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Leaving Little to the Imagination …

Jennifer Aniston

JenAn comes dangerously close to an upskirt as she leaves her Letterman appearance yesterday.

She must have been FREEZING!

Ah, the sacrifices we make for a good photo.

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  • NY, right? Isn’t she fucking freezing? Hey beach Jen, it’s winter. Put it away.

    Her vagina must have icicles.

  • Her legs look very weird and misshapen in these pictures. And that dress-thing she’s wearing is embarrassingly too-short for her in particular to be wearing. Uck.

  • If ya got it, flaunt it and she soooo has it! Jealously abounds in all these comments. I know I am. No above the knee fat at 40 is just not fair.

  • she can do whatever she wants
    naked or not
    but I have a slight feeling she may be overdoing
    and I wonder if that really good for her career
    or her life

    • Oh my GOD!! can you say envy?????

      she looks really good look at her legs so tan, so in shape, if you are so hot I want to see you pulling an outfit like that .

      • Not everyone has the same opinions. Saying they don’t think she’s pretty shouldn’t directly translate to envy. Seriously.

        Um, I live in Kansas, and it’s really cold here, but I still see people walking around in dresses all the time. It’s not like she’s frolicking about in the snow. She’s probably on her way to a dinner date.

  • Fuck off ryvna. I hate the “old” comments. We’re all aging.

    I think her legs are fantastic and I’m crazy picky about legs. I think she looks great.

    And who cares if it’s cold, it’s not like she’s walking to the subway. She’s out the door and in a car. If I looked awesome and was having my picture taken, I’d deal with a few minutes of cold. I’m also Canadian and have a much higher tolerance.

  • Dude! She is totally preggers. She is hiding a tummy with that frock. “look at my legs- not my baby bump”

  • Her legs looked fantastic on the show while she was sitting there in that chair. And when she got up to put her tie from GQ on Dave, She almost flashed the entire studio/world.

  • Jen does have exceptionally toned and shapely legs. Speaking from a male perspectice, her dress could be even shorter. She’s a celebrity, not a college professor.

  • Did anyone see her on david letterman? God, I was so embarrassed for her. She was sooo awkward & was screaming of desperation. But she does have a great body, I’ll give her that…

  • Why do people who think this woman is so beautiful think that those of us who disagree are jealous or envious? I see nothing to be jealous of, I sure do not envy her, and with the exception of one photo of her a few days ago, do not find her attractive. She’s not even on my list of top 100. I don’t have to look better than her or any one else to find them unattractive. And as long as Beet allows me to post on this board, I have the right to say so, and so does everyone else Beet allows on the board.

    • Aha!! That is exACTly what I was just gonna say! Its what the Jen hens always, always say, the same exact thing every single time anyone speaks up and says they do not like Chinnifer Aniston – “Oh, jealous much? Oh, the envy!” When in fact, this is the last person on planet earth I would ever, ever want to resemble, either physically, or in character.

      I totally feel ya, Veronica! I’m absolutely on your page!

    • exactly. took the words right out of my fingers. sorry that I don’t think she is that attractive. I like her body, but that’s about it. I just don’t think her face is that beautiful. I’m sorry! It’s not a crime. I mean, it’s not like I come here and poo all over all the women. I always comment too about how beautiful they are, if that’s my opinion.

      Why do people think I would be THAT jealous of some 40 year old chick? She doesn’t even make good movies. Maybe if she made amazing movies and was so respected for her craft– then maybe I would feel more envy? Right now, it’s just like… well I guess it would be cool to have all your Friends money, but that’s it.

    • my jealous? my jealous what?

      I hate when people use the wrong “your”

      newsflash: not everyone is attracted to the same people. some people think she is beautiful, some don’t

  • UGLY face! Whiny, needy, no talent publicity whore! So she has a nice body-lots of women do. Once her movie bombs and John dumps her again she’ll disappear until there’s something else to plug.