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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Blake Lively

Blake Lively


Holy crap!

This is not a fat girl, but she looks like they needed a shoe-horn to get her in that dress. She’s busting out everywhere! Maybe it looked better in person, but they could have taken a few Polaroids of this and known it was a bad idea. She looks awful.

Hair doesn’t work, jewelry doesn’t match the dress, and who the hell told this girl she could pose at the Golden Globes like she was waiting on a cab?

No, no, no.

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  • yuck yuck yuck. agreed. that slit is trashy for some reason on it too. Go a size up on the dress.

    and what’s with the nude shoes? ick

    • i dont think its that bad but you are right about the sze thing. if it were one bigger it would have looked fine

  • I think she looks great. I just finished watching Niagara with Marilyn Monroe, and it’s nice to see some kind of womanly figure under that dress, even if it does mean the size was too small.

    • I love that movie & I think she looks great in the dress, not fat at all. I do hate those shoes though & wish she’d improve her posture.

  • I kind of think that Blake Lively always looks fantastic, but I have to admit, the dress is pretty much wrong for her.

  • POSTURE!!!Oh my lord STAND UP STRAIGHT!!!!

    I pride myself on being cool, calm and collected but shes got me tapping my cane on the porch with great anger.


  • Look at the expression on her face in the second photo. It is like some dude said…..”Do you want to go to my motel room and fuck?”, and she is like……..”Are you for fucking real?”
    Don’t anyone ask me if I’m speaking from experience. I’ll assert my Fifth Amendment right to keep my mouth shut. lol……..

  • Really now? I think she looks awesome.
    Her hair is a bit too messy, and the bracelet on my left indeed doesn’t match the dress, but other than that she looks verrry nice.

  • I think she looks great! I don’t see how she looks stuffed into her dress nor do I see how she is falling out of it though, her hair is a bit underdone for an even like this and… I can’t tell if she’s slouching or if she feels uncomfortable/ self conscious – something odd is going on with that. Jewelry – I have no idea. YOU WIN! ;-)

  • The dress is gorgeous… Her posture is ruining it though. I’m sure if she actually stood up straight it might look a lot better on her. I do however feel that it is a little small on her, and even with proper posture it would be noticeable, but much less so.

    • I agree she is one of the most gorgoes girls in hollywood with full figures. I luv how she isnt tryne get skinny for hollywood. With the posture things, it lookes like she was talking to someone and then laughing. People need to look harder people judging

      • Ur totally rite! they think angellina Jolies the most beautiful of holliwood but thats not true I think blake liveley is with her womenly features, the way she wears her make up AND her hair! Angelina joli is just full of plastic surgury!

  • The dress, especially the color is wonderful. It doesn’t fit her though, and you think she could have done something with all that hair?

  • For me, she emobodies “fat girl goes to prom” in this picture. I’m sure she’s lovely otherwise but your comments on this one Beet was spot on.

  • yeah well along with her presenting awkwardness, this is obviously her first BIG awards season as an A lister. she’ll learn the ropes. but yeah, practice posing in front of a mirror, girl.

  • she’s still looks way better than you Beet. sorry to be blunt, but she doesn’t look that bad. yes the dress is a bit tight, and she has a bad posture, but she’s still gorgeous.

  • I think she definitely received some sort of tutorial on red carpet posing before she went to this. I’m assuming she was told to crane her neck forward so that her body looks more petite in the photos.
    She definitely shouldn’t wear strapless with mammaries that big though.

  • i’m sure if she wasn’t slouching maybe the dress wouldn’t wrinkle in all the wrong places.

    does anyone agree with me that her head is really big? if you took away the long blonde hair and make up and boobs she’d prob look like a guy. actually, she looks like a tranny. yesh.

  • She has the height to pull off those dresses. Im a measly 5 foot 2. Ill never be able to wear something like that. Not even with the highest heels i can wear

  • That dress sooo dosn’t make blake livley look fat it shows all her womenly curves! I admire that even though shes tall shes still got the right amount of curves and women features shes gorgus in every way! and that dress is just STUNNING on her!

  • i have a strong feeling that your a fat guy sitting at a computer making people feel bad about themself so u feel better about urself!!! she beautiful and a great actress!!! they may not be her best pics but i’m sure you can’t do better!!!