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Foreclosure Rates Soar Resulting in Growth of Mary-Kate Olsen’s Hat Collection


Mary-Kate Olsen needs to get a clue for Christmas.  She is, like, zOMG, so totally in tune with the state of the economy, dudes.  A Page Six spy shared an elevator with MKO at Barney’s,  in which she said, “It’s really sad – the recession is everywhere. But at least they are having good sales.”  Then she pointed to her hat and said “That’s where I got this! The recession!”  

Fuck.  Please don’t tell me she thinks “The Recession” is some sort of new franchise haberdashery that is flooding the market.

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  • I got a whole new wardrobe from the recession!!! haha. She was joking… but it IS true. Cost of clothing and material bs goes down… way down and important things like groceries and you know, a place to live go up upUPUP and away…

  • Wow, and?
    I say the same thing about gas prices.
    I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Not everyone has to suffer and be miserable.

  • most of these comments are as funny as a frank tv promo, not at all. if uncle joey and the joker aren’t feeding her pills she wants to be dating a hockey player like hillary duff

  • Oh no its just a recission, its no big deal…….

    Ugh yeah right. But it was a funny comment!!
    Gotta use that today.

  • What a moron .
    If I was the guy in the elevator , I would have slapped the little rich bitch.No , I would have grabbed that fucking hat off her head and ripped it in pieces and then I would tell her to stick it up her fucking ass.
    She has no real problems . The recession doesn’t matter to her.She shops every day and her biggest problems are having a bad hair day or breaking a nail .Boo-fucking-hoo. No , fuck . She don’t care if she has a “bad” hair day…She wants it to look like that . She wants to look hobo chic , which is such bull-shit…Because all the 30 + drunks or meth heads in my town , dress like her . And it’s not fashion to them. It’s what they can afford or find on the fucking floor. They’ve been wearing the same shit for 30 years.And their flannel shirts and ripped jeans are authentic . The holes weren’t made in a factory or by scissors . Their flannel shirts are like 20 years old and probably cost like 5 bucks . Hers , on the other hand , probably cost a dozen car payments . But you know , I’m really happy that she can be so optimistic .

    Pseudo-Bitch ….