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Holy Crap Nicole Richie’s Daughter Looks JUST LIKE HER as a Child


In this new pic of Harlow with her mommy, it is become increasingly clear that Nicole Richie’s little girl is definitely going to look like her mother! For comparison, here’s a shot of Nicole back in 1985.

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  • oh the hat is toooo adorable.

    and there’s that famous little giraffe.

    also how the hell did nicole richie go from looking to a caramel colored skin, frizzy haired kid to such a freaking white girl???

  • Kudos, Beetie, on an orginal and creative-thinking post. You should do more stuff like this to spice up the random celeb posts.

  • She was 2 years old in 1985??

    Well, she was caramel colored with blondish hair back then… so her current complexion and hair color is not that far, I guess.

  • that was pretty crazy. i always thought the baby looked exactly like its dad, but now who knows what it will look like later.

  • Well let’s just all hope Nicole is filling Harlow’s bottles with Formula rather than Herbal Magic.
    Annerexic Baby just isn’t in this year!!!

  • harlow looks like a troll. she’ll eventually look like her mom if she ever gets a nose job, which is obvious she will.

    • shut up bitch. she doesnt look like a troll. she would have to be your moms daughter to do that. with you ugly ass.

  • elle, i think the answer to your question is rather obvious.
    its shape has changed a lot more than the usual. x;)

  • jolene says:
    December 2, 2008 at 2:03 am
    harlow looks like a troll. she’ll eventually look like her mom if she ever gets a nose job, which is obvious she will.


  • did nicole have the same bleach baths as Micheal jackson she sure does look a lot darker when younger now she looks like a white girl

  • Why is everyone so negative? Appreciate that Nicole has matured because of Harlow, that her daughter has opened her eyes and she has become a better person and mother because of her and Sparrow. People want to talk about her nose, skin color, hair, being skinny, but do we really know the pressures of being a celeb? Obviously, we are intrigued somewhat to even post or read this site. I can’t imagine being scrutinized for every flaw I had. If I had the money, sure there would be some things I would like to fix. As for her being lighter in color, having a bi-racial child myself, I know that my daughter will appear lighter or darker depending on the season, and if her hair was straightened she would look “white” to most people since she has blondish hair as well. Do we berate Oprah because she keeps her hair on the straight side, even though she is black? Most people are quick to criticize. As for the negative talk about Harlow, that is just unbelievable, who are you to say such awful things about a young child who can’t defend themselves. This proofs that you are immature, ignorant, negative individual who gets off on putting someone else down.

    • i absolutely agree with you Liah :)

      poor you fellas, have a brain on your head but dont use it very well

  • she is beautiful, her baby is beautiful! they are both caramel with blondish hair…obviously its winter she isnt on a beach tanning…give the girl a break..people can look different at different times of the year, all children regardless to race have round cute noses she, she had a cute nose then and its an older version of her the same vnose, she has not had a nose job…give the girl a break x