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“We’re So Beautiful!”

Hollywood’s newest anti-celebrities, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, show up for the UK premiere of their film, Twilight.

I don’t care what anyone says about Kristen, I love that she doesn’t give a fuck. I love the “I’d rather be anywhere but this red carpet” look she flashes on every single red carpet. You know why? Because I buy it. Because she’s actually famous for something she did, rather than who her parents are. And, so far, she basically does nothing for publicity except for the shit she’s contractually required to do. And it’s kind of refreshing to see that attitude out of someone and be able to be like, “You know what? That’s cool. You earned it.”

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  • Just so we are very clear, here, Miss Beet…that is not the look of:

    “I’d rather be anywhere but this red carpet”…that is the look of:

    “I just smoked a joint the size of my middle finger because I hate this shit and now I can’t keep my eyes opened and I’m afraid if I start to smile I’m gonna bust into laughter and they’ll haul me away.”

    I know this because that’s the look I have on my face at every holiday dinner I have to attend with my family. LOL

  • Yeah, she did it. and is even getting a lot of money for the next movie. Where she can practice her acting skills. Because the reviews for the film were crap.

  • I love the “Melanoma skin cancer” look she flashes at every single event.

    I know vampires shit in their pants when exposed to sun light and all but a little Tan-in-a-Can wouldn’t kill her ass.

  • I don’t care about her sulky-ass pouty my-mom-dragged-me-here-and-I-hate-her look but the two of them ought to at least be required to submit to a personal appearance check before they appear on the red carpet together, and if they show up looking like they just untangled themselves from sweaty post-coitus, threw their eveningwear on and ran out the door, someone needs to help them with a little additional grooming.

    Like, oh, say….that picture. I mean they have been given a lot of chances to show up looking presentable to promote their movie and they keep appearing looking like their next movie is about homeless methhead teens and they are already getting into character. I am convinced that thing on Pattinson’s head has a life all its own. I think he should not be allowed too close to Donald Trump or their hair beasts might hiss and claw at each other or even spray urine (I bet they are very territorial) which would be SO EMBARASSING for them both.

    And yeah, Beet, er…admire her f-you expression all you want, but that looks more drug-related than anti-movie-establishment rebellion. Girlfriend looks like she wants some Funny Bones and a bag of Doritos, stat.

  • Holy crap, I want some Funny Bones and a bag of Doritos. Thanks, Lee.

    Honestly, I love that they can get away with this because people will still come to see the movies. And if they were to be fired and replaced, there would be a massive uproar from the fans. They know that their jobs are secure and they can do whatever they want. I would totally do the same thing.

  • i think she’s great-looking and i love her attitude, too. i’ve done some acting, i love it… but i hate getting my picture taken, and i love being alone.

  • I hate these kids they are so ULGY and DIRTY looking. YUK
    People need to grow up and start having better taste.

  • I get a contact high just by looking at her. You have no idea how much I dig her stoner look… and their disgustingly pasty skin. Why she wasn’t cast as a vampire instead of a normal girl, is beyond me.

  • she can hate doing appearances, and interviews, and plugs for that god awful movie all she wants. But for the love of god can she at least brush her hair…. either of them. jeez.

  • Her attitude is gonna be the end of her… hopefully; another talented actress, with a $1 personality… Part of her job is publicity and marketing her product. I’m sure future directors and producers will love her refreshing attitude… Work at Denny’s, they won’t bother her there.

  • Why the fack should I care if the person is nice or not. Have they made a movie that I like? That’s all that matters.

    …does this movie even need a promotion?

  • Okay, so who is the designer going happy with the trash bags?

    At least Christina pulled off the look…this just looks “trashy”.

  • maybe she isnt a bitch, maybe she is just super stoned all the time…but if she doesnt like the red carpet & interviews & all that stuff then she should just do theatre, instead of being a film star.
    funny how all these celebs want the millions that films pay, but then after they get paid they dont want to promote the movie & deal with all the publicity. it makes me think they are all spoiled brats with entitlement issues.
    i do love rob pattinson though, he is incredibly hot.

  • kristen stuarts an asshole who wont do her JOB properly, you need to dot he puiblicity and you ahve to at least pretend to like it

  • Yeah, I pretty much thinks she’s awesome. A good actress and a REAL person, who smokes pot, has buck teeth and disdain for the paparazzi. Rock on!

  • Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand the law of attraction…the more contempt she has for the paps…the more they will hunt her down!
    I feel sorry for her…

  • “funny how all these celebs want the millions that films pay, but then after they get paid they dont want to promote the movie & deal with all the publicity. it makes me think they are all spoiled brats with entitlement issues.”

    actresses and actors are professionals who do a job for a paycheck, just like you are (assuming you’re employed, that is). sure, they knew what they were getting into, but they don’t have to like it. they’re entitled to show up to work and not want to be there and then go home, just like anyone else is. i wouldn’t really call completing a record breaking film and then wanting to be respected for my acting and not my red carpet appearances “entitlement issues”.

    it’s an art, just like painting or broadway acting/singing. so what if they don’t want people shoving cameras in their faces all the time? they love acting, and they’re doing what it takes to achieve their career goals. last time i checked, a sunshine attitude was not in the job contract. it’s pathetic that people put more emphasis on their off-screen lives than on the films they work incredibly hard to produce.

  • Oh my gosh, the poor thing! Fame, fortune, and a great job in this economy.

    How does she make it through?!! Pass her another joint so she can drown her sorrows…

  • She didnt sign up to do all the publicity stuff. She is obviously good at acting, and she was offered millions of dollars to do it. DUH. and all the red carpet stuff is just added. I like her, her attitude and the fact that shes always stoned. Awesome.

  • they are young, and don’t give an eff! it’s so awesome! so many actors feel the same, but act all fake. i would rather them be real.

  • they are young, and don’t give an eff! it’s so awesome! so many actors feel the same, but act all fake. i would rather them be real.

  • taylor…please dont tell me about art because i am an artist & marketing & attitude is a major part of making money….part of their job is promoting the movie & doing interviews…i am sure they are contractually obligated to do a certain amount of press by making appearances…i am not talking about paparazzi publicity, but legitimate interviews & red carpet…why do a movie if you are not psyched about it? they love the “art” so much then they should be doing their part to share it with as many people as possible & that means doing the publicity along with it…as far as kristen & rob are concerned, i seriously doubt that these stoners worked THAT hard on twilight…they can barely complete a coherent sentence when asked questions about the movie or book.

  • I hate this bitch, really, you´re not even that big of an actress, you seem more like an emo, life hating whore than a celebrity, i hope this is the last movie she ever makes

  • I’m in the uk and i switched on GMTV (its a bit like good morning i think).any way it was well early and he seemed wrecked! i don’t just mean through lack of sleep, hes definately dabbling in something.quite weird to watch.u probably could find it on u tube.he seemed a bit spiny.bought on the lols b4 leavin 4 work anyways

  • Okay, so I fully support (not-so-)subtle digs at Paris Hilton and her ilk, whose attention whoring is and always has been totally annoying. But other than that, I’m kind of not getting the logic here. Like, if someone who doesn’t want fame is unwillingly thrust into the spotlight because of his or her famous parents, doesn’t that person have more of a right to be sulky about it than some chick who voluntarily tried out for a role in a movie that was destined to be huge (deservedly or not, but she’d have to be living under a rock not to notice the 13-year-old fangirls shitting themselves over this series)? Yes, I get it, she got a lot of money; that’s probably why she did it. And no, she doesn’t have to LIKE all the responsibilities and negative aspects of fame (especially the despicable shit some paparazzi pull today). But come on, girl, you know the way the world works. Lighten up for a second, and if you want to be an actor, recognize that all this comes with the territory and people will not react kindly to your bitchiness about it.

  • oh yeah
    p.s sasha ur amazing!have ended up always reading sasha is a monster first!although i am a celeb junkie…and i hate myself 4 it….i have cut down alot and you’re one of the only ones i allow myself.many thanks 4 sharing your talents

  • you know what beet, I COMPLETELY agree with you. she is so gangstuh and I love it. I am going to start copying everything she does, exactly lol

    but really though- I do like how they really do the whole anti-famous thing… its just like those kids in high school who smoke on the tennis courts- everyone talks about how weird and creepy they are while secretly wanting to be friends with them.

  • You know she has a distinct Lisa Marie Presley look! Anyone agree or have I been smoking too much of what these people have?

  • She might be the act, get paid, and fuck society type. Yet, she might be ill at ease (look at her hands and the way she tugs at her dress) in front of the attention and smokes to relax. Hence the look. I like your effort EB in trying to get us a good pic of them, but Quazi Modo is not co-operating. Someone drop a bell over his head and ring it till the hair co-operates. Who ever put that dress on her must be shot. Not only is it completely not her, but doesn’t help her frame (or her complexion/hair). She’s uncomfortable. Needs posing lessons. (Like a diamond in the ruff striking face at times, though.)

    Trash bag dress lady must be hit by the recession. Now.

  • Man, these Twilight posts get so many comments.

    She can do whatever she wants, it doesn’t bother me, but it will definitely not help her succeed in this business. No one wants to hire the person who does the least possible amount of extra work and refuses to show enthusiasm in the project. She’s just a kid, I’m sure she’ll learn this eventually.

  • gia: I’m not saying that the way she’s acting is mature or appropriate or good, I’m simply saying that she has a right to be like this if she wants. Her attitude will make or break her, and if she wants to play it the way she is, then let her; she has her shot and if this screws her over, then it screws her over. But she’s a person, not something shiny for the world to play with, and while that sort of comes with the territory of being a celebrity, she can try her little heart out to avoid it if she damn well pleases. It might not work, but she has the right to act how she wants.

  • Ahh she’s so pretty.
    She doesn’t have to be tan TSS, some people are naturally pale! Stupid tan people that look good in everything >:C

  • Personally, I was under the impression that one had to carry some amount of talent to carry that attitude. I am always one to give credit where it is due, but this is not one of those cases!

    I saw Twilight within it’s first 2 days in theaters, and I walked out in awe. Not because I loved it, but because it quite possibly may have been the overall worst-acted film I have ever set eyes on. I was very disappointed. Consequently, I feel more like she should be grateful for the celebrity she has recently found, until she is able to earn it.

    So there’s my two cents.

  • I like Kristen Stewart, but I don’t understand the fuss about Robert Pattinson at ALL. I don’t find him in the least bit attractive, not at ALL at all. He looks annoying, too, like he has an irritating, annoying, shallow, self-obsessed personality. Ugh. Like her, can’t stand him.

  • i love her so much
    she is real.
    she is beautiful.
    and she is very funny.

    she deserves to lay back. you know how much shit she’s had to do for twilight? i wonder how many interviews she’s done in the last like 2months

  • she s ugly . also think she s so stoned . i think he is , too , but he`s more mature and it isn`t so obvious about him . but her attitude in most of her shoots ….woa~ she wants to create a false impression of a bad ass girl who doesnt give a shit about the fame she aquired after night …. she sould be more greatfull cause there are many girls who want to be in her shoes but dont have the opportunity