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Tameka Foster Pops Out Another Paycheck

Congratulations to Usher and his shim of a wife, Tameka Foster.

“Usher and Tameka Raymond welcomed their second son, Naviyd Ely Raymond, on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2:33 a.m. weighing 5 lbs., 13 oz.,” says the rep. “Tameka and the baby are doing fine.”

Naviyd joins older brother Usher Raymond V, who turned 1 on Nov. 26. The parents married in 2007. Tameka, 37, also has three sons from a previous relationship.

Holy shit, this chick has birthed five boys in a row?

What are the odds?

I’m telling you people: This “woman” has a Y chromosome.

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  • Ok, she looks like a total gold digger/ his mom. She is seven years older than him, and the only reason they got married was because she was preggo. I bet she got knocked up on purpose.

  • ew ew ew ew EW! usher could have ANYONE IN THE WORLD OH WHY DID HE PICK HER?!??!?!?!! SHE DOESN’T HAVE LOOKS NOR PERSONALITY, ugh.

  • I guess I carry that “Y” gene, too 5 boys here, not in a row, I’d shoot myself 17 times and throw myself out the window, hahaha…but yeah, I’m just sayin…it happens =/

  • Hahahaaaaaaaa!!! Beet you should do a post on these shims:Tori, Tameka, Claire, Khloe. I want Jen Aniston in there too because of her gigantic man chin but she does have a feminine body and im all for the angelina bashing.

  • Be honest if you can get to usher you will get pregnant to for those checks, TELL ME I’M LYING, HA HA…… stop just please stop haten that chick you can’t sleep at night because you simply wish you had her money and life.

  • Stop hating Tameka because she had 5 children and its not Ushers fault that Tameka is getting pregnant its just that they love their kids. Im realy happy for them. well done Usher and Tameka

  • Do you know her no you don’t it really bothers me that people can hate someone by looking at a picture. This man fell in love with her she may not look like chilly and even then chilly is beautiful some how she don’t have that ring on her finger. Tameka process a different kind of beauty caring,loving,positive,trusting,honest and the list goes on something most of you don’t have. And I happen to think she is beautiful in her own unique way and therefore you need to take a long look at yourself in the mirror and tell you what you see your comment make you look ugly. Leave this lady alone she had a job when she met him yeah thats right she was and still is a hair stylist do more research before you open your mouth. How can you praise usher but at the same time call him stupid yeah you did when you called his wife an gold digger thats the same as calling him stupid. Do some thing more useful with your brain then wasting it trying to figure her out she got hers now get yours!….

  • Why are you people making those horrible comments about her looks? she is a beautiful African American woman. who did you expect him to marry a blonde hair blue eyed bimbo. i’m proud of you usher for keeping it real.

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