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Paris and Nicky Party in Australia for the New Year


Here are some shots of Paris at her much-hyped NYE party in Australia for The Bongo Virus, which appears to be some sort of online social networking tool — one that, I assume, will be reporting a loss for 2008. Maybe this shit is a bigger deal in Australia (anyone who lives there ever heard of it?), but I don’t even want to know what they paid Paris and Nicky Hilton to show up there on New Year’s Eve. Oh, and the party was an “online” party, so you could actually pay to attend the party via the Internet. Dude, if you’re that damn set on drinking at home alone, go to an AA meeting, not an Internet party.


This whole thing just seems so ridiculous to me.

What’s the buzz like in Australia?

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  • If by “Bongo” you mean monkey and by “Virus” you mean Skank Herpes then this picture actually makes sense to me…

    otherwise it’s ridiculous to me too.

    • That does sound like the saddest thing you could do. Worse then bringing a cousin as a date.

  • Eh, from what I recall they were trying to create buzz over here for it but most people didn’t really care. I think it was mentioned a couple of times in the paper and I did hear that there were a bunch of people crowding around the store when Paris was shopping in the city in Melbourne.

    Apart from that, pretty much everyone I know took no notice of it.

    • Not to mention the headlines she’s made since here:

      “Hilton stunt leaves society limping” The Age in reference to her shopping fiasco.

      Next to no mention about Bongo which is probably a good thing:

      Bongo started out as this late night TV scam with advertisements where you SMS the name of someone to Bongo and it tells you all about the person for $199.95 per SMS and $5.95 per month for the rest of your life or your soul whichever is the more convenient.

      Suddenly every kiddie at school is sms’ing and bongo is making so much cash it’s paying Paris Hilton $100,000 to turn up for NYE and parade around with a monkey.

      It has all of the simplicity of a good pyramid scam.

  • Paris has officially confused “sexy” pose with “damn my underwear is stuck up my ass again” pose. She needs to be careful with awkward posing anyway because that one wonky eye usually makes her look either stoned or narcoleptic.

  • Everyone was more thinking about the morality of her spending something like $5000 while shopping.

    Nobody knew about this.

  • Leaving the mystery of Bongo Virus aside, and why Ms Hilton would even want to ‘work’ for or with them, her appearances on the night left the fans that queued and waited for her feeling disappointed. She came and went, didn’t mingle and didn’t sign autographs (this was a paid appearance, after all, not a private night out for her – an autograph or 10 would not have killed her), and spent the part of the evening she was on show huddled with her friends. This was all in the news – I wasn’t there, but her presence was a drawcard, and disappointment, for the many who were.

  • Im from OZ and i have no idea WTF the Bongo Virus is… but i would hazard a guess it has to be something for getting rid of the ole “herp” if Paris is involved!!!!

  • I live in Melbourne and had never heard of Bongo Virus before now.
    I do remember last time Paris came to Melbourne for the races she fucked someone, but I can’t remember who. He might have been from Big Brother…
    Apparently she has a lot of fans here, because she was mobbed at the airport and also when she went shopping on Chapel St, but personally I wonder what are they fans of, exactly? Her music? Her ‘acting’? Her embodiment of postmodern inanities? If she comes again they should make her go to Coober Pedy, she’ll have a real impact there.

  • Yes she had sex with Millsy, wasn’t he an Australian Idol reject?

    Have no idea what the Bongo Virus shit is but like someone said before you used to be able to text Bongo saying “who is *insert name*” and it would text you back random information about that person. I actually thought it was kind of cool, especially because so many people were like “omg he’s psychic he knows everything”…yeah…psychic or good with google…

    I would rather slit my wrists than party with Paris Hilton

  • yes Millsy was an AusIdol loser.

    I’ve never heard of this Bongo bizzo. but I’m not 14. all I’ve heard about Paris down under is that she’s giving everyone the shits with her shopping.

    if Paris went to Namibia, she’d spend her time there shopping.