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Is an Oscar Next?

Heath Ledger was awarded the Best Actor honor for his role in The Dark Knight at the Australian Film Institute’s awards on Saturday.

Guests at a packed awards ceremony in Melbourne’s Princess Theatre rose to their feet clapping, but with some in tears, to pay tribute.

“It has been without a doubt the most difficult year, losing such a loved family member,” said his sister Kate, fighting back tears. “We are so proud of him and humbly accept this award on behalf of his beautiful daughter [Matilda], whom we will cherish forever.”

Of course, Heath Ledger’s one of Australia’s sons, so he has a bit of an advantage here, but this could help Heath’s chances at the Best Actor Oscar?

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  • Hasn’t he won the Oscar for it already? People have been talking about this for so long that I feel like they should just hand it over without even bothering to wait for the actual ceremony.

  • (almost) every time i see a close up of him my mind goes to: gee, he would have gone bald real fast had he lived, good for him for having avoided that… yeah, i know, you don’t have to say anything…

    on the other hand, i’m stull crazy bummed out about his passing

  • it is amazing to me how things are way easier once u die. question is, is it actually acceptable to give such recognition when we all know it is too late or are we just a bunch of hypocrites? i’ll keep the latter actually.
    what apalls me the most is seein how ppl give him credit for a life’s work now, when normally no1 would have praised his work. ah ok. forget it.

  • Yeah, he’s eligible for Supporting. I think he’ll definitely be nominated, but may not win. Eh, he deserves it. No other actor has created a truly iconic character this year.

  • Heath Ledger was BOSS as The Joker. I think he would of been up for nomination regardless of his death. He deserves it anyway, he did so much work for that character and really immersed himself in it. He was talented and convincing. Big loss for the film industry.

  • To be honest, no other Australian actor was on the international map. American Gangster might’ve been great, but really. None of my fellow countrymen have been in a higher profile movie this year.

    He does deserve the highest recognition, I feel more than BBMountain. It’s a wonderful portrayal. I just hope it’s not a pity vote..

  • everyone should watch heath ledger’s performance in the movie “Candy” (2006). – amazing. he really was great at what he did. RIP!

  • Still had his looks? Ick.

    I never had an opinion of him but after his Rolling Stone cover and interview, I intensely disliked him.

  • I really really hope it gets it. He was an amazing actor and his death was such a tragedy; he had so much left to give.
    And even if he is only considered because he died – who cares?! His family and friends lost an amazing man, and his daughter lost her father. Give over and let her have something to remind her of who he was. RIP, Heath.