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Everyone Else Hates Balthazar Getty, Too


Hey, guys. You know how you hate Balthazar Getty? Because he left his wife and four young children to frolic naked on beaches around the world with Sienna Miller? And that shit’s just appalling? Well, turns out everyone on the set of his TV show, Brothers & Sisters, hates him, too.

“No one on set is a fan,” one source reports.

How bad is it?

I’m told Getty has been late to set and he’s been in foul moods. “They often have to move shooting schedules around to accommodate [him],” a source says.

Getty was so “difficult” on Monday that one costar was reduced to tears, according to the sources.

When shooting was delayed, he appeared to become impatient. According to a source, he barked, “When are we going to shoot this?”

When they did start filming, Getty was “forgetting his lines,” a source says.

Getty began losing friends at work back in July when it was revealed he had left his wife and the mother of his four children, Rosetta, for Sienna Miller. To make matters worse, before they hooked up, Miller happened to have dated one of Getty’s pals, his Brothers & Sisters costar Matthew Rhys.

Cast and crew first worried about Getty’s questionable behavior shortly after his and Miller’s romance took off.

But now they’ve had it.

“It’s bad,” one of the sources says. “It’s just so sad.”

Seriously — what was this guy thinking??? How could you not hate him after the shit he pulled?

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    • Oh, yeah! I see that now! Wow, you’ve got good eyes, I never would’ve picked that out myself. Man, I can only imagine how bitterly angry and let down that wife of his must feel, after all his scandalous shenanigans. I can’t hate on Sienna Miller, though, for some reason. I just hate on this pudgy toad here, the Getty guy.

  • I understand if he has a bad attitude and thats why the cast is not liking him but it they began not liking him when the relationship with Sienna took off.

    Shitty thing of him to do, i agree, but his personal life is his personal life and i dont know who the other members of the cast are to tell him what he should and shouldnt do.

    • I dunno…I think it’s optimistic to the point of foolishness to hope that the opinions that others have of you should not take into account how you treat people personally.

      They aren’t so much telling him what to do as they are frowning upon his behhaviour because let’s face it…it wasn’t very nice.

  • Sounds like a self-serving egotistical ass!!!!

    If someone on the set knows his weaknesses or phobias, they should kill him off in that manner and add in shit that will piss him off!

    Good Times!!!!!!!