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30WTF Is Lily Allen Wearing???

lily allen 181208

Lily Allen left Nobu in London last night wearing what looks to be a homemade Coco Chanel t-shirt, Daisy Dukes, fishnet tights, gray Uggs and leather gloves. She also looks more than a little bit wasted, despite announcing that she wasn’t going to be drinking these days.

According to the paparazzi who were tracking her, a homeless man on the street got pissed at her because she wouldn’t give him a handout. He screamed at her that he was better dressed than she was, and that she looked like a newspaper.


That homeless dude should start a blog.

Image via WENN

December 18, 2008 at 9:20 am by Evil Beet
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30 Responses to “WTF Is Lily Allen Wearing???”

  1. Wendie says:

    Wooomaniiiizah….Wooomaniiiizah…ugh…every time I look at her all I can hear is that cover.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But if Lindsay wore it you’d think it was hot! lol

  3. andrea says:

    Lily, I love you. I really do. I can put up with your makeshift designer clothes, your take-no-shit attitude, and your drinking habits.

    But I will never condone the use of Uggs. On anyone. Ever.

  4. trixie says:

    LOL a feke chanel’s t-shirt..lily is great!!

  5. Briana says:

    hahaha… she is being ironic. The leather gloves.. the uggs.. the daisy dukes.. all annoying trends lol

  6. Indigo says:

    Oh silly Lilly, gotta love her.

  7. trollydolly says:

    She looks strangely like the Katebot – Katie Holmes, except Lily is sane and fun.

  8. lolly says:

    nice legs though.

  9. Heatherlyisaverb says:

    ha ha homemade chanel= Recessionwear!

    i want to go drinking with that girl! shed be so much fun AND shed probably sing drunkenly all the way home!

  10. Emily says:

    Her outfit is awesome. Her shirt is obviously satirical.

  11. bethany says:

    Luvs the shirt. Ironically paired with the trendy shit… don’t loves. (Ugh to Ugg- but they are comfy and warm) But damn, girl looks good. Her legs are fierce- she probably has worked pretty hard for them, given what she was lookin’ like a year ago. Gloves should go though, and on with a jacket! Does she think she is Suri Cruise?

  12. leo says:

    actually love the outfit except for the uggs

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Trace-mace-2000 says:


  15. perae says:

    she has surprisingly muscular thighs!

  16. anonymous says:

    Short, shorts in December? I was under the impression that England would be very cold now! but she was also pictured in a sheer dress, so there must be semi warm days. (those photog’s and they’re flash bulb tricks.

  17. Simon says:

    That’s a bit of a cracker! Pictures taken at night relying only on a flash bulb tend to look less natural, the photos of Lily Allen were not as flattering, in the sheer dress (or this) as when there taken in natural sunlight. It happens! Sorry love but you ain’t a pretty picture.

  18. Persistent Cat says:

    It’s one thing to dress ironic and quirky but keep your seasons together. And those boots are hideous.

    I don’t agree about the legs, I don’t think they look great.

  19. Dmarie says:

    Ditch the gloves and it’s awesome :D

  20. cookie monster says:

    im so not commentin on her outfit really, its too much! but shes wearing shorts in friggin dec in london? she has seriously lost it!

  21. quirkygirlkitten says:

    i’m cold just looking at her. put a coat on, girlfriend!

  22. musicstudent says:

    not talking about her music or anything, but physically i just find her so gross

  23. Alice says:

    I loved the concept of a DIY Chanel shirt, until I read on the DailyMail that it’s apparently a “limited range”, actual Chanel t-shirt. They were making fun of her for freezing her ass off just to show it off to the paparazzi.

  24. anonymous says:

    I like Lily Allen, and I always have! WHY? simply because she smokes, drinks on occasion, she uses foul language sometimes, and she isn’t afraid, to call a fake a phony! Yeah, that’s right! For every reason some people say they don’t like her, I have a reason to like her. So many people, are weary, of being different, because of what someone might think, or does think! She is original, funny and very unique! ”Don’t like it…too bad!

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