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Ricky Gervais Angers Tons of People


Ricky Gervais, the dude on BBC’s The Office, also does writing and comedy work and a bunch of other stuff.  He just came out with a new audiobook titled The Ricky Gervais Guide To Medicine.  Like any good celeb looking to maintain their status, he has pissed fat people off.  Before we go any further, I need to say that I think the chubbies need their own community.  Everyone gets a community now.  African-American community.  LGBT community.  Senior community.  Why don’t the fatties get any love?

Anyway, here is what Gervais had to say about lazy fat people and gastric bypass surgery:

 I really don’t know why a doctor under a hippocratic oath takes the risk of something going badly wrong, sometimes with general anaesthetic, because someone can’t be bothered to go for a fucking run.


They have bits sliced off and tied up and sucked out. I want to say to them, ‘You lazy f—ing fat pig. Just go for a run and stop eating burgers. You might fucking die’.

Some things are not worth the risk. When someone’s facial surgery goes wrong because they wanted plumper lips or a little nose, I think they’re a fucking idiot.

If your arse is too fucking fat, stop eating and go for a run.

He also blogged about all the reports that he is attacking fat people:

I heard someone on the radio once say that they were tired of the prejudice aimed at the overweight. They said something like “you’re not allowed to make fun of gay people, so why are you allowed to make fun of fat people? It’s the same thing.” 

It’s not the same thing though, is it? Gay people are born that way. They didn’t work at becoming gay. Fat people became fat because they would rather be that way than stop eating so much. They had to eat and eat to get fat. Then, when they were fat they had to keep up the eating to stay fat. For gayness to be the same as fatness, gay people would have to start off straight but then ween themselves onto cock. Soon they’re noshing all day getting gayer and gayer. They’ve had more than enough cock… they’re full… they’re just sucking for the sake of it. Now they’re overgay, and frowned upon by people who can have the occasional cock but not over indulge.

When a doctor tells me that that’s how you become gay, I’ll stop making jokes about fat people.

So what do you think?  Hateful or makes sense?  I think he has a point.  And before you all think I hate fat people, I am fat people.  I lost almost 30 pounds in 2008 and still have some more to lose.  It has been no easy road.

Oh, and does anyone else find it ironic that Ricky Gervais could stand to go for a fucking run?  And a consultation with Sy Sperling.

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  • It’s funny BECAUSE he’s not exactly small himself.
    Gervais is fucking genius.

    I’m a fatty fat fat and I think it’s hell funny. I feel sorry for people who can’t handle being made fun of

  • He knows he’s a fatty and that’s why he says that. He knows he’s fat because he ate too much and sat on his ass. It’s like gay people making fun of gay people.

    But he does have a point. Fat people need only WALK outside for a few minutes everyday and curb the crap. Start drinking water out of the tap if you can’t afford a Brita filter jug. Or just save up and buy a Brita filter for your tap.

    Stop drinking soda. Drinking water is FREE. Walking around the block a couple of times a week is FREE. There is no excuse, barring medical problems, that anyone should be fat.

  • Okay, first of all, Miss Malice, why should someone have to put up with being made fun of? If anything is idiotic, it would be that.

    Now, on account to the gastric bypass surgery that Mr. Gervais seems to find so abhorrent. Maybe if he actually did some reading instead of believing his own hype, he’d see that those overweight who have diabetes have had their ailment (as a documented and surprising side-effect) had gone completely into remission. But then again, someone like Big Ricky wouldn’t understand that, would they? Had anyone ever considered that excercise, for some people, takes too long? Had anyone ever considered that there is a reason why gastric bypass surgery is recommended by doctors for those vastly overweight? Sometimes, day-to-day excercise just doesn’t produce the life-saving results that are needed. And if dumbass actors who know nothing about the medical field would understand that, we’d have atleast one less stress to deal with.

    He needs to realize that when you’re someone in entertainment, an actor in particular, they just need to shut the fuck up and not say a damn thing. It just may keep the decent work coming in so they can be one of the fortunate ones in the global economy that isn’t getting the short stick. No one likes a public figure that can’t discern when to stop talking.

  • I am a fattie myself and I agree with him. we rely on quick results too much these days. the other day I was looking for my keys and a part of me just wanted to hit ctrl+f and enter ‘keys’. like for some reason I thought that would actually work.

  • = [ Un amusing, he’s said all this to generate publicity and it worked. Not all fat people are that way as result of overeating and under exercising; however in America you hold the crown of having the highest percentage of obese adults and children. Those who are obese due to medical reasons are unfairly targeted with this malice; additionally obese people are always made to feel bad about their weight due to the media and marketing. As people age they have to fight tooth and nail not to spread out, this is horrible and they, nine times out of ten feel low about themselves because of it! I feel encouragement to exercise should be paramount in everyday life and drummed into everyone from an early age as, in my opinion, this would result in a healthier AND happier population, not everyone has to be 100 pounds or an Adonis, but no one should be so overweight it effects their health and happiness through a deadly consumption of these super sized overly calorific meals and snacks, and no participation in any exercise. This happened as no one knew better, now they do and hopefully changes will follow sooth.

    On a side not I loath the Gevais, you Yanks are as welcome to him as you are the Beckhams and Heather Mills. I never found him funny, only smug and slimey. Were you all aware he used to be a singer? A trip to you tube beckons…

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