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Still Not Caring

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the two stars of Twilight who may or may not be porking, continue their We Don’t Give a Fuck 2008 international tour. This week, they’re not giving a fuck in Paris. Look at them. They don’t give a fuck. They’d rather eat boiled donkey balls than be getting paid millions of dollars to walk this red carpet in Paris and they’re gonna make damn sure you know it. Not giving a fuck: So hot right now.

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  • They both look so… greasy.
    Like they haven’t had a shower in WEEKS.


    Look at the close ups of her hair.
    They’re so gross.

    • wow u know u need to get alife its called hairgell stupid and wth is everyones problem with them twilight is a really good movie go get a life or go die either way dont bein dising them beacuse they are better then you you know that your just jealous

      • THANK YOU!!!! god i hate everyone thinking that they are greasy and messy because their hair, its gel or wax either way its their style. and yeh i dont get why there are heaps of folk getting on at them for stupid shit, especially kristen

  • his face is so much larger than hers it just looks so funny to me every time i see a picture of them standing together.

  • oh, they give a fuck. robert pattinson’s look reeks of many many hours doing the same thing in front of a bathroom mirror whilst remembering to thank his mother in his pretend acceptance speech.

    they have perfected the art of pretending not to give a fuck.

  • What snobs. If I was making that much money I would do my play the part, and do my job without the sarcastic looks. But then again it is funny. They can do whatever they want because they can’t be replaced. Fans would freak.

  • I still don’t give a fuck either. Only thing I want is more pain, misery, despair, backstabbing, sordid sex details leaked from his facebook account. Need more

  • I have a massive girl-crush on Kristen Stewart. She is awesome. I love her attitude, spoilt brat! Sometimes though, I believe she is genuinely intimidated by the whole thing. Robert Pattinson is still a wanker. He makes me want to slap him down and then have my way with him, whilst hating him the whole time. I’m confused.

  • DAMN! I really loathe that “dont give a f**k attitude” radiating off these two…even more so, as I type this @ my over-worked, underpaid job.

    Holy crap…SMILE LIKE YOU FREAKIN MEAN IT!!!! Ur rich, young, and HIGH(most likely)…

    Most ridiculous? I went to see Twilight AND will go back to see the sequels!!

    Oh well, I’d still make out with him….BUT brush and floss furiously afterwards:)

  • mrs mia wallace: i feel what you feel for kristen, i mean look at all she’s done and(!) she just turned 18! I turned 19 in august and i feel “normal” besides being in college and feeling lost altogether.

    I AM ABSOLUTELY obsessed with rob pattinson though. long story short, i’d like to have my own way with him too. i’ve seen enough media coverage on him to see that we have a lot in common, even though i like to shower & WASH MY HAIR! and that i can’t get shitfaced as much as he does. i love him music too.

    HAZ (up on top): I do not think he’s trying to be like Ed Westwick at all, their styles are somewhat similar but i think ed is more preppy than rob. besides i love them both, hah. ps, did you watch gossip girl last night? holy shitttt, i wish i was there to comfort him ;)

    (and finally) JESSA: i know how you feel with them not enjoying the limelight as much as they should but like MRS MIA WALLACE said above you, i think they are a bit freaked when people are constantly yelling at them and hacking their private files and web pages. i almost feel bad for them, you can tell they didn’t expect that they would get as much fame as they have.

    sorry i write so much, i love this sight though. haha. my roommate from my freshmen year and i are all for sites on celebs and stuff! love yah BEET!

  • @ Lolly, very funny.

    She has gross legs. Or rather, gross ankles. And his head is freakishly big.

  • and you also have to think that the camera crew at the event aren’t going to be like, “okay ready guys? one, two three!”
    it’s like a bunch of series of photos are snapped in a millisecond.

  • they do look greasy and what ever the description says at the bootom of the picture i stiil believe they care of course i think all super satrs will care if they go on tv looking like that but …… ya i know they are getting paid so much to look like that and anyway its just the money that makes them do those poses

  • ya i agrree with kat
    i would do that to if i was gonna get paid a lot of money and of course i would do it ! besides i think people know that they really care=)

  • i don’t know why people complain about this, i love it. their “we don’t give a fuck” attitude is so refreshing after all the other celebs who do anything to get noticed.
    but i think that this whole thing is like reverse psycology, the fact that they don’t give a fuck, makes us give a fuck. if you get my meaning, which you prob don’t.

  • I know they are talented actors, but I just want to say that ROBERT PATTINSON is the most gorgeous man alive. He is chocolate and every woman in the world is on the rag ;)

  • hahahahaha
    That is hilariousssssssss. The post below the picture about not giving a fuck made me die laughing. It seems that way. But I think they’re more real than anything! They don’t have these false pretenses most other actors seem to have

  • “it’s like a bunch of series of photos are snapped in a millisecond.”

    I’m going with what Jean said (above) and that it’s the Euro paps choosing the “don’t give a fuck” photos to release. They were smiling million watt smiles at the Paris premier but those are not the photos most sites get. See, as I go about feeding my KS obsession, I’ve located many sites with all the “unpublished” photos that the paps do not “release”.

  • i laughed out loud at this comment:))))) i love the part “this week they`re not giving a fuck In Paris” =)))) soooo fucking funny i swear

  • Ive seen the live interview of that night and it doesnt look at all that they dont give a fuck, i mean they have to take ages to reply for the translation of the questions, but no they look like there having fun. so i wudnt say they dont give a fuck,