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Bad Girls…They Will Make You Feel So Good

Seven crazy hot girls in a house with nothing to do but party and get in trouble…seriously a recipe for genius. The Beet was kind enough to pass on an invite to the Bad Girls season 3 premiere in New York to her Evil Cohorts EvilT and SkipaBeet and it was simply drama-filled gloriousness. SkipaBeet and I both agreed that this show makes us feel much better about our own past antics which we thought were pretty impressive. Seriously these girls put ASU sorority girls to shame and that is saying a lot.

Both of us had never seen the show before but after this teaser we were both hooked. Not only was the staff of Oxygen Network and Wiredset adorable and very accommodating, but Miss Tanisha from Season Two was there cracking jokes and helping us devour the amazing food and Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies. In her words, ‘Thick Is In!” The photo below is the guest of honor, Miss Tanisha herself with your Evil Cohorts. Also they served Bad Girl Cocktails made from Nuvo Liqueur that were fantastic. Every now and then there are perks to being a friend and sometimes contributor to the Evil Beet.

With an intense opening scene of weave pulling and curse-throwing, followed by a whole day of drink-throwing, this season of Bad Girls Club is not something not to be missed. Oh yes, there also are some boobs for those girls who want to watch this show with their significant others. Our favorite Bad Girl so far is Kayla from Compton, CA who creates a lot of the drama and is quick to throw a drink on anybody who crosses her path. She is lovingly referred to as “The Loose Cannon” and it looks as though she will be the girl most likely to start a catfight.

The show premiers tonight Tuesday at 10/9c on the Oxygen Network. Also check out the website for behind the scenes photos, blogs and videos from the crazy girls themselves. We were told that some of the craziest stuff ends up on the website and they also give the girls their own cameras when they go out.

More photos of your Evil Cohorts, Tanisha and our fun party guests below.

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