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The Obama Girls Start School Today!

Sasha and Malia Obama Pictures Photos

Is it really, really horrible of me that I’m totally rooting for like a billion cell-phone camera pics of Sasha and Malia Obama at Sidwell Friends to hit the web in the next couple of days?

It probably is, but I can’t help myself.

On Monday, the First Daughters will attend their first day of school at Sidwell Friends, the exclusive, private D.C. school they’ll be at while their father is President. The country hasn’t had a First Kiddo since Chelsea (who also attended Sidwell), and she was just the one. Now there are TWO! And they’re YOUNG! And ADORABLE! And BLACK!

Paparazzi field day.

Rumors are already swirling that photo agencies are looking to pay the Obamas’ Sidewell classmates for cell-phone camera pics of the girls. Plus you can bet that they’ll be camped outside the school all day tomorrow, hoping for pics of the girls walking in with their lunch pails and backpacks.

Although I will be cooing over these photos with the rest of the country, part of me is really nervous for Sasha and Malia. Not only are they instant, super-young celebrities, they’re also de facto role models for every young black girl on the planet — and a type of role model that has never really existed before in this country. We’ve never had young, black First Kiddos before. I think if anybody’s up to the challenge, it’s Sasha and Malia, but, man, it sure is an awful lot of pressure to put on two little girls. I hope they can have some semblance of normalcy to their lives.

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  • Aww man… I thought I was going to be the role model for every young black girl on the planet…

    All those hours of double dutch jump roping down the drain… Why God….why?

  • How many times do you have to refer to the “black kiddos”?
    It seems a little derogatory and it’s something that we should all have gotten over.
    I mean, they’re just kids, man.

  • I would love to be in the classroom when the teacher says to Sasha or Malia, “Sweetheart, why don’t you stand up and tell your classmates a little bit about yourself”. That is when I wish one of those little angels would get all Chicago Gangsta on her ass and say. “Bitch, are you crazy? Kiss my black ass and shut the fuck up!!”, “All any of you crackers need to know about this sister is in the fucking Secret Service report.”

      • Stereotypes of all kinds are used about 70% of the time on this site.
        We all know those children do not talk like that, and certainly wouldn’t say those things. Are only certain stereotypes allowed? Lighten up! No offense intended. I would have used some Arkansas/Georgia, back-woods, peanut farming references if I were talking about Chelsea Clinton or Amy Carter. What ever happened to Amy Carter? She is probably the live in manager of a trailer park in Plains.
        See how that works?

  • I love you to death Beet.. you KNOW that. But please, PLEASE stop saying kiddos. Reading that word on a monday morning makes me nauseas.

  • um…they could have more of a normal life if you and everyone else just agreed to NOT post pics of them. I love your site, but its a gossip site. Let’s not subject them to that. They did not sign up to be famous like everyone else whose picture is up on this site. Leave them alone

  • Bah, kids only get overexposed if their parents let them. Like, considering how carefully Barack Obama handles his own image, I imagine he’s 100x more so with his girls.

  • personally id leave them off your gossip blog altogether, beet. some of the above comments are reason enough.

    but, thats me.

  • Actually they’ll be role models for ALLLLLLLL young girls, not just blacks ones…it’s really annoying when a black person does something, they can only be a role model, or superstar or relevant to other black people. It’s 2009 folks…lets get it together!!!

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