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Naomi Watts is Finally Not Pregnant


Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts welcomed their second son yesterday.  No word yet on the name but their firstborn is named Alexander.  Therefore, I feel confident in saying that this kid has a pretty normal name too.  As opposed to Gargoyle or something of that nature.  So that gives me peace.  Their two sons are sixteen months apart.  I did something similarly stupid a couple of years back; it was like having twins.  I don’t have nannies though and nannies really do make everything better.

Pic is from Naomi in May.  I just used this one because I find pasties generally amusing.  Aggressively illuminated pasties?  Really amusing.

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  • Um. May I just bring up the issue of her boobs. Aren’t the purpose of those to PREVENT nipple attention? Because the only things I see in this picture are two flowered nipples.

  • No, it’s not “like having twins.”. As a twin mom, that is the single most annoying comment. 16 months age span is a world apart from two infants, two toddlers and two preschoolers. I have twin toddlers and a newborn- nothing like triplets!!

    • Hey Erykah, how’s this one for you? My mom had my brother and me within 16 mos. of each other and 19 months later a set of twins! And then 20 months later another one!

  • “Their two sons are sixteen months apart. I did something similarly stupid a couple of years back…”

    LOL. My mom had me and my sister 18 months apart, and I think she’s still regretting it.

  • I am only 16 months younger than my brother… but my mom didn’t stop there. There were 5 of us within 6 years….

  • p.s. naomi and liev named their second son Nicholas Isaac, at least that is what Wiki is saying. (LOL! wiki…I know)