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Is Julianne Hough Engaged???

I’m hearing rumors that the 20-year-old dancer/country singer got engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday to her boyfriend, 29-year-old hottie/country singer Chuck Wicks.

Julianne was previously engaged to dancer Zach Wilson.


How can you be engaged twice by the age of 20?

I’m 26, and no one’s ever asked me to marry them! Not ever! Sheesh, Julianne, save some of the proposals for the rest of us.

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  • She’s a mormon, isn’t she? Early marriage seems to be quite common there. Especially since waiting for marriage is a big deal. :)

  • I don’t know who any of these people are… but yeah. young marriages always work out so well. the fact that she was ALREADY engaged and broke up kind of says something, doesn’t it?

  • This makes me kind of sad. See, Chuck is a regular guy and Nashville songwriter who has had a couple of hits and was featured on the Hills-type show “Nashville”. At the time (only one to two years ago) he had a very regular-looking girlfriend that he seemed very fond of despite the fact that girls were starting to fawn over him. I was impressed by him because he wasn’t shallow and he really loved her for her.

    And now…it appears he dumped his long-time, with-him-when-he-was-nobody girlfriend for the hot chick.

    Woohoo – Julianne is from Dancing With the Stars and also is now a Nashville recording artist. She does seem very down to earth and sweet, for what it’s worth. And she seems far more mature than her 20 years!

  • I was wondering who he is I saw then shopping for furniture together and I figured he was from Nashville becuase he had a southern twang going on. I didn’t know if he was in the industry or not. They make a cute couple but yeah don’t do Julianne.

  • So now the story is that they are already engaged? Gosh I can’t keep up with all of the lies that these two wannabes are trying to sell to their fans. I also have met Chuck’s previously girlfriend and she is a sweet and honest lady. Nothing like the teenage Mormon girl that chased after him even though she knew he had a long time girlfriend. He cheated, she stole, they both lie — they are perfect for each other.

  • Chuck and Julianne cheated on their longtime boyfriend and girlfriend this summer while on tour together. Chuck had been with Heather for 4 years and wrote Stealing Cinderella about her. Julianne was back with Zack. The were both blindsided.

  • it’s cuz she’s a virgin and waiting til she’s gets married. the guys propose to get in her pants!

  • As my Uncle Frank would have said about Julianne, if he were still alive….”Hmm Hmm that’s table pu$$y boy, break out the good china!”

  • @ Tiger…

    That might be the funniest shit I have ever read. There is a strong chance I might repeat Uncle Frank’s line. Hope he won’t mind!

  • Yeah, i agree, you just have to be pretty, and really fucking stupid, to get engaged, twice, by the age of 20..

  • @Mark: Who are you, her Dad?! Lighten up and get over it. Never even heard of her… I was merely making a joke (hence the happy face).

    Just a tip…. if you are going to call somebody a “dummy” be sure and use the proper “too” (two “o’s” dummy).

  • Hey Guys~

    Go e on her website! Julianne personally has left a message saying the NO they are not engaged and that her words WERE TWISTED to make it a bigger deal and that they are just enjoying dating and this stage of their relationship. She also says that they are in no rush.

    GO TO!

  • Well they sure have been running their mouths nonstop to the media about being so in love. Julianne always claims the media twists her words. Maybe she should keep her mouth shut and quit telling Access Hollywood and People magazine everthing. These two cheaters make me sick. Good luck to Julianne with her 2nd crappy country cd. The first one was terrible. She can’t sing and needs to stick to dancing!

  • Well, let’s see, she’s also famous in two distinct professions by the time she’s 20, likely rich by the time she’s 20, and did I mention, HAVE YOU LOOKED AT HER? Can you seriously ask why she’s had two proposals, and likely more that haven’t been announced?

  • hey, that’s not so wierd. i’ve been engaged twice by 20, and the guy i’ve been with for two years is’nt one of them. i just said yes too quickly before i really knew who i was. anyway. julianne is beautiful, i’m sure every guy she meets wants to marry her.

    @tako: everyone under the age of 20 is stupid and most of the people over 20 are just as dumb.

  • shes been engaged twice because the guy has to marry her because they want her to spread……. durrrrrrrr