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Madonna and A-Rod Still Following Each Other Around the World

This thing is getting HOT.

Madonna spent this weekend doing tour dates in Mexico City — and whaddya know? Alex Rodriguez also spent this weekend in Mexico City, teaching kids to bat at a new sports center built on a landfill in the poor suburb of Nezahualcoyotl. He was invited to inaugurate the sports center by Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim, whose Telmex Foundation sponsored its construction. The site includes two baseball diamonds and 25 soccer fields.

When Alex was asked by reporters about the scheduling coincidence, he said it was “very good,” refusing to comment further.

Meanwhile, Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour brought in $91.5M from its U.S. and Canada dates alone.

Counting her European run, Madonna is at about $207.5 million in ticket sales and on a pace to hit about $282 million when the Mexico/South America leg of the tour wraps. That would make Sticky & Sweet the top-grossing tour ever by a female artist or solo artist.

Very impressive, Miss Madge.

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  • Seriously. When is she going to start acting her age? She looks like my mother… slash grandmother. With her vajayjay on show. Laaaaavely.

  • Oh man. There should be a moratorium on flashing your crotch once you hit 50, I don’t care how toned and buffed you are Madge, you are now the same age as the moms of most of your fans. Has no one told her that she could still be a megastar AND have some class at the same time?? If not, well, maybe she’ll happen to be perusing the Evil Beet’s website and spy this…although she is probably too busy wrapping her spindly legs around A-Rod to be doing much online surfing…

  • I am a fan of hers
    but I admit this kind of posing is inappropriate
    at any age
    and even if she were a man
    because it’s simply not elegant at all

  • I figured it out. Momdonna is paying A-Rod to follow her around and fuel the rumers with his silence. That way she can get more news clippings. That’s one smart old bitch.

  • As repulsive and repugnant and downright vomit inducing as Madonna is, we must face the fact that as long as there are enough people out there with questionable taste who will keep buying her CDs and going to her concerts, she will be with us as an unfortunate fact of life ( like Syphilis.) I do not believe that I am being at all inappropriate in my comparison between Madonna and Syphilis. As Syphlis rots the body, Madonna rots the soul. We can only hope that the vast majority of us, by our appropriate behavior (not buying her crappy CDs, or, going to her inane concerts), can remain uncontaminated while science tries to find a cure for those already infected.

  • I know, this has nothing to do with madonna or a-rod, but Carlos Slim, is not only the richest man in Mexico, he’s probably the richest man in the world or at least 2nd. or 3rd., and I am mexican, and don’t accept how just one man, can get that rich, o how could we let him, with our country ???

  • guys shut up ur all so negative.. have a look in the mirror and shut up! she looks gorgeous, dont be so jealous.. hit the gym and u can look like that too.