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Britney Spears Circus Promo Photos

Someone went a little Photoshop crazy about her nose area but here are some Circus promo pictures and a video still that were distributed to leaked onto the internet.  What do you think?  I love me some Brit but I think she’s looking a little bit aging Vegas showgirl in these.

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  • yeah, I think they look a little funny, maybe cause they were photographed from a computer screen and the angle wasn’t straight-on.

    I do love them.

    And I love that there haven’t been dog-related posts all weekend!!!
    Go Wendie!

  • She looks like Cher in the first one. That was who I thought it was before I read the headline. I think she looks great in the rest of them though.

  • Terrible photo-shop work!! Why do they DO that? Why?? Can’t they just ease up on the photoshop mangling already, I mean Britney’s naturally very pretty and does not require all that goddamn annoying photoshopping! You’re right, Wendie, she does look aging Vega showgirl in these pics. And what the hell did they do to her NOSE for christ sake?! How I hate photoshopping…

  • shit that first one is a young Cher!!! as Cher looks now obviously!! Yes yes a young surgically enhanced carbon copy of Cher… hmm too much coffee me thinks… babble babble

  • this doesnt even COMPARE to Christina Aguilera’s new album/promo shoot.

    …i think britney got a little behind or something w/ the circus idea. idk. im not feelin’ it.