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Robert Pattinson’s Facebook Convos Indicate He May Be Boning Kristen Stewart .. and Lots of Other People

Today Defamer has some screencaps of what someone claims are Robert Pattinson’s private Facebook convos — one with Giulietta Spirlea, his on-and-off girlfriend, and some buddy of his. His Facebook is under the name Randle Patrick McMurphy (Cuckoo’s Nest, anyone?).

In the conversation with Giulietta, she talks about Camilla Belle being a bitch, and Robert says “camilla? there’s nothing on with camilla, she and i are mates. i don’t like her in that way” and then promises he’ll be back in LA soon to “take care of your needs,” hee hee!

And in the conversation with his buddy, Ben Coles, he’s asked about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. “get Kristen yet?” his friend asks. Robert responds: “you know I did. You’re the one person I’ve told this to but, she wants me more than that twat of a bf that stalks her every move around me.” He also calls everyone in LA “tossers” and mentions that “the bottle does me just fine.” Then he talks about hiring people to beat up Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend.

CLASSY STUFF right here, kids.

Call me crazy, but I think these are real screencaps from his real account.

The question is, who leaked them?

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  • Looked up both him and that Giulietta girl and they didn’t exist in facebook… they could of deleted the account but who knows.. I have a lot of free time

  • this shit right here is what i like to wake up to beeeeeet! yes i realize its 3 pm. MORE ROBBBBBBB PATTTTINSON

  • you can set your privacy settings so that you don’t show up in searches so that’s probably why you didn’t find them

  • I call total bullshit. Why would he talk about fucking that stewart chick on a page his ‘girlfriend’ can see?? Unless the guys an absolute idiot.

  • Hahaha I love finding these screen-printed images of celebrities personal lives.
    Makes me feel like I know a bit more about them and not everyone does ;)

    Thanks Beet, these pics made me tingle in my soft spot ;)

  • Dude, I so wouldn’t doubt any of this, not matter the validity of these pages.
    Stewart is fo sure a I don’t give a fuck kinda gal. Her man seems a little too wholesome for that… But who knows?
    As for Pattinson, why not? The dude’s young and famous… enjoy it while he can.

  • Hmm.. is it just me or does it look whoever the guy in the first screenshot is has a small tattoo on his chest? If it indeed IS a tattoo then I don’t think this is our guy. Unless it’s a secret tattoo or just one I don’t know about. (And believe me, I’m not the know-it-all on Bobby Pattinson) :P

  • He could just be joking around… am I the only one who makes trashy and distasteful jokes about fucking people I haven’t actually fucked? it doesn’t sound like he’s incredibly serious about all the shit besides he… bah whatever, I tried to care about his personal life for more than 10 seconds but I can’t.

  • I’ve been looking at these things all day. I do believe that account is really his. The account has thus far been deleted. Giulietta’s is still up, she also has a blog where she talks about the incident, not in much detail though, at blogspot.

    And, there’s a missing Convo between him and camilla that was also captured.

    His account was hacked and then leaked, probably by some fan girl.

    And that comment above about the “tattoo” on his chest. It’s actually a logo on a yellow t-shirt.

  • LOL B.

    this is so juicy and delicious, i love it.
    whether it’s real or not, it’s still fun.
    and robert pattinson + sex = sounds good.

  • they do seem real, and I still think he is a gorgey sex god. although, it does seem like these messages were written by an actual author, u know? it reminds me of books like gossip girl where they actually HAVE convos with this stuff instead of txt messaging and all u know.. like in REAL life people tend to rely on phones rather than FB.. but still i think this is legit.

  • Feel so sorry for this boy… bet he wasnt expecting all this attention.

    Just dam him and his perfect bone structure!
    is it bad that i find him even more attractive after talking vulgorly about boning Kirsten?

  • it’s totally fake! it does say “edit my profile” under the main picture, which definitely only shows up on your personal page when you’re signed in. DEBUNKED! i bet that jealous bitch ex girlfriend made this shit up, guilietta or whoever. i’m calling it early.

  • I think it’s real and the account nolonger there..
    Thats is too bad he had to sale out Kristen on facebook.
    I wonder what is his myspace??

  • Does anyone else see the photo manip program on the bottom toolbar in these screencaps, or is it just me? And I’m pretty sure that picture has appeared in other fake pages pretending to be Rob.

  • I was one of the 39 friends when “He: brought down the FB account. I actually listened to that Van Morrison clip someone sent. I had the page up and around 9 pm he changed his status to ” This facebook page is being brought down” I then sent him well wishes in 2009. These screens were printed prior to my message as well as a irrate message from giulietta
    This is a real FB account but Im not sure the real Rob Pattinson is the poster. I think someone is playing a joke on this Giulietta. Come on if they are really friends why the hell would she blog about it and confirm that is is him. You would just shut up right? ALSO while I was on FB, I checked the “friends online tab often” and never once did Randle Patrick McMurphy show up as on line. THe photos on the acct also have one that had to be taken from a fan,, and he wouldnt put it on his own facebook. It is a still of the video someone took of him lighting a cig in a dark restaurant. Is FB really this easy to hack into? Another reason I dont think it was him, was that one other accepted friend was chatting on line for a hour the other night… doest he have enough to do with 2 movies on the horizon, and the fact that he just returned to his hometown in like a year.

  • it’s totally fake! it does say “edit my profile” under the main picture, which definitely only shows up on your personal page when you’re signed in. DEBUNKED! i bet that jealous bitch ex girlfriend made this shit up, guilietta or whoever. i’m calling it early.



  • looks legit. all the other people are still up on facebook, most from london area.

    he seems like he likes her and she seems to want him and is fighting it from interviews.

    he prob. does talk like that. as far as the giullieta or whatever girl lol she seems slutty so why wouldnt she blog about it and kinda brag he wanted to do her

  • I happened to be one of his friends who wasn’t a celebrity and I can confirm that was him (we also shared mutual friends that are not famous). I had a conversation with him in chat and he was really decent. I’m sad that he wasn’t able to keep his page up, mainly because of people like the majority of the ones here AND this website that will not just let a person have their privacy. Now I know why celebrities get all pissed off.

  • You guys, it says “Edit My Profile” under his wall because someone HACKED INTO HIS Facebook profile. Therefore, they were logged in as him. Think this through, peeps.

  • It was totally him, nobody knows how this kid talks in real life. everyone has only seen him in interviews. apparently, that giuliata, knew him outside of the facebook community.

    and you can go INVISIBLE on facebook. there’s a little tab for where you chat that says, go offline, i do it all the time. so that above comment about him never being online goes null-and-void.

    Again, it was hacked, so, whoever got into his account, it would appear as HE would see it, duh!

  • Observation:

    The hair on the chin in the FB profile pic is thickest on the chin itself. Real pics of Robert Pattinson show the beard hair to be thickest around the chin. It MUST be a fake.

  • That makes no sense at all. Watching chin hair is so stalkerish. What if he did a half-assed job at shaving a day or two before that. Hahaha. That shirt he’s wearing in the pick happens to be a forks high t-shirt, the irony, that he would wear such a thing, is hilarious. But you can see the blue Spartan head on the yellow t-shirt.

  • I am choosing to be in denial that it is real because in my head Robert Pattinson isn’t that much of a cunt.

    Beet stop ruining my Robert Pattinson dreams!! ;)

  • LDG… most of the people here feel it wasnt him doing the posting. It was his pic and it was his FB alias. Either someone had his password or they created fake screens

  • Who the he’ll this rob paramore or muse? Why would anyone ask him about such terrible music?

    It’s not his fault that those bands are on the movies soundtrack.

  • This isn’t that surprising, and it very likely isn’t fake. Hello? He’s single and playing the field — now’s the time, right? What’s depressing is, this really only embarrasses all the girls he fucked. My money’s on, his stalker is a creepy fangirl.

    Between this and the Obama thing, I am thinking I should close that Facebook account I (finally) opened last month.

  • Total FAKE! If your a fanatical fan that knows where they are at….The dates and times on the pages are the 1st of december at 9pm? If its pacific time…robert pattinson was on a plane or in transit to London….he arrived EARLY morning on december 2nd…do the math..with the time difference and the time to fly from LA to London…why on EARTH would he be chatting on FACEBOOK? Also the conversation on the 3rd of december at almost 4 pm? Again if that is pacific time it was almost midnight in london on the NIGHT of the premier…and he states” the premier is tonight” and i am sure he was at london’s after events at midnight….having several pints! total B*LLSH*T!

  • i looked up the other people randomly on the facebook page like under his friends and when it say … “he is now friends w/ ….”
    the majority of them exist with the same pictures as on his facebook.

    i called it bullshit til i saw that i mean it’s a huge deal…celebs try to have normal things like us so i can see him having one considering he also doesn’t seem to find himself very famous just like kriten ( refering to the pipe pictures) idk…

  • I was also one of his friends on facebook and it actually seems legit. i am also “facebook friends” with Jessica Ashley Devlin and Giulietta Spirlea .. no i do not know any of them, but they did have a wall-to-wall with Robert and their accounts,, Guiliettas account im not sure about,, she doesn’t have many wall-to-walls with people, but she does have a lot of pictures, and she’s tagged in 3 photos that her sister supposedly tagged her in.. Jessica’s account is definitely legit because she has many wall-to-walls with different people, so im not sure, i would love to see proof that his account was a fake, but right now i’m believing that it’s real!

  • I was also one of his friends on facebook and it actually seems legit. i am also “facebook friends” with Jessica Ashley Devlin and Giulietta Spirlea .. no i do not know any of them, but they did have a wall-to-wall with Robert and their accounts,, Guiliettas account im not sure about,, she doesn’t have many wall-to-walls with people, but she does have a lot of pictures, and she’s tagged in 3 photos that her sister supposedly tagged her in.. Jessica’s account is definitely legit because she has many wall-to-walls with different people, so im not sure, i would love to see proof that his account was a fake, but right now i’m believing that it’s real!

  • i dont know if its real or not, but obviously he is going to be having fun with his fame…he is young, hot, famous & now totally rich….of course he is going to sleep around…although i would imagine it must be so easy for him to get women that it must be almost boring without the challenge…what about all those gay rumors about him? now, i definitely dont think he is gay at all, but it has been mentioned in the past by other people…. could all this talk be just a front to cover up that he likes boys?

  • ummm…technically that’s not PROOF. it is a friend of his (who seems like a twat) doing damage control. or what i think is otherwise known as “having your boy’s back.” still, who cares? just because he played a hot, brooding, perfect person (vampire?) doesn’t mean he’s even close to being one in real life. idealize the character if you have to, not the actor.

  • yeah i agree, it isn’t really proof..
    on that giulietta girl’s blog, she also wrote that she “just found out” that Rob’s account was fake, when she was talking to him she thought it was really him???
    that just doesn’t make sense to me..

    but what also doesn’t make sense, is that if giulietta and this Brian guy (the “friend”) were true friends of Rob, they would say that all the accounts are fake.. because them saying that they ‘thought it was him’, proves that Rob is indeed sleeping with that girl, and that he’s after kristen. lol

  • crazy peple and gossip.. hey butt out!!! total bullshit!! you got that right.. even if robs a dirty guy or kristen might be a dirty chick too.. leave them alone.. by half a year will see what goes on with the news they are a more reliable sources.. not blogs and review that has no sense at all.. your hugely looking new gossips by this time damn dude.. give the people some privacy even celebrities have thesame issue.. and your lurking on them too…

  • ahaha, he’s quicklinked =P

    … but to be honest, i really don’t see him as someone that would check out craigslist, let alone have it quicklinked.

    but whatever. if they’re fake, they’re fake. if they’re real, it’s his life, and he’s just that amazing he can do whatever the hell he wants and i’ll still love him more =)

  • I can see him checking out craiglists…. his car ran him 2k, he shops at 2nd hand clothes stores in LA. Since LA is a temp home, he’s not investing $ in stuff. Maybe he doesnt get his Twilight check until the sequels are done LOL.
    I agree who really cares what he does on his own…

    • wow i just now read this…….i can’t believe me or anyone else would give two shits about him…….we all had him pegged as this ‘great guy’ but he’s really just an arse like every other bloke about town…….he said it himself “don’t like me….i’m a dick.” all i can say is WOW. he has the world fooled.

  • Well… this is like a good and a bad thing… Bad thing is he sounds like a bit of a dick

    Good thing is that according to this, he and Kristen are… getting along very well :)

  • i think its just someone framing him. see on one of the screenshots are “edit my profile” so whoever sent it probably made it up to start some gossip or something. i mean they took a screenshot of “edit my profile” people! doesnt that sound a bit suspicious to you? if it really was robert pattinson than why would he send it to a site for everyone to see? wouldnt he want to keep his reputation clean, and not come on as a dick?

      • uhmm as it says hes named as randle patrick so he taught, maybe “people doesnt know its me, so who cares?” and it didnt say any stewart in it so maybe he taught people would just assume that it was any other kristen…

        and he says he can do what ev he wants cause its his life if he can smoke in public and dont care bout his reputation what would a message in a name of somebody do?? and only few people knows bout Randle patrick mcmurphy….

  • i THINK its horrible that Rob is “getting along” with Kristen..
    What if they dont “get along” they would have a HARD time working with eachother HENSE.. Movie FAIL!!!!

  • That is not him he is not a pig like that and who would even say that and who would let this out to the media like this it painfully obvious that someone else is doing this just to get some attention and its not funny its gross and outrageous!

  • Well… it could be real. Who knows? He’s only a human lol. Tbf, so what if he did say all that? He’s a… 22 year old male lol. I’m sure he has um… needs ;) Haha. Although, I’m sure most teenage girls will be happier that, if true, he’s more… open? in the bedroom deprtment ;) Not me though, i;m all for Team Jasper ;) Oh yess haha. Lol, why are human beings so INTRIGUED in celebrity business? Well, I guess the only way to see if this is real or not is to see how in the spotlight he is over the next few months :) Coolcool. It would lower my opninion of him…. but as I said, he’s only human :) him and kristen make a lovely couple anyway lol. Although “he” seems jealous of her boyfriend ;)

  • ok..I just searched that profile on facebook and there is no such thing…plus if he was fucking kristen or the other chick who cares…thats his buisness i mean you can’t think “omg…he’s not as perfect as edward” I hate to break it to you but he’s not edward and kristens not bella they have lives and they’re not perfect.

  • I find it kind of gross what he’s doing (if it’s true). He’s 22 and she’s 18! I find that a little young to be fooling around with a 22 year old.

  • ummmm i went t facebook there is people named randle (rob)
    there is only two people and they all only have 1 or two friends. that means the account is fake

  • and another thing everybody seems to have forgotten or just hasn`t noticed : why on earth would Rob discuss his personal life on such a site?!! don`t u people see?? it doesn`t make any sense!!! why wouldn`t he talk on the god damn phone with his friends… with camilla or that giulietta girl ? ok, not on the phone, but how about MSN or messenger ??

    if he chats with these guys on a site for hoocking up like facebook , it means that no one has the other`s email adrees or phone number.

    so this is just a sick joke!
    my advice: GROW UP DUDES
    u re disgusting ! let the poor man live !! u re stalking him , you freakin` obsessed little m-fckrz !!! get a life

  • LOL wow this is the funniest thing I have ever seen, not the part about rob, because that is so obiously faked, i mean look at his profile picture. LOL he has a tatoo on his chest.rob does not have any tatoos. If u don’t belive me then look at EW’s cover,no tatoo.but back to my point, the funniest thing is that some of you actually belive this gossip crap that was posted by a 13 year old.LOL some people…

    • so i searched it on facebook . and theres one wherhes wearing a white long sleeve shirt, thats the real one ? do you have him on friends ?

    • I agree with you joanna robert pattinson is so sexy cause every morin when i wake up i look at my ceiling and their he is just sitin their i talk to him every morin and he talks back>>>>>>

  • How about you attempt to ask him yourselves?
    This surely isn’t Robert himself and if it is, that’s pretty appalling and peoples views will change on him very quickly.

  • ….so what if he’s boning someone????????? It’s hes life…..leave him alone…..It’s not your business who he is with!!!!!!!

  • you are so dirty yeah this is the one off of myspace oh yeah the 18 year old one i thought you were nice and sweet but your just a hore and you even cheated on kristen

  • Flaming idiots! Do you believe everything because it’s on a computer screen?

    Listen the the voices of reason on here: IT’S FAKE.

  • FFS,
    What the hell is this drama about!?
    Twilight & The Other Books Rocks…
    But This IS Real Life, And Not On A Page, Or A Movie Screen.
    Rob’s Personal Life… is HIS Personal Life…
    So what if he IS boning Kristen.. Yet again – HIS Life.
    Ur So Sad !
    And Seriously, this Is Fake….. :/
    So Get Over Urselves.

  • Seriously if this was true, wich i don\t think, why would rob say that they would be filming the next twilight movie in portland againg, they\re filming it in Vancouver, and I’m sure he would know that, so I don\t think this is true. Must be someone whose trying to make him look bad, really, really immature and pretty evil !

  • I believe Robert is an utter gentleman and I do not believe he would lower himself to that level. He is alone most of the time because he does not have any friends and I also do not believe it because he would not want to tarnish his name and reputation. Michael Angarano is a dish and I can see why Kristen would not want to forsake her love and her long term relationship with Michael for Rob. I am very much a
    Twilighter and I do believe in everyone being happy in Twilight(the movie) and in real life, such as Michael and Kristen are. I admire Robert as an actor and muscian, I think he is briliant in both fields and very talented. Its best not to listen to gossip and believe everything on the news, websites, magazines it can be very exagerrated. Kathleen

  • That isn’t Robert. It was noted by another person that the man in the pic had a tattoo on his chest. As far as i know he (Robert) hasn’t been inked yet. Also in the convo with his friend about Kristen he said that he’d be to filming “twilight” in I think he said portland in March. But that’s not right he’s in Canada filming…I am quite sure that it’s a hoax.

  • wow if all of you believe this then idk wat 2 say… this is just some b.s………. And for those who did this… ALL of you people really need 2 get a life…

  • Hii all…
    Just read all your comments re rob’s FB…

    Honestly, I really don’t think the account is exist…
    And I also agree with some of the comments above, that they are human and they have personal lives…

    Could anyone think, that maybe all of this became out of hand??
    Seriously…why on earth we all have to care about his personal lives?!
    As long he’s making a good role in a movie and stay good looking like he is right now, all matters can just dissapear into thin air!!!

    Just example johnny depp, he’s still going strong…right?!
    Get what I mean guys?!?
    That’s just my opinion though…
    Kiss kiss

  • youre all so silly to belive people, come on. i dont even know why im writing this but you should all know that your ridiculous for believing it, i dont even know how this got up on my page but its not him. atall. ive never seen a more informative email in my life that answered every question that just happen to be on every fans mind, giving them the answers which in the end they ultimatley all want to hear, whilst showing him to have the “im a dude ill fuck anyone” mantra. giving the fans something to grasp on to. come on now ladies, being just a tinse too predictable maybe

  • Legit or not, I’m impressed the nickname for this facebook account comes from a Ken Kesey novel. If it is Rob, I’m impressed that he’s read (or at least seen) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I mean, his life is pretty nutty right now. If it isn’t him, then the person who created seems educated enough.

    Who cares if he and Kristen are together? He’s 23, it’s his life. I just hope he um sows his wild oats some more.

    • everything i was thinking. especially the book part – that allusion impressed me in spite of myself. if he’s read it, it’s much more than i would have given him credit for.

  • uhmm he has facebook named as randle patrick actually but he keep shanging the name and uhmm im not sure if its the reall him or something or maybe someone prettending to be him but it used to have some pics that is and can not found on internet so idkand also the acount was canceled as soon as the leak messages came out.. And lol the “the twat of a bf” good one!!!

  • Ohh.. I think it’s funny.
    I think the reason why we are interested in the celebs lifes is because we love gossip, but its more fun when we can put a face on the person we’re gossiping about. I just feel bad for the celebs like Robert Pattinson.
    I must admit I hope it’s real.
    It’s easier to deal with when the celebs are idiots, if they’re nice you just wish you knew them.



  • ok first of all besides this guy being soo damn hot. Its sad to see this shit. I think its true, that was his account and he got scared and got ppl to lie for him. I think rob is a bit of wuss and needs to man up. I think kristen stewart is prettier than that guiliana w/e her name is, like way prettier …have you seen her lips? yuck …bad taste rob . And quite frankly kristen shouldn’t waiste her time on rob. He acts like he doesn’t like the attention from fans n the media but i bet he goes home thinking hes soo hot. Go back to london, you slut hole and take back ur sexy looks. AND WATCH WAT U SAY, sounds to me like hes making kristen look stupid, rob is a flirt, don;t give in kristen twilight is only a book and we all go back to reality!!!!!!! the end

  • Can i just ask. .. what is the profile pic of this randle Patric McMurphy?
    If it is Rob and a woman im looking at the right one. .. ..

  • wow. What is wrong with you guys? I’m just going to point out a few obvious things to you all. 1. Whether or not the FB account is real or not. The account no longer exists. It hasn’t since it was hacked. Anyone who claims to be “Randle Patrick McMurphy” is a fake, and even if it was still active. Robert is never going to fall in love with you. 2. The Giulietta Spirlea, Ben Coles, Jessica Ashley Devlin, Camilla Belle accounts were and still are real apparently. Those are his actual friends, who are real people who were friends with that account. 3. The profile picture is of a guy who looks like him…but that isn’t a tattoo on his neck/chest. It’s a yellow shirt with a blue spartan graphic. Forks High Tee anyone? Souvenir from set maybe? 4. Oh, and when an account is “hacked”, the person hacking usually attains the password and email. So, when the screencap says “edit my profile”…that would make sense. Nobody actually looked at the common sense of it all. My opinion: real.

  • Hy Rob…I am from Croatia(EU), You be very handsome in film Harry Potter…Have not only allowed to die…{ : )

  • omg twilight is amazing i am officially addicted to it lol ur such a heart throb. the messy hair thing really suits you an ur body well that speaks for its self are you in the uk any time soon doing any book sighnings i,d luv to get your autograph. i,m 23 but wud still have posters of u in my bedroom ha ha x

  • i dont see what benefit you would get out of talking about your private life.
    fair enough, your fit and all but for god sake, your a normal person who just happens to be desried as the most perfect man on earth wihtsculpted cheekbones and a little boufon.
    your buisness is your buisness.
    no wonder you have a unknown facebook account, this is what bloody happens.
    and whos buisness is it who he sleeps with?
    no-ones that is private, hesnot jordan you know.
    give the man a break,
    All the best rob, good luck for the future.
    take care,
    samantha, 14, newcastle, england

  • lies…lies and some more lies…
    who would think that all those lies are true?
    who would speak such private things on a public website???…tell me !

  • hai , im sweetmelody2000us ,if you can watch my email ,and you can talking with me by internet, so can i make your fan, im 22 years old, im vietnamese, so cute girl, and nice to miss you in my yahoo.

  • hy robert….
    miss you in twilight saga….

    o yah…. what your real account facebook and twitter…
    or you email…..

    i’m every time seacrh your real account… please

  • Hello i know this is a LONG SHOT but if you are really Robert Pattinson. it would be a pleasure just to talk to you once i doubt it will happen because your a busy man and im just a fan but ya if ya can e-mail me im sure u can get it from the nite but if not just fb my name From Florida and if u cant thats ok too i just havent had much and meeting u once even online would make it a lil better

  • hi rob…. iam from bangladesh and i love you so…… much…….. please say something…………please………..