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Catching Up on the Pregnancy Rumors

At this point, everyone in Hollywood is always pregnant all of the time. I’m so tired of writing about people being supposedly pregnant because they put on a couple of pounds. But here’s the latest:

Mariah Carey is supposedly pregnant with Nick Cannon’s kid, because she canceled plans for a tour. Rumor has it that she’d already hired costume designers and dancers, who were devastated to be laid off in this economy.

Abbie Cornish is rumored to be pregnant with Ryan Phillippe’s kiddo, because she’s put on weight and went home.

Katie Price and Peter Andre are reported to be expecting another … just because.

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  • beet, jesus christ! i just finished eating lunch! would u puh-leeze NOT put up nasty vagina moustache up on the site. im sorry, but nick’s sorry moustache reminds me of nether regions that are in DESPERATE

  • I was waiting for you to write about mariah on Ellen lol Ellen told Mariah to take a sip of Champain to prove she wasnt pregnant, it was kind of funny. Of course she didnt. Oh yea, Janet Jackson is rumored to be pregnant too.

  • They are the Interracial Heidi and Spencer. Can both of these media whore couples please be pregnant at the same time. I know they will have OK and People fighting over video coverage of the live birth… “now, as you see the head exit…”

  • I highly doubt that she is pregnant. My friend who works at a concert venue told me many stories about her boozing big time before performances, and how she is also extremely narcissistic. I doubt that she would give a crap about a kid. I could care less if she marries a douche too, her career won’t be lasting a long time anyways lol

  • FYI Beet Czar: Mariah Cary has a Black father. So does Nick. I agree about the annoying part, though.