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I Could Have Set My Watch By This


Last week there was speculation that there was trouble between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.  They weren’t wearing their rings and weren’t being seen together.  There is no quicker way to prompt ring wearing and public kissing photos than a story like that.  Brad and Jen, Nick and Jessica, and Bennifer have all done this pre-emptive strike right before parting the best of friends.

And on cue, here’s MarLo attending the inauguration of Puerto Rico’s governor, Luis Fortuno.  They are touching, kissing, and wearing rings.  Their message is loud and clear.  They are happy.  They are together.  They are not splitting. 

Until early spring.

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  • sigh. the puppies’ mother is in there playing with the last (purple) puppy. i miss them.

    why didnt they record it so they could just do one big eternal puppy cam loop? little. big. little. big. little….

  • aww. as hideous as mark anthony is, i think they really love each other and they deserve to be happy. especially since they have kids.

  • Why did she marry that fucker? He’s ugly, he writes shitty music, he can’t sing, he isn’t particularly smart or oddly attractive like say Billy Bob Thornton was to the Psychotic Succubus Angelina. Whats up? If he hadn’t been a famous person when they met she wouldn’t have looked twice at this fool. If she hadn’t known who he was and he was her waiter at a restaurant she would ask management to please seat her at a different table.

    • She’s average looking by spanish women standards. He’s like a friggin God to spanish women. His Ex-wife was a Miss Universe. Dude, in the context of spanish culture, he’s the one that married down to her.