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Robert Pattinson Abandons Indie Flick for Big Money

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Robert Pattinson has officially sold out.

The Twilight megahunk has dropped out of Parts Per Billion, the independent film he was supposed to begin shooting in Los Angeles this month, to ready himself for round two as vampiric heartthrob Edward Cullen.

“Unfortunately, the prep time and production schedule on New Moon haven’t left enough time for Robert to work on Parts Per Billion in the first quarter of this year,” the star’s agent, Nicholas Frenkel, told MTV.

No word yet on who will fill the heartthrob’s shoes on the indie flick, produced by and starring Rosario Dawson.

I wonder what Rosario Dawson thinks about all this!

I bet she’s pissed.

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  • Meh well he couldn’t exactly say to the New Moon producers “hey you mind pushing the movie back a bit? I need to finish filming this indie flick that about 5 people will see”

    • Thank you, voice of reason. They’re giving him big bucks to do New Moon and unfortunately are rushing to finish it in less than a year. Not totally Rob’s fault here.

      • they are gettin older…so they have to do the movies when they are still as young as they are actually

  • If this guy is what the modern world wants to deem a “megahunk,” then it’s time for me to jump in front of a bus. The mere thought that anyone in my chain of heirs would ever have to bone such poor genetic material is enough to sign off.

    • C’mon you guys. We all know that Beet is generous with compliments when it comes to anyone who’s even semi-famous. I’m sure if Perez wasn’t her competition, a total fat, gay douchebag and had a walk on roll on Gossip Girl or something, she’d say he was a megahunk too

  • I agree with CazMinx. I’m all about the Twilight actors doing other projects, but not at the expense of the Twilight series. Sorry…but as one of those crazy older (42!) Twilight fans, I want New Moon out as soon as possible! I need my fix!

    And in response to the earlier post about Taylor Lautner staying on as Jacob, I am thrilled! That’s exactly as it should be.

  • Ehhhhh do Ihave to think this kid is hot?
    Cause he looks just like this fella Anthony i went to school with.
    Anthony used to drool and spit a lot when he talked and he talked a lot. So when i see this kid i think of bad breath spittle laning on my desk and having to smell it because the air conditioner was broken in that class room. It was like a funky smellin sauna in there.

    So to me this kid is a vampire who spits deadly liguid like those evil little tree frogs that spit at you and kill you in the rain forest.

    I just had to get that out there. Thank you very much evil beet. I feel better now ha ha ha!

      • I am one of the WORST typers you will ever read!
        SORRY! ha ha ha

        Ive contacted Scientology re: helping me with my learning disablities (dyslexia to the max, it sucks) but they said i did not have enough money to be cured :(

  • Glad to see a post with Rob.Thanks for the fix Beet. Does anyone know what they are going to do with “New Moon”? His character is hardly in this book and I can’t see how his indie film would interfer with New Moon.Anyone hear anything about it?

    • I haven’t heard anything, but I’m hoping they’ll be showing what he was doing in Italy while Bella and Jacob were getting close….I think that’d be the smart thing…

    • the screen writers have shared that they will be doing all the rewriting they can (nothing too too major!) so that edward can be in the book more

      • ie; they are going to make a movie called New Moon that will have nothing to do with the book called new moon except the characters will have the same names…

      • i hope they will rewrite things because no offense the book is boring …we want a GOOD movie not a photocopy of this book…and i dont see where is the pb with the title being NEW MOON….this movie is an adaptation of the book so they can change what they want…..

  • I think the whole reason it would possibly mess up his schedule shooting the indie film is that he is in the beginning and end of the book and they shoot scenes out of sequence. As soon as March comes around you don’t really know what they will be shooting first, and when he will be needed.Plus a lot of his scenes are in Italy and his other scenes will be shot in Vancouver, and if his other movie is in entirely different locations thats a lot of travel. And we all have already heard how they are trying to rush the filming of New Moon so they are going to try to cram in everything so they can meet their set release date of November 20th. I wish he wouldn’t have dropped out of his indie movie though because I have watched his older stuff and I like him better outside of Twilight. He actually does have a lot of potential, and though I do enjoy Twilight, its not exactly an ideal actor’s showcase. I am actually more excited to see him in Little Ashes then New Moon I think, but it is rather close.

  • I don’t think he’s a sellout. He’s being realistic. He’s getting paid $10 million to do New Moon and the whole production is being rushed. As others have already mentioned, a lot of shooting will be done in Italy and it would be very inconvenient for him to fly back and forth. He’d probably do a crappy job in both flicks had he stuck with both, with all the traveling and working. He had to make a choice and let’s face it, Twilight was the movie that made him famous and he stuck with that one. Plus, the $10 million is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Robert Pattinson was contractually obligated to do New Moon before he signed to do PPB and would not have been able to work both movies so closely together. Too bad, I know all of his fans want to get as much Rob as they can. At least we will see him in “Little Ashes” and “How To Be” early this year ;) Rob is an extremely talented actor and musician, along with being the sexiest man alive…it’s no wonder everyone wants more!!!

  • he’s very handsome indeed, but lord, look at that humongo stain on his shirt, lol. it looks like he fell asleep on a bit of cake :/
    i still love him though, i’d do his laundry!

  • So.. i heard that this movie was supposed to have some hot ‘love’ scenes with rob in a bathtub.. so i’m bummed that i’ll miss seeing that.. but i’m glad he’s committed to ‘new moon’ and playing edward.

    i also have the memories of the hot ‘love’ scenes i had with Rob in my bathtub.. or wait.. was that a fantasy? sometimes it gets really mixed up with my realty.. especially when it comes to rob…

  • There is no doubt that he is attractive, but I really think he isn’t a good actor, his performance in Twilight was hilariously bad, so I think its good that he isn’t starring alongside Rosario who is genuinely talented. I also think that he is very overrated.

    • hilariously bad ?lol…non sense… well, i have to admit everybody is not supposed to like his acting … so u have ur opinion and others have theirs….any way thanks u to have the time to post a comment about him….