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Is Robert Pattinson Stealing Joe Jonas’s Girl?

Oh, this would make me BEYOND happy.

So you know how Joe “Loser” Jonas dumped Taylor “Perfect” Swift for Camilla “Eyebrows” Belle, who was supposedly, like, the love of his whole life?

Welllll, it looks like the tables may have turned!

Camilla was spotted hanging out on Abbot Kinney in Venice with none other than newly minted heart-throb Robbert Pattinson, of Twilight fame. The two looked VERY chummy, and there have been rumors about them for awhile now.

Did Joe Jonas get his ass dumped for a dude who isn’t totally repulsive to anyone over the age of 17?

Man, I sure hope so.

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  • i don’t know why anyone would want to steal her. she kind of reminds me of a blonde sienna miller. i just don’t get the attraction.

  • Ha Ha Ha!! this is exactly what he deserves… i do think she’s a pretty girl but she’s older than the jonas guy (who i find really ugly), so i guess she and robert make a much better couple

  • god i hope she ditched him. not that i’m a fan of camilla, but she can do better than joe jonas…i just don’t see the appeal.

  • #1: Camilla is gross.
    #2: So is Joe Jonas.
    #3: So is this Twilight character.. whose name I refuse to even acknowledge.

  • The combination of their eyebrows together is somewhat terrifying to me.

    But I can deal with anyone who’s willing to make a Jonas burn.

  • That would be AWESOME! I want to hear the new version of Taylor’s song if this is true.

    And WHY is this man so hideous in a picture and yet so beautiful on tv and film? The more pictures I see, the less attracted to him I am. We all have bad days, but Pattinson is an enigma in his ability to morph from hot to not.

  • dude, I’m actually feeling jealous about this? What the fuck is wrong with me, LMAO. Beet, if you ever somehow meet RP let him know there’s a girl that reads your blog in Ohio who wants like, 3 of his babies.

  • Ladies – Robert Pattinson is a gay drunk. Which is perfectly cool in many situations, but not for dating. I am just not sensing a romantic relationship, LOL.

    In any case, I have no idea what your problem is regarding Joe Jonas? Because of some warped allegiance to that crackpot pseudo country star?

    He’s adorable and such a great performer. And I am well over 17. I guess even old enough to have gotten out of the taste where I was turned on by dirty gay guys hopped up on coke. Yep, I definitely went through that one.

    So, you can go ahead and diss Joe J, I’ll surely take him. Cuz honestly who gives a f*ck what you think? LOL.

  • Ummmm and you have this information on what good authority? Do you know him, or date him or rub up against him in some club?? Now if you were to say that fury lil JJ was gay, that I would totally believe.

  • Pattinson’s orientation is what is referred to as an “open secret” in Hollywood (yes, I have friends out there in the business) and most of them consider it a big impending joke on the fangirls. Not like it’s a bad thing…it just makes him unlikely to be dating Camilla Belle as stated so rudely above.

    And I don’t really care what JJ’s orientation is, as I have no personal plans to date or marry him, I’m just a fangirl myself, but not the kind who worries about that sort of thing. No one I know knows enough about the Jonases’ real life activities to speculate. And I’d still “take him” in any capacity, he’s sweet, and not deserving of the BS in this post…that was all, didn’t mean to offend back!

  • lmao.. At least this guy is cuter.. Well.. Anybody could be cuter than any of the stupid jonas brothers..

  • Rob is in no way better looking than Joe! I say that even though I’m kind of with Taylor as far as the break up thing. But he’s still cute and an excellent performer.

  • “Just you average horse show.” Yup. Call me when he’s linked to someone with less furry eyebrows—preferably with no argyle sweater on–well that one anyway. I like everything else.

    I like the #3 above because it reminds me of how every time I wanna say his name it comes out Robert Paddington, like Paddington the Bear. Random, me knows.

    He looks a bit Justin Timberlake-ish here.
    Post stills from the movie!!

  • rob patt is soooo not gay…he’s british, thats just the way british men seem sometimes…i think him & camilla are just friends though.

  • she needs to wash her hair. Joe Jonas needs to exfoiliate. Robert Patts has clearly been hiding his ‘lovely locks’ wtf. he needs to stop before ALL the guys start doing this because some day i am going to hook up with a guy, get back his place and then find out that his hair is totally gross.

    and lol he IS flipping off the camera! what a cheeky little monkey! baha. I love him though, he gives me the mega-horn.

  • omg.. my heart breaks just a little… who cares if he’s gay. he’s hilarious, taking this publicity thing with a grain of salt it seems. and most importantly he’s pretty to look at… even if he is a bit dirty. some girls like dirty. okaaaayyyy. ever since camilla did that movie with daniel day-lewis (the ballad of jack and rose) she’s stolen my heart. homegirl can act, she’s just been picking crappy movies lately (i’m talking about: when a stranger calls).

  • Okay. I have to say something. My name is Jen and I think Joe Jonas AND Robert Pattinson are both hot AND I’M ALMOST 39 YEARS OLD.

    I know. I can’t help it.

    And I normally NEVER like the pretty boys.

  • Robert Pattinson is the sex. He is adorable, I would totally make out with him if given the chance and i hope he is not going out with revolting Joe Jonas’s sloppy seconds

  • i dont like taylor swift shes a dick and shes not too pretty looks a a tad fake tbh

    mehh this womans not pretty either

    joe jonas is too good for both of them :)

  • Hey, put away the haterade, kids.

    First, I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s, and I was highly disturbed by the Joe Jonas doll video she made, so that ruined her case for me. Not that I bought it in the first place, it didnt seem like the kind of thing a Jonas would do.

    Second, there is no real proof that Joe and Camilla are/were dating to begin with, so further speculation is kind of pointless.

    Third, Rob is attractive in his own Edward-Cullen-esque, rugged, sexy, mysterious way, and Joe Jonas is attractive in his boy band, well dressed, sweet faced, sharp featured kind of way. I wont have any of this “HE’S UGLY! HE’S SO HIDEOUS! LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!”. Physical beauty, believe it or not, is not all that matters.

    Third, its none of our business who they happen to be dating, and honestly, caring is the same as not having a life. I love Joe AND Rob, but not enough to be like “OH NO SHE DI’INT JUST STEAL MAH MAN.” Seriously, chill out. Peace&&love;;

  • Maybe you could have caught up with Camilla at Joe’s concert at the Hollywood Palladium later that same night and asked her if Jomilla were over! She was there…in full public view in the VIP section. The concert reviewer for the LA Times reported seeing her and loads of fans saw her. So, still think that Joe got poned?

  • oh man joe or robrt hard 2 choose there both so fucking hot
    idk i think it was easy for camille to choose.
    well atleast joe is single again.
    sorry joe. :]

  • i dont know for sure, but i know that robert Pattinson would never do such a thing. he’s anice and handsome guy. why would he do such a bad thing that will brak someone else’s heart?

  • why, oh why is everyone so obsessed with this Robert pattinson guy? He’s not cute. I mean, he used to be, but now…not so much.

  • good.
    i love joe jonas but he does deserve this because he broke up with taylor and was cheating on taylor with her.
    and camille looks like she is using them because when someone is really famous she goes to them.
    and i love rob pattinson he is extremly hot.

  • Oh, My Dear God! I hope (really hope) that Robert has a better taste than this girl??
    But,on the otherhand, if he already likes her,..
    He ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • i ve seen this jonas guy once and to be honest, i`ve forgotten his unappealing face and i refuse to see it again. i should remember things more important that a newborn piece of celebrity shit . i think he s a singer :)))) and i really dont care

    rob looks real and natural. with his shaggy look , his wrinkled clothes and his old and too used shoes … he isnt shiny and new like the other and thats waht makes him different :)

  • the girl isn t ugly , but she s so f***ing far from being at least cute (not to mention pretty)
    at least she looks more human that steward . i cant see what he saw at her. too bad everybody got too carried away by the bella character and hasnt noticed taht she s such a common girl with a common face and unappealing features. eeeewww the girl makes me sick. and she has such a shitty attitude: she knows that rob is into her and she s almost toying with him . she s so 18 years old …

  • Did you see that in this pic it looks like Rob is flicking the camera off like he knew it was there……..weird.

  • Look at Robert’s right hand. Anyway, Camilla knows better than to be stolen from Joe, ok that didn’t come out right. No, ok, Camilla would never cheat on Joe, hopefully………..

  • Joe jonas is not a loser.
    and camilla belle is so f******g ugly.
    joe deserves better than the girls hes been going out withn tbh and robert pattinson can do better than camilla belle too.