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“I’m Famous, Ya’ll!”

Twilight hunk Rob Pattinson broods his way down Sunset after leaving a sushi joint on Wednesday night, ignoring the paparazzi.

How is it possible that it’s raining in LA and not in Seattle???

I refuse to believe that I bring sunshine wherever I go. Anyone who’s met me knows that’s patently untrue. I think the universe just wants me to wallow in horrible sunshine.

And the rain is extra sad for Rob, who has to wear a hood instead of showing off his now-famous locks.

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  • I’ll admit he’s cute. But because I am so damn stubborn, I refuse to fall into the I-will-scream-girly-cries-for-you-because-I-saw-you-pretend-to-be-a-vampire-in-some-movie category. Does that make sense? Or am I just a cynical, stubborn ass bitch?

    P.S. I’ll give him extra brownie points for wearing docs.

    P.P.S. Do girls realize that he was wearing contacts in the movie? Just putting that out there.

    P.P.P.S. I like his natural eyes. I’m brown-eyed too, and we just don’t get enough attention.

  • Get off of the school girl tip you fucking groupies. Matter Fact go get a dildo so you can stay off the tip of his dick. I am sure he gets tired of it.

  • I’m sorry, but it’s been bothering me for WAY too long now, and I love your blog too much to not keep reading, so… it’s Y’ALL. Not YA’LL.

    The apostrophe takes the place of the “ou” in “you”. You’re (apostrophe takes the place of the “a” in “are”. See?) the educated one. Come on.

    Please spell it right? Maybe? This southerner isn’t cultured enough to not say the word, but at least I can spell it right.


  • his natural eyes are blue.
    and yes, we are aware he is wearing contacts, and that is not why we love him.
    but thats alright, i guess you wouldn’t understand :)

  • …Rob Pattz has gray green blue eyes though darlin. Smexy eyes. Not the brown eyes aren’t super smexy too- Look at Johnny Depp. I too am not a rabid Twihard for his bones because he’s playing Edward in an awkward adaptation of a really cool book. I just find his down-to-earth hippieness and his JBF hair something that is climbing my list of sexy men. Although to be fair my list does include Harrison Ford (even now), Patrick Swayze , and Adrian Brody (I don’t care about the nose, mom, it’s hot!)

  • he was the man of my dreams as cedric diggory… and as edward cullen.. he’s better than porn at one glance

    but you guys arguing about what color eyes he has like you know him.. pretty amusing.

  • @ Cameron – I wasn’t a huge fan of it either. Except the baseball scene. I LOVED that shit. Hah!

    He’s ok, I suppose. I think that he is really awkward in pictures but watching him speak turns me. I love him.

  • kk I think everyone understands, he’s not the first people all the tweenies fall in love with lol. Even Leonardo in his day :X
    But anyway, this guy is uglier than Phelps, yuck, people please get over him soon.

  • OMFG, I love U Robert Pattinson ur so freakin SEXXXXYYYY and I don’t care how old u r I will totally marry u some day. BTW I’m only 2 years younger than u r so there really is no difference. I loved the Movie Twilight and I can’t wait to c the other 3 movies. But if Stephenie Meyer makes the Midnight Sun book then there will b 4 more movie to c. But when I read part of misnight sun i loved it and its fromur point of view which is so cool and i can’t wait. I LOVE U SO MUCH! PEACE!