has gone to hell. People call a 16 year old a whore and they themselves have mothers, sisters and daughters. Here’s my thing. Who cares what she does in her private time. When she is out there rocking on stage and our kids are buying her concert tickets, she has age appropriate clothing on. Why don’t you guys check out what the 16 year old girls have been wearing for the last 15 years? Why don’t you guys think about what 16 year olds are doing when they get out of school, if they are not cutting class. Man, the dress is cute and compared to some dresses that I see on kids these days it is age appropriate. Bottom line, this isn’t about her being a whore or wearing a dress that may fit a 30 year old as well. It’s about her making more money in 1/2 a minute than most of you make in a lifetime. God doesn’t like ugly! And the only thing ugly so far are calling children whores!

  • dress is actually ok on her. she’s grown up in a new era where all girls her age wanna grow up and act skanky and have big boobies. they all grew up on that bubblegum pop and that’s what they know. i just blame the parenting skills for not guiding her better.

    back to her looks. did she stuff her cheeks with something??? and why do her lips look like she injected it with botox? is it the lipstick color that makes it look like she’s a little p*rn (had to edit that word bc it’s censored on here) star? ew. doesn’t she have a stylist?

  • oh yeah. i was going to say that since she’s at the globes she shouldn’t have thrown up the piece sign…but she’s just acting her age. *shrugs* whatevs.

  • Talentless. Brainless. This is what is needed nowadays. And keep cool, a whore is a whore, no matter she’s 14 or 80.


  • HATERSSSS, cause anyone of ya would switch lives with her. MONEY, CLOTHES,JUSTIN, FAME, MONEY, come on. just stopp. all i gotta say is HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS

  • Actually i like the dress an shes very pretty just because what she does in her private life is splashed all over the papers by other people doesnt mean that shes not a good person, i mean heck 16 isn’t the age you become ‘legal’ for nothing, the government thinks shes old enough so why dont you all just shut up and get a life!

  • You guys are jsut embarrassing yourself. How could you say all those stuff about someone you never met before, and especially whom you never even spoken to or hang out with? When people come to thsi webpage and read these comments they will just think, how can these people leave such nasty and disngusting comments on a person they dont even know. Well, I mean, her cheeks are little chubbier because of her growth and her boobs are probably bigger because of growth adn probably because of the type of dress she is wearing. its like a push up dress. C’mon, you girls who left bad comments on her probably is worse, and jealous about her. Jealousy takes you no where in life. And how could you guess she is not a virgin? All you people who talks bad about her and then wants to have sex with her is just stupid and disgusting, and god will make your life unfair because of what you said to a random person. Its irritating that you would go to a page that talks about Miley and then leave a horrible comment for her. And let me break this down, why would you even go to read about Miley when you hate her? My answer is jealousy and stupidness. My recommendation for you all who writes bad comments on Miley Ray Cyrus or any other celebrities need HELP IMMEDIATLEY!!! Thanks for reading and I really and extremely hope you all will stop these nonsense and get a life, becuase you all have better things to do then leave horrible, disgusting and mean comments about some one, Bye!!!*

  • well…first of all she WAS a sweet, innocent girl….but after she got famous in her show Hannah Montana, she seems to be mean….now….with justin….

    (that’s wut i thought….)

    • Wow those R super huge…its like D uther day she wuz posein’ braless back now shes got the huge tits from no where

  • Wow those R huge…its like D uthr day she wz posein braless back and now shes got these HUGE tits…Shes hot

  • I don’t see the problem. It’s a very pretty dress, if that’s a problem. The guy wrighting the story above is a fucking faggot.

  • i am not a fan of her hair and dress and who ever posted this i TOTALLY AGREE!!! not a good syle for her!

  • Sounds like whoever posted it is either a jealous chick who wishes her own didn’t hit her knees when she runs, or some Perez Hilton wannabee. She’s friggin’ gorgeous.

  • jenrac if you’re a girl you probably look like a dude on crack and is just mad because you don’t look anything like her and dont sing like her besides whats so bad about alittle cleavige its not like her top slipped off like janet at the super bowl

  • miley all those ltter that people sent dump replys that people sent are stupid replys therejust jealous because you are cutie and they are not so bye holla at yea boy

  • whoevers calling miley a slut, or ugly or w/e is obvisly an angery lonley criticle douche bag who hates everyone and everything. miley is xtreamly attractive and in NO way slutty,
    p.s dont bug me about my bad spelling

  • You all just wish you had tits like that I mean if she was standing nude in front of me and told me to fuck her I would do it in a heartbeat

  • shes like a cute ugly. lol. she is a slut. and some needs to sneak into her room while shes sleeping a rip out her throat like in rambo. lmao.

  • u r soo hot and ur boobs
    r so big and just wanna squeeze them just wanna suk them kiss them lick them anything i can do with them
    u fuckn make me horny

  • Don’t you mean mutton? I’m pretty sure there was a lot of mutton being passed around in medieval times.

    As for Miley…it’s obvious that her breasts have been pushed UP and enhanced with makeup. They are nowhere near that big in actuality.

    God that girl is hideous. Butterface.

  • To all of you haters, you are just mad because you don't have what she does. She doesn't have to defend herself growing up. Get over it none of these girls are going to stay young just because of a role they play. Get over it and stop hatin!

  • oh god shes sooo fuckin hot i would fuck her soooo hard up her pussy and ass and she would blow me and i would finger and eat her out and squeeze and lick her tits