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Barack Obama has officially selected Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state.

He also selected Janet Napolitano as his secretary of homeland security. Napolitano’s a comparatively unknown name, but she’s been governor of my home state, Arizona, forever. She’s a Democrat, too, and continues to get re-elected again and again in an predominately Republican state. That’s how good she is at her job. So this is awesome news.

Also on the chick front, Barack selected Susan Rice as United Nations ambassador.

Good choice, Mr. President-elect!

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  • Hilary Clinton is officious, obnoxious windbag. My happiest moment here is that she is out of New York; who knows, if she lasted a few more years, they’d name a freaking bridge after her.

    Glad to see Obama changing it up a bit, not the same cast of characters. He’s being very “MAVERICK-Y”

  • I was expecting something more like Girl Power!: Vaginas Unite!

    I think they like each other more than other people put on. They’ll be good together. Which rocks for Democrats, and Sucks for Republicans.

  • Now, if this country can survive just fifty more days without that imbecile, ass-hole Bush and his war- crimial Vice-Presient, Dick”No-Neck” Cheney, deliberately fucking up this country even further in order to prevent the new administration from ever staighten things out, maybe, just maybe, Mr. Obama and his new team can restore this country to it’s former place of prominence in the world and make the past eight years just a bad memory. Holy Crap!!! I said all that in one sentence. I’d hate to have to diagram that mess on a blackboard

  • All the picks seem pretty good, except for Janet. Is she really qualified to run what is mostly a law enforcement agency?