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Winona Ryder Overdosed on Xanax on a Plane Flight

So, a plane from LAX to Heathrow ordered a priority landing yesterday after Winona Ryder collapsed on it twice. I didn’t cover it on here, because Winona Ryder manages to simultaneously bore and annoy me, but now it’s kind of amusing because it turns out homegirl overdosed on anti-anxiety meds, Xanax specifically.

One passenger said: “She turned a deathly shade of pale. It was scary.”

Okay, look, as someone who has a loooong history of an intense fear of flying, I have to tell you that it’s damn hard to get so fucked up on anxiety meds that they request priority landing. I have personally combined a shitload of Xanax and Seroquel and Clonopin with a shitload of liquor many many many times and only once did they threaten to turn the plane around, and that was in Japan so it doesn’t even really count. I managed to talk them out of it. Winona must have taken WAY WAY WAY too much shit. She’s such a trainwreck.

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