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The Von Trapps: Where Are They Now?

Okay, so I’m too sick to write anything amusing, but I’m too stuffed up to sleep (I’m afraid I’ll die! I can’t breathe!), so I’m — what else? — web-surfing.

This is an interesting article about the current generation of von Trapps — the Austrian family immortalized in The Sound of Music, who today run a ski lodge in Vermont.

Okay back to being sick now.

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  • yeah i’m the most sick i’ve been for christmas well maybe ever. but being raised by women i always enjoyed the nazi’s in this movie

  • You know what I’ve been doing? I’ve been on WooMe.

    Internet dating shit.

    Tila Tequila is on it.


    It sucks but it helps pass the ttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmeeeeeeeeee

  • Ironically enough, Beet, I grew up with another of the Von-Trapp decendants. He, along with his mother (who was Maria’s grandchild) was completely insufferable as a child.