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Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller in Mexico City Pictures Photos

Despite the fact that EVERYONE hates Balthazar Getty’s relationship with Sienna Miller — and the tension it’s causing on the set of Brothers & Sisters has Balthazar’s job in jeopardy! — the two are still out and about together. They were caught this week canoodling in Mexico City while trying to hide from the paparazzi.

If you feel like you have to hide what you’re doing, don’t do it!!!

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  • If they just took normal photos they wouldn’t look like they were trying to hide what they are doing, the photos would be boring and nobody would bother printing them. If you look like you have just been on a shoplifting spree you have to expect the shots will garner attention. God, they are both dumb shits, and the thing is they are just marginally talented – more lucky than anything else, if he hadn’t left his wife, newborn and 3 other kids this would be a non story about two barely B list actors nobody cares about. So kudos to them for really dragging this out much more than necessary. Ugh.

  • In this photo, Balthazar Getty exudes all of the dreamy charm and raw sexuality of the guy who slices pastrami and corned beef at our local deli. Yeah. OOOOOh Baby! Getty is some kind of irrestible, red hot sausage, alright. In defense of Sienna Miller, I defy any woman to not to be totally hot for this puffy, sweaty, hairy, bloated man.

  • Can I place my vote to ban “canoodling” for 2009? I would also like to add “over the moon” and “baby bump” but I’m probably pressing my luck.

  • Does anyone else notice the hand attempting to block the view of the camera? What happened to that poor guys hand???

  • no one likes what there doing .but at the end of the day. thay are old enough. to do what thay like. everybody says balthazar getty. hes bad and hes this. but no one ever says any thing about the wife. what she is a goody two shoes. it takes two to tango.

  • on this page it has said that people in the uk, dont like balthazar getty. no get it right, its guys like you in america, that dont like him. tell me why was balthazar getty slepping on, other peoples, sofias. if he had a good marriage, in the first place. ?