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Ryan Gosling, “In the Room Where You Sleep”

In The Room Where You Sleep

Here’s the video for “In the Room Where You Sleep,” a song by Ryan Gosling’s band, Dead Man’s Bones.

This is just kind of a little too weird for me. His voice sounds weird, and the song is weird, and I kind of don’t understand why we have to drag so many young children into this creepiness.

Also, I feel obliged to point out that what he’s doing with the piano is very, very easy stuff. Like, it’s nice that he’s playing and all, but this is not exactly pianism that’s gonna make Tori Amos sit up and take notice.

I dunno.

I think I don’t like it.

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  • I totally agree with the basic piano! And where are they?? In some filthy soundstage/warehouse? Pimping out little kids in scary masks and private school uniforms? This is like a deleted scene from Half Nelson.

  • I like it too. Plus the kid at the end it’s adorable. And so is Ryan Gosling. Damn, this man can act, sing, play instruments…. where can I found a guy like this nowadays?!

  • hahahahaha… everything about this vid is creepy
    and yeah, the piano bit is extremely easy. the second he started playing I knew exactly what he was doing.

  • yeah, evil beet readers, go listen to some more britney and maybe lindsay lohan, because that is the only music worth listening to.

  • You know, I thought I didn’t like it, but I listened to it again, and then I remembered he’s really hot and I tend to like stuff based on the hotness level of the performer, and now, I think I do like it.
    That was the run on sentence of all run on sentences.

    Happy Holidays!

  • I liked it too, and I didn’t find it creepy. The kids didn’t seem to mind; some of them were pretty into it and the kid at the end was cute. I’ve seen creepier costumes that kids choose themselves for Halloween.

    It’s kind of funny that you can joke about Cindy Crawford’s son being fuckable in a few years, but you’re weirded out by this.

  • I didn’t really find it be creepy, that’s just alternative/indie music for ya, I suppose it’s just personal taste. But I just thought it sounded kind of amateur, like my brother’s high school band practicing in the basement.

  • i actually kind of like it, he sounds like the magnetic fields… and the kids seem to be really into it, pretty cute.

  • yeah… so that was horrible. I mean, the guy is still awesome. but offbeat drums, wrong keys struck, weird singing… he should just keep his day job fo sho…

  • Ok, so he’s not the male Tori Amos. Who cares? I really like the song, I like the strange children and his bizarre voice. And the offbeat drum.
    Being a technically good musician doesn’t mean making good music. Being a not-so-good musician doesn’t mean making crappy music. And being in many movies that everybody likes doesn’t mean being obliged to make music everybody likes.

  • Wow. Criticism on something you know nothing of. Good one. This is just a live take. Ryan Gosling is actually a very talented musician and is playing the piano simply as to not take away from the part as a whole. The band was created because Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields wanted to make a horror movie with this as the sountrack. Read up on it and it’s actually way more interesting than you think you know it is.