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Fran Drescher Is Serious About Senate Gig

As I told you days ago, Fran Drescher’s publicist confirmed today that the actress is serious about becoming the next junior senator from New York. The publicist cited Fran’s experience as an actress, advocate for women’s health and public diplomacy envoy for the U.S. State Department.

Her competition looks to be Caroline Kennedy and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. New York Governor David Patterson will appoint a successor if Hillary Clinton is appointed Secretary of State, which looks to be likely.

I wonder how much Fran will have to donate to Governor Patterson’s campaign fund to get this job. Or does that shit only happen in Chicago?

Did I mention that I totally support this??

Because I do.

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  • Actually she is a very smart woman. she is a survivor of not only a rape but cancer. She has had a health bill passed in congress to make stage one the cure. She has been made a diplomat by the Government because of her tireless work and has run a hugely successful business for Tri Star that made them scores of millions of dollars…. We could do a lot worse.. Infact… we have!

  • Caroline Kennedy is gonna get the nod because of her name; though she’s an activist and philanthropist also… I would love to see someone out of the mainstream here; as long as that blowhard bitch Hillary is gone.

  • her experience as an actress shouldnt even be mentioned lol. Fran is already a great advocate for women’s health… but Caroline Kennedy would be interesting too.. I would love to see how either one of them does.

  • fran drescher is intelligent and passionate. she’s driven and has integrity. it would be fantastic to see her in the senate.

  • Just having to listen her annoying, nasally voice during any future Senate hearings should be enough to disqualify her.

  • Isn’t Andrew Cuomo the one who said something about how Obama couldn’t “shuck and jive” at a press conference? The media seems to have forgotten about that, but I just can’t.

    Seriously — who talks like that? Did it seep into his subconscious when he fell asleep on the couch watching a Good Times marathon on Nick at Night?

    I’m not saying that the one comment disqualifies him, but it makes me wonder – what the hell else is he thinking?

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