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Miley Cyrus Has a Boyfriend

Okay, I know I’m supposed to be annoyed by this, but I actually found myself smiling at this clip of Miley Cyrus playing coy on Ellen about her non-boyfriend, Justin Gaston. It’s kind of heart-warming to see such young, innocent, early love.

They’re totally banging. But in a really Christian way, I’m sure.

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  • I smiled too. People are too hard on her. Do you remember when you were 15 and how exciting it was to really be crazy about someone? It brought me back to that

  • @ woo hoo
    me too, especially when he was a cute guy, and she must be so self unsure whether ANYONE likes her for her or her celebrity. She was all giggly and endearing, and I think she is very charasmatic and it was sweet. Yeah for Miley!

  • I know. I was embarassed for her. Even Ellen looked a little, I don’t know, embarassed for her as well?

  • is miley drunk or just that stupid?
    seriously…her laugh sounds like she hit the bottle a little hard before the interview. and what’s with flipping around all over the chair? sit still.
    how annoying.

  • Cute; Her voice is probably deeper than most of her 15 year old male classmates… does she go to school?

  • oooohhhleave her alone… jeez….it’s ONE, a SINGLE trait of uniqueness (or whatever the noun is) and already that’s not ok by you.

    • i toally agree with u. she is 15-17 (i dont know her age) and besides, her voice will get higher as she gets older. the Jonas Brother are the TOTALY LAME. thats who i think is lame if you ask me

  • From the look on Ellen’s face, I’m not the only one who was having Tom Cruise/Oprah flashbacks when the girl started flopping around on the chair because she’s so in love.

  • She absolutely made me smile!!! I can totally understand what all these ‘tween girls are so into her for now.

    …seriously she is adorable.

  • ugg, that was not cute at all – just flat out embarrassing. ellen’s face showed it too. she was so ready to be done with that.

  • not to be really hard on her, cause i’m a 15 year old girl too, but she acts crazy and stupid that entire interview! i’m sorry, but i think she is really stupid and the fact that her bf is 4 years older than he kinda disturbs me too.

  • i hate miley cyrus so much, but lately i’ve been finding her such an adorable little girl. and somehow, i love her deep “man voice”, it’s unique. ugh i totally hate miley cyrus, except not. :(

  • Awww so adorable

    I love Miley, like I just want to go shopping with her and talk about boys and braid each others hair because I am lame like that :)

  • Uh, excuse me? Is she on crack??? Jeez, I feel sorry for Ellen. I mean, I’m fifteen, and….

    Did she really just like flip around in her chair with that crazy/freaky giggle??

  • Yes, she most certainly is! Extremely easy to hate, that is. But you all here saying “cute,” WTF?? Are you guys HIGH, you think she’s “adorable/cute?” That’s nuts.

    I just can’t wait ’til she starts entertaining us all when she starts clubbin’, sluttin’, drinkin’ and druggin’, now THAT will be fun. Her time’s coming. I give it another 2 1/2, 3 years tops. She’ll make LiLo and Paris look like boring church ladies, mark my words. Just a matter of time…

  • i love mils and she is in love .And not all 15year olds a that lucky am 17 but dont have someone to gigle about we only make aut and have sex and thats it. so she is so lucky to have that

  • oh wow. imagine how embarassed she was when she was sober and watching this. i mean honestly thats not even cute. thats just flat out scary. if i were ellen i wouldve called the security guards up on stage just in case.

  • Ron Jeremy: Don’t worry folks she’ll be out with a p*rno tape in NO TIME!
    *evil laugh* this was just her audition tape*………..

  • ARE U KIDDING ME! People what the hell is wrong with you she is 15 I guess maybe you might not know this he is 20! WTF is so cute about statutory RAPE! Homie us bangin a 15 yeard old! I would love to know how many of you idiots would think it was soooooo effin cute if it was your daughter,people are RETARDED! I can’t wait til she pops up preggers. This is why our country is falling apart everyday having morals becomes less and less cool. Well I guess I am not COOL damn!

  • u assholes miley didnt want to do all this shit +ive met her shes happy with who she is +if i tell her wat u say shell be really mad and maybe sew the website

  • i agree wit areukiddingme one day its a small relationship next day she ridding someones dick for all eternity

  • All of you idiots calling her names need to relax,she’s 16 yrs old,leave her the hell alone!She IS such a sweetheart and I smiled the whole time watching this,she’s beautiful,has a great sense of humor,talent,incredible personality,donates time and money to charities,this girl works hard,at her own birthday party she was working ,raising money for charity,she works on holidays,and on her actual birthday she was working,what do you lazy bastard haters do that compares even remotely to what she does??

  • i dont see how you can HATE her, i mean there are wwaayyy worse kids around!!! you guys all hate her cause what, she’s made a career of sutff she likes to do? shes a millionaire and at 15! most of you will never make a million dollars within a lifetime!!!

    mileys actually kind of a genius haha

    but i mean “worse kids” as in they are actually rude and make fun of other kids. they are self centered and do drugs and bring weapons to school and literally beat up others….

    atleast miley contributes to society- she donates and stuff.
    and you will NEVER catch her doing most of the things above (bullying, carrying weapons, etc).

  • and what about age makes everything suddenly okay when your 18 anyways?

    she’s traveled to other countries, been on tv, is in the magazines and tabloids- i’d say she’s pretty grown up!

    she gets sooo much criticism and yet manages to laugh and giggle on a talk show where shes getting even moree pressure.

    id say shes pretty mature!

  • her voice DOES kind of grate my nerves. but then again, apparently i laugh like a hyena, so who am i to talk?
    i get the whole first being in love excitement, congrats!
    and id estimate that, being famous, aka surrounded by cameras and treated as an adult at least in terms of working, she’s probably more mature than the average 16 year old. and girls mature faster than boys, yada yada yada.
    that said, the 4/5/whatever year age difference does seem big.
    in 11th grade, my 16 year old friend started dating a 20 year old. he turned out to be kind of a jerk… not saying that miley’s bf/non-bf will do the same. im just saying that if they DO do anything sexual, there is the statutory rape laws. hence, they should probably be careful, though from what ive heard, they seem to be “hanging out” with her family, or with friends, which might mean that her parents can keep an eye on them.
    basically, the 4 year age difference seems like a big deal, but who knows? she may be very mature. and for those who define maturity as sluttiness, i mean mature mentally and emotionally, as in, she’s not a typical 16 year old, at least not all the time.