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A Note from Management

Hi guys! Beet here. Just a little note to explain what shit’s gonna look like around here over the next couple of days. Zero flights got out of Seattle today. ZERO. So to that asshole who was posting in an earlier thread about how Seattlites need to stop bitching about the snow, FUCK YOU. Because everyone who was supposed to fly home for the holidays today is fucked. If your flight today got canceled, you can’t get on another out of Seattle until the 27th, maybe the 26th if you’re lucky. So everyone who was supposed to fly home for Christmas today is not going to be home for Christmas. So, once again, to that commenter, FUCK YOU.

The end result is that some of my friends are stranded here for the holidays and are super bummed about it. Since I’m a little Jew girl and I don’t really care whether or not I’m with my family on December 25 specifically, I decided to change my flight to the 27th (under the circumstances, US Airways waived any rescheduling fees), and I’m spending Christmas in Washington. This will be my anonymous Christmas gift to a random Seattlite, who will be shocked to hear that s/he can, in fact, catch a flight to Phoenix tomorrow and be home for Christmas. I feel warm and fuzzy about it already.

Plus: some of us stranded folks rented a cabin near Mt. Baker and we’re going snowboarding tomorrow. WOOT WOOT! So: Wendie will be covering for me on Tuesday (THANK YOU WENDIE!!!). It’s nice when I get to have a life every now and then.

The bad news is that I don’t think our little cabin has Internet. I’m also not going to ask Wendie to cover for me on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So I am going to try very hard to find places around Mt. Baker that are open AND have Internet access (if you live in or near the area, I’d love to hear your suggestions!), but posting will probably be pretty slow and/or non-existent on Dec 24 and 25. It will also likely take longer for your comments to get approved.

We should be back to normal by the night of the 26th at the latest.

If I don’t talk to you guys before Christmas, you are my Christmas presents and my Hannukah presents and my Martin Luther King Day presents and my Flag Day presents and my birthday presents and just generally the highlights of my life every single day of the year. So thank you, and happy holidays.

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  • hi sasha, well someone will enjoy your ticket home, whether they enjoy rooting for the tree or that somehow the lamp’s oil did an awesome job of staying full longer than expected.

    oh and i saw your gasworks park sledding pictures. and yeah they were awesome, what a fucking jump. that’s a rough hill in july. enjoy your 2 days off a year and i’ll read you when you come back on. but if you tell me jessica simpson is pregnant, i won’t forgive you. and dave matthews sucks. happy holidays

  • as a person who has been at the mercy of bad weather/trying to travel around christmas in the past, I want to let you know, you have NOOO idea how happy you’ve made someone.

    happy holidays and safe travels.

  • I assume that “commenter” was me, if not.. Then I dont know lol.

    On that note, like I said before.. Big freaking deal that you have snow. Come to Canada, and youll probably cry droplets of agony from all the snow we have here.

    As much as it sucks that people arent going home for the holidays and are stuck at airports (And to those, I feel your pain.. I hope you get home as soon as possible), Christmas is an over-rated holiday anyway lol.

    • If you go live in the tropics and have a tycoon, don’t bitch. I am from the deep mountains of Colorado. We once had so much snow the ceiling of the high school caved in. Seattilites have EVERY room to bitch if they want to because the weather is unusual for them and the state is ill prepared because of the abnormality.

      My husband I were supposed to have honeymooned in Puerto Rico but postponed our trip due to a hurricane. A freaking hurricane which scared the hell out of me. My family that lives in Puerto Rico were furious because we had thwarted special plans they had made for us. When I tried to argue and say “hurricane!” they simply laughed and said it was no big deal, it was just a little one.

      • Oh big deal, ‘the weather is unusual for them’. Snow is one level off from rain, theyre used to that and they put up with endless rain.. And they cant put up with snow? Honestly, its like a bunch of babies crying loudly cause theres lots of snow and snowflakes everywhere. Not prepared? Buy a shovel and gloves. Thats perfect.

        Your family in Puerto Rico were right, Im sure it was just a little one too ;)

      • Until youve lived in Canada with -24 Celsius, with multiple blizzards every other day.. Youre not one to talk or complain about weather.

      • The hurricane was actually the 7th most intense hurricane in that region for the entire history of documented hurricanes.

        Regardless, you are missing the point entirely; but! we get it, you are a big tough person who deserves a gold star. Go plow something.

      • I would LOVE to go live in the tropics with a tycoon. Will he also rub my feet?

        Now a tyPHOON, on the other hand — a whole other story.

    • If snow’s not such a big deal, would you like to come shovel my street? And then maybe the arterial? Because since it seems so easy for you I’d love some help. Then I might be able to drive my car without the danger of it sliding down a really steep hill for about a quarter mile. And when you’re done with that, There’s some more streets I would appreciate having cleared, so that I can make it to work on time.

      And anyone with a basic knowledge of science can understand why snow isn’t “one level off from rain.” FACT: snow piles up, blocks things, and often freezes into a sheet of ice, depending on conditions. FACT: rain doesn’t.

      So I’ll join in Beet’s sentiment: FUCK YOU.

      • I’ll join in some of that Fuck You action! Here’s another important difference with snow and rain- for rain you need an umbrella, for snow you need all manner of snow clothes (which I am sick of wearing to work at this point) and plows and sand and salt and chains. When you don’t get snow very often, you don’t have those things readily available and what you do have you aren’t used to using.

        If Seattle gets 2 more inches of snow (which are most likely coming this afternoon) this will be the snowiest Christmas since 1861. My guess, KitKat, is that this winter looks pretty much the same for you as all the previous shitty winters you’ve dealt with.

        So congrats on your superior snow handling skills, but give us neophytes a break- we’re doing our best!!!

      • we just got hit by a storm, it was lovely, a mixture of snow ice and rain.
        airports are canceling flights pretty much from Ontario Canada right to Newfoundland.
        B.C. just got hit with more snow than usual for the west coast, and people in the west cannot handle all that snow, they are simply unprepared, it would be like us east coasters getting hit a huge earth quake, it’s something we are not really prepared for.

    • Oh yeah? You people think you know what pain is???

      My ass is in Florida… and the water in the pool was a little nippy today, so I had to wait a whole hour for that shit to warm up. And don’t get me started on the girls not going topless this time of year.

      Thank god we got each other though…

    • The hurricane was the 7th most intense hurrican of the area in it’s entire history.

      Aside from that, you are missing the point.

      We get it. You’re a big tough person. You get a gold star. Go plow something.

    • “I am really presumptuous and assume that everything is all about me! Stop bitching, you pussies! I presume I have it the roughest! I have major entitlement issues!”

      • M:

        I do agree that you may be doing your best, and I would help if I could..(Despite my incoherent verbal skills on the topic of snow) But it just seems like just because a bit of snow hit, you guys cant ‘handle’ it. And if youre not prepared what do you do? You get yourself prepared, hibernate and stay the hell away from outside. Thats a pretty simple thing to do, no?

        And to the other assholes:
        Fuck you too
        In fact Im pretty amused, and kinda glad that the snow storm hit you.. Just shows how incapable you are at taking things for how they are.

        Theres nothing more that I find funny and karma-like when a bunch of 20-30year olds (Im presuming thats what age you all range from) act like a bunch of 4 year old who dont wanna put their snowpants on, are sick of their winter gear, and want somebody else to shovel anything and everything.

      • I don’t miss Chicago winters. Good thing I’m spending Christmas in sunny Lihu’e, on the island of Kauai! But I know I’m fortunate — most of the contiguous United States is separated by unprecedented levels of snow. I read that at least one person died! Talk about not being able to handle snow! He was probably a huge wuss, though, right, KitKat? It’s totally amusing, right?

        But thanks for your anonymous internet “tough love” you are all too happy to dispense to the rest of the world! It’s a major consolation to all the people of the United States who can’t fly home to their families. Hopefully we can all grow some hair on our collective chest and aspire to sack up as well as thee.

      • Hahah yes, you just took the words through my mouth ;-)

        Although Im sure its hard to grow a certain amount of hair on the chest. Good luck though ;-)

      • Lolly, I love that “fuckin aye” Never knew it was aye, thought it was A- like maybe for asshole? Anyway thanks for that.

        My 2 cents on snow- it sucks especially if you live in a place where they don’t handle it. as in plowing & putting down salt. I grew up in new england, lots of snow but the roads are always good, like Canada. Now I live in the southwest where we have gotten these freakish big snowstorms. Believe me, they’re much worse here.

    • until you’ve lived in canada, blah blah blah. until you’ve lived in canada you can’t tell what it’s like to live and no one care. shut up canuck. we pretend to care because you’re so close. the world doesn’t care about your existance.

  • Well, as someone from Detroit who is used to bad weather, I didn’t and wouldn’t make fun of you. I was making fun of my relatives in Seattle who couldn’t find shovels, but that’s another issue.

    How nice of you to give up your flight for someone else. That is truly the Christmas spirit, and you don’t have to be any particular religion to know that.

    Finally, it sounds like you’ll have fun anyway, and don’t worry about us. Enjoy your holiday away from us gossipers (maybe you need it?).

    Happy Holidays!

    • extreme temperatures in washington cause the stores to run out of things like fans and air conditioners in the summer and shovels in the winter. i guess its hard to gauge how much and when extra demand for these will come. (althought youd think the summer would be easy, duh.)

  • Ah Beet that’s too bad. If you want you can hop on the Ferry from Port Angeles and come visit Victoria for Christmas. Just let me know when I can expect you. Have a great Holiday at home. I’ll light a Hanukkah candle in memory of you on the 27th.

  • Wendie???

    Fuck That!

    Looks like I’ll be posting more on my site today…

    Merry Christmas little Jew girl…don’t kill yourself snowboarding… I don’t wanna see your ass on E! news…

  • Sorry Beet, I don’t think there is much hope of finding internet in Glacier let alone anything remotely close to high speed. There is wireless at the “Fuely”, the gas station in Maple Falls (about 8 miles form Glacier) and I would guess they will at least be open tomorrow.

    Good Luck!

  • omg! dude i was flying to portland on saturday the same crap when we got in vegas to switch planes. and those little bitch flight attendants knew it the whole time! because the portland airport was closed for the day!!!!. but i knew some friedns down in l.a. and so i drove from vegas to l.a. im still there now

  • I love seeing people fight regionally, it’s like the Civil War all over again! It sucks across the board ya’ll, it isn’t a contest.

    For anyone who can’t get home, I hope that you can make Christmas where you are and have the best time possible! Safe travel, blessings, and best wishes for everyone!

  • Happy holidays Beet! Enjoy the snowboarding and don’t worry about us, I don’t think anyone would expect you to post 365 days a year, so just have fun on your break. You deserve it.

  • Jews killed baby Jesus!

    (kidding, I am not religious in any way).

    Happy Holidays to everyone – even to our favorite druidish princess!!

  • Only 8 flights out of Seattle International were canceled today so um looks like everyone isnt stuck there.\

    …sorry for the people who are but its not that NO ONE from seattle will get home for the holidays. Not true.

  • It’s okay if you don’t post for a few days, Beet. We all (should) have better things to do–like hang out with family and friends–than check this site 100x on christmas (although I probably still will…haha). Take it easy and have fun in the snow!

  • happy holidays to all the posters on here as well, many a workday has been wasted here in AZ as a result of beet and y’all. and a lot of unexplained giggling from my office too.


  • That was very kind of you Beet – thats the holiday spirit!

    To those away from families – I feel for you – this is my first Christmas away in Canada (moved here from Australia this year) so not only am I missing my homeland, friends and family, but I’m dealing with snow for the very first time – Never seen snow before, never ever, and now Im having to shovel and trudge and wear huge clothing.

    Im lying about the shoveling, my boyfriend shovels and I watch.

    Happy holidays all!

  • It was my comment. I just can’t help but laugh, though. It really is funny to hear of all you Seattlites over there getting this HUGE ass snow storm on the freaking west coast, and here in good ol’ Kansas we’ve got a wind chill of -12, a foot of snow and ice to match. I’m not saying it isn’t unfair that you have to miss your flight home, because it is, but really? Is it something to bitch and moan and whine about? It’s not like any of you can control it. Shovel your walk, ice it down, then hide out with a good book until you get someone in there to clear it for you.

    No ones conditions are worse than anyone else. Stop arguing, take a chill pill and shut the fuck up.

    Happy Holidays.

      • we’re reacting because we aren’t used to living in a horrible place where it’s frozen all the time. we’re used to great music, every tour and show coming through here, access to a major airport, culture that extends past it’s below zero and we have ice. no one wants what you have. most people would complain if they had the shit life you settled for years ago

      • Why yes, Ive definitely chosen and settled for a shit life years ago. Id rather have free healthcare than access to a major airport lol

      • free health care, well you get what you pay for, or the rich do forced to pay for health care for everyone in your country. if it’s so great why would those with a choice chose to pay for private health care? because your system sucks. enjoy your ice, tooks, eggs side by each, no airports, and below average healthcare. sounds awesome.

      • Hahaha. Horrible? No, just not ideal. I think we’ve all stated that we love where we live, and while conditions aren’t what we’re used to, they aren’t the worst.

        Hey Beet, have you made a snowman? You should do one with a beet for a head.

  • Beet,

    I hope you get here to Phoenix safe and sound – but bring rain gear because it’s been raining big time here :)

    Happy Hanukkah!

  • I was afraid I was going to be stuck in Vegas this Chrismas and know how relieved I was to get on that flight home to be with my family. I know if I were that lucky Seattlite, that would be the best Christmas present I could hope to receive. Happy Holidays Beet and enjoy your time off!

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