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I Expect 963,000 Responses To This Post

That is, I want to hear from all 963,000 people who tuned in to the premier of Brody Jenner’s MTV show Bromance.  I want to know who you are, where you live and what meds you are currently taking. 

In case you aren’t too familiar with Bromance, let me clue you in.  It’s basically the testosterone version of Paris Hilton’s My New BFFwith segments such as canfessionals (that’s right, filmed on a toilet) and eliminations that take place, of course, in a hot tub.  Here’s hoping the dismal ratings translate to “on hiatus”.

In other “Remember When MTV Played Videos?” news, The City, spinoff of The Hills pretty much tanked with 1.6 million viewers which is a 38% drop from last week’s Hills finale.

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  • I didnt watch the City because my TV broke lol. I dont really watch ANY of those shows like the Hills, or when Laguna Beach started, but I did watch Bromance last night. It was ‘thuper lame’, especially after the token gay guy left because ‘This is nothing like the hills’ and ‘Where is LC and Heidi?’

    Srsly most guys I know would consider brody jenner’s behavior ‘gay’

  • I refuse to watch the douche fest that is ‘Bromance’ but I dd tune into ‘The City’ and I have to say I much rather prefer watching a scripted Whitney than a scripted Heidi and Spencer!!!!!! At least the clothes are cute tho!

  • I watched bromance with my girlfriends bc we all think brody is gorgeous. Let me just say- it was the single most wasted hour of my life! I was completely uncomfortable the whole time, the show was just really akward :[ I think mtv needs to come up with some new ideas. Evil Beet reality show?

  • Does flicking the channel, landing on VH1, hoping for gossip, realising it was THIS twit, and moving on count as one of the viewers???

  • I watch Reality Shows so that I can get sucked into bullshit and stop forgetting my general stresses…and it works. I didn’t tune in to Brody’s bullshit but I did watch The City, and honestly didn’t mind it, because I don’t find Whitney Port to be too obnoxious. I like how the characters are played out too. I can’t believe that many people tuned into Brody’s show though…wooowww

  • I turned on my tv while I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and it was on. I’m assuming it was a rerun? I kept it on because it’s hilarious that any guy would be so dead set on being this guy’s “broseph”. Seriously? Most pointless human being on the face of the planet and you want to be his best bud? “Brody is, like, the man, dude!”

    A sad state of affairs, it is. But, as with any train wreck, how can you look away?

    • yes, I couldn’t agree more….it was like an accident on the highway that I didn’t want to see but couldn’t help but look at…
      one of the most uncomfortable, awful train wrecks of a show!!!!

  • A “friend” of mine on facebook gushes over this guy and show and always posts something strange about getting mustard on Brody Jenner’s arm. I’m glad I don’t have any inside jokes about Brody Jenner.

  • i like watching these scriptes reality shows, i dunno if i enjoy them as much as i enjoy analyzing the shit that goes on.
    fyi: i like the hills, but the city is a bit better, (hence the no speidi drama)
    and because it’s my hometown, that olivia chick is annoying.

  • ok. im watching bromance because a friend of mine is on it. i didnt think it was horrible, but i wouldnt have watched if i didnt know chris. and i was really dissapointed in the city. jay is the australian version of justin bobby which makes me sad for whitney and who the fuck is this erin girl she is staying with? oh and that olivia bitch is fucking annoying. if i stop watching it will be because of her.

    my mtv watching is my only guilty pleasure. please dont hate me for it.

  • I watched like the last 15 minuteds because there was nothing else on and I wanted to see The City after it. And the few minutes I caught, let’s hope they cancel this piece of crap. And soon.

  • I wanted to see the premiere so bad, not caus ei think he is handsome or soem weird shit like that, no, i wanted to see what kind of douche bags could worship a male paris hilton, unfortunately in mexico they wont play it :( maybe i will watch it online, nrody jenner has cars , clothes ( what guy cares, homos), girls? lauren? nooooooooot

  • Brodie is a sexy hot hunk of man! Who cares what he’s “saying”, just hit the “mute” button and stare into those dreamy eyes…

  • watched bromance. it was unbelievably boring, half way through it i just sat on my laptop ignoring the tv. i tried to force myself to watch the city because i actually like whitney port. but i cudnt. it was just too….not interesting. and seriously the hills was kind of good before but now it just sucks.

  • my universe is situated far from channels with shows like bromance since i don’t have cable. there’ll thankfully be even more distance after feb 17 when i let my tv die.

    join me.